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The Bunologist Dec 11

The Bunologist Dec 11

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Published by Karen At Boing
December's issue features: Herald Sun column, Myxo campaign, Christmas & your bunny, repelling mozzies, presents for your bunny, bunny & the holidays, Life at the Do Hop Inn, The 12 days of Christmas when you live with house rabbits
December's issue features: Herald Sun column, Myxo campaign, Christmas & your bunny, repelling mozzies, presents for your bunny, bunny & the holidays, Life at the Do Hop Inn, The 12 days of Christmas when you live with house rabbits

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Published by: Karen At Boing on Dec 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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December 2011
In Black & White
Myxo campaign
Christmas & your bunny
Repelling mozzies
Presents for your bunny
Your bunny & the holidays
Life at the Do Hop Inn
The 12 days of Christmas when you live
with house rabbits
In Black & White
16 December 2011 – Herald Sun (Aus)Check out this great plug for the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic.Thanks Sue for driving past & not knowing what happens atthis clinic! You obviously don’t have a bunny but we arevery glad you were curious!It reads:
“Sue says she drives past this sign in Ferntree Gully and she’s spent months wondering what a rabbit clinic does.Well, we rang them and, amazingly, it’s a clinic for rabbits.It’s the only one in Australia, and possibly the world, which specializes in vet care for rabbits and guinea pigs.” 
Myxomatosis Campaign
It’s the start of summer and we need your help to remindMr Joe Ludwig in Canberra that we still want themyxomatosis vaccine for our bunnies.He may have forgotten our beloved bunnies, but wehaven’t!! You can write, email and send him something toremind him of our bunnies (toy bunny, photo, painting,whatever you like!).Joe’s email –  joe.ludwig@maff.gov.au 
Write to: The Hon Joe LudwigMinister for Agriculture, Fisheries & ForestryPO Box 6022Parliament HouseCANBERRA ACT 2600
Christmas & your bunny!
Keep your bunny safe this Christmas!Make sure that your bunny is supervised at all times nearthe Christmas tree. Rabbits will nibble on tinsel and otherdecorations that could be harmful to your bunny.Bunnyproof your Christmas lights so no little sharp teethcan nip a plugged in power cord and hurt themselves.Keep presents out ofreach of your bunny.Rabbits can easily gettangled up in ribbonsand sticky tape.Keep foods and drinksup high and away fromyour bunny. Manyfoods and drinks will betoxic to rabbits so betterto be safe than sorry.Ensure that bunny issafely out of the way ofguests. Not everyonelooks down when theywalk and could easilystep on your bunny.
Repelling mozzies
by Karen (www.boingonline.com)At the Do Hop Inn we have a number of water pots andponds that naturally attract mosquitoes. Before thesummer weather hits and the mosquitoes increase innumbers, we have chosen to act on the problem areas sowe lessen the chances of a mozzie infestation.Our pond was cleaned out last summer and replaced withnew water plants and goldfish. The goldfish in the pond willeat the mosquito larvae so we now don’t have to beconcerned about the pond. We also installed a pond net sothe fish will be safe from the birds.Our water pot is tooshallow and smallfor goldfish so has tobe netted to stop themosquitoesbreeding. The netwe used is one ofthose over bed nets.They are very cheapfrom $2 shops andcan be cut intowhatever lengthsyou need.Our water fountain has also been netted with the samenetting as above (cut to size). It just sits on the top so themosquitoes can’t access the water to breed.And we can always take off the netting when people comeover so it doesn’t look so odd.
Presents for yourbunny
Fun stuff you can give your bunny for Christmas:
Throw toys or a bunny toy to snuggle withTreat ball or seagrass chew ball
Going away?
 If you are planning on going away over the summer break,ensure that someone responsible is going to look after yourbunny. Never assume that the well meaning neighbours willremember to feed or check your bunny if they are notfamiliar with rabbits. It’s a busy time of the year and theymay not think it is important to visit every day or couldforget.Never leave a rabbit to free range unattended and go onholiday. Your bunny will be subjected to extreme changesin weather and no protection from insects that spread myxo& calici. Predators lurk at all times and if your bunny is leftto fend for itself, you may not come home to a living bunny.If you’re looking for someone to look after your bunny whilstyou are away, call around pet sitters or call vet clinics to seeif they have a list of responsible people. Always ask lots ofquestions and make sure you choose a person you trust.If you’re in Melbourne, The Melbourne Rabbit Clinic has alist of people who board rabbits. You can call them on 97589879 but do give lots of notice to the person you call asChristmas is the most busiest time of the year and manycould be booked out months in advance..
Life at the Do Hop Inn
By Karen (
Sick bunnies
In recent weeks, we have had a number of sick buns due tothe heavy moulting season. No matter how much fur weremoved daily, it’s still a difficult time of the year and sickbunnies occur.Mr CharlieBun (left)wasn’t feelingwell on oneday. He didn’twant to eat hisdinner but histummy wasmaking a fewgurgly noises.A little bit ofCritical Careand he wasbouncingaround and running off with his carrot within a few hours.The next day, however, he was back to feeling unwellagain. I was silly to not ensure that he was eating andhappy the next day. It is easy to assume that if okay thenight before, that the next day they are fine.By the evening he wasn’t feeling well at all. He didn’t wantto eat his greens and Critical Care wasn’t fixing him up atquickly as it did the night before. His tummy felt solid andwasn’t gurgling much at all.As an angora, I was worried that he was suffering from ablockage of fur. Charlie received Critical Care every 2hours, fluids under the skin, a little bit of pain relief andsome water orally threw a syringe.By 3.30am, I was relieved to feel his tummy had movedand everything was gurgling again. More Critical Care andfluids the next day and further monitoring.Fortunately, by the next day, he was back to his happy selfand eating by himself. He was given greens all throughoutthe day so I knew that he was feeling well.The next night, Tessie wasn’t feeling well. Again, not manytummy gurgles and her tummy felt quite firm. She hadbeen moulting badly too and no matter how much fur Iremoved from her coat, it had caught up with her.More Critical Care feeds and some fluids, and fortunately,she was feeling better the next day.Next night, Princess (above) wasn’t feeling well. Shefortunately only needed a feed of Critical Care and she wasback to her happy self.A few nights off from sick bunnies and then Ally wasn’tfeeling well.Ally (below right) suffers from bad arthritis and he was duefor his cartrophen injection (he gets them every 3 weeks forhis joints).This night he didn’t want to get up and walk around. Hisfriend Peter (above left) was very concerned (as was I). Hedidn’t want to eat and his tummy wasn’t making manynoises. He had also been moulting but I think the pain ofhis joints caused most of his problem.More Critical Care feeds and fluid under the skin, somepain relief and his cartrophen injection and fortunately hewas feeling much better the next day.Peter was very cute whilst Ally wasn’t well. Peter isdevoted to Ally so is always found snuggled up next to himand following him around. When Ally didn’t feel well, Petergave him lots of kisses. When I was trying to give himmedication, Peter didn’t want me to harm Ally. He wouldpush me away with his nose and nip me gently until I wouldleave them alone.

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