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JTTP for JointReception,Staging,OnwardMovement and Int Erg Ration

JTTP for JointReception,Staging,OnwardMovement and Int Erg Ration

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13 June 2000
Joint Tactics, Techniques, andProcedures for Joint Reception,Staging, Onward Movement,and Integration
Joint Publication 4-01.8
This publication provides overarchingguidelines for planning and executing jointreception, staging, onward movement, andintegration (JRSOI) of the Armed Forces of the United States. It explains the process of JRSOI using three major functions —command, control, communications,computers, and intelligence; force protection;and the JRSOI support organization. Its focusis at the supported combatant command level.
This publication has been prepared underthe direction of the Chairman of the JointChiefs of Staff. It sets forth doctrine andselected joint tactics, techniques, andprocedures (JTTP) to govern the jointactivities and performance of the ArmedForces of the United States in joint operationsand provides the doctrinal basis for USmilitary involvement in multinational andinteragency operations. It provides militaryguidance for the exercise of authority bycombatant commanders and other jointforce commanders and prescribes doctrineand selected tactics, techniques, andprocedures for joint operations and training.It provides military guidance for use by theArmed Forces in preparing their appropriateplans. It is not the intent of this publicationto restrict the authority of the joint forcecommander (JFC) from organizing the forceand executing the mission in a manner theJFC deems most appropriate to ensure unityof effort in the accomplishment of the overallmission.
a.Doctrine and selected tactics,techniques, and procedures and guidanceestablished in this publication apply to thecommanders of combatantcommands,subunified commands, joint task forces, andsubordinate components of these commands.These principles and guidance also may applywhen significant forces of one Service areattached to forces of another Service or whensignificant forces of one Service supportforces of another Service.b.The guidance in this publication isauthoritative; as such, this doctrine (or JTTP)will be followed except when, in the judgmentof the commander, exceptional circumstancesdictate otherwise. If conflicts arise betweenthe contents of this publication and thecontents of Service publications, thispublication will take precedence for theactivities of joint forces unless the Chairmanof the Joint Chiefs of Staff, normally incoordination with the other members of theJoint Chiefs of Staff, has provided morecurrent and specific guidance. Commandersof forces operating as part of a multinational(alliance or coalition) military commandshould follow multinational doctrine andprocedures ratified by the United States. Fordoctrine and procedures not ratified by theUnited States, commanders should evaluateand follow the multinational command’sdoctrine and procedures, where applicable.For the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:C. W. FULFORD, JR.Lieutenant General, US Marine CorpsDirector, Joint Staff 
iiPrefaceJP 4-01.8
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