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The Giver Chp Questions

The Giver Chp Questions

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Published by: rrszaks on Dec 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Giver
by Lois Lowry
RRSAitchison College, Senior School
    P   a   g   e
On reading the Giver, one of the most important messages that must be given to the students is
that one question. What are most important about human life aren’t safety or comfort but
 family,love, individual differences and the freedom to make choices
. Life should not be restricted by rules
and Sameness. One person’s efforts can make a difference in bringing about a change.
-- Choose a group in the U.S. today that actively seeks to maintain an identity outside of the mainstream culture: the Amish or Mennonites, a Native American tribe, the Hasidic Jewishcommunity, or another group. Have students research and report on the answers to questions suchas the following: What benefits does this group expect from defining itself as "other"? What are thedisadvantages? How does the mainstream culture put pressure on such a group?
-- A number of utopian communities were established in the U.S., such as
the Shakers inthe eighteenth century, or Fruitland, led by Bronson Alcott (father of Louisa May Alcott) in the mid-nineteenth century. Choose one of these communities and list the principles that guided it, as wellas the assumptions behind those principles. What generalizations might be made about why such acommunity may not last?Explain the meanings of the words. Utopia, Dystopia, Euphemism, before reading.
 Chapter 1
Why was Jonas fascinated by the plane at first, and then later frightened?2.
How was the plane different from the cargo plane?3.
How do we know that the whole community was affected by the plane?4.
What steps were taken by the community to protect the residents from the unnaturalhappening?5.
What do you think the word “released” means? Why was the tone ironic?
Why do you think so much emphasis is laid on language used by all members of society?
What is the “standard”
response to Asher’s apology? How do you think hearing the
standard response makes Asher feel?7.
Why was the month December important to all the residents of the community?8.
What was the ritual that was followed after every meal? Why was this important for the familyand the community that they lived in?9.
How does Lily’s use of the word ‘animal’ have different meanings here?
Why do you think it’s important to b
e precise about language in this society? Howimportant is it to our society?10.
What surprising thing do we learn of animals here? (Think: what animals teach us)11.
How are Lily’s feelings different to Jonas’s?
Why is the title of a
important to the community?13.
What do you find odd about the way the members of Jonas’s family talking about the new‘male’?
Reflect on the family structure of the community here? Pg 815.
What was mother’s ‘prominent position’ in this community? Why is she so
upset here?
The Giver
by Lois Lowry
RRSAitchison College, Senior School
    P   a   g   e
Is a society in which everyone is treated the same fair or just? What is the relationshipbetween equality and justice?16.
Why is Jonas ‘apprehensive’?
How does this passage make the reader feel? What does it reveal about Jonas and hisworld?
Analyze the structure of the society Jonas lives in:
What is Utopia and Dystopia? (Utopian society- the Garden of Eden was a utopiansociety)
Elsewhere- related to Heaven. Heaven is the ultimate Elsewhere.
To what extent are the
rules of Jonas’s society like those of your society? What
differences are most striking?
What are some of the rules of the society that Jonas lives in? How do the rulesmake people feel? How does Jonas feel about the rules?
Is a society in which everyone is treated the same fair or just? What is therelationship between equality and justice?
Chapter 2
What is the ceremony of the Ones? How is it that there are children of different ages here?2.
How are these new babies allocated to the different families?3.
Why was
it fascinating that Jonas’s father had broken a rule
How is it relevant that the little child is given the name Gabriel?
Gabriel was a subtle messenger of the change that was coming to Jonas's community.(Like the angel Gabriel gave the message to Mary)
Names: Jonas- Jonah, Asher (name in the Old Testament), The Giver-God is the Giver of all things, Gabriel- name of the angel that came to Mary giving herthe news of a boy that was to be born to her.
is the Latin form of Jonah, from the Hebrew meaning
“dove.” The Old Testament tells the story of Jonah, to whom God gives the task
of telling the people of Nineveh that because of their greed and selfishness,their city will be destroyed in forty days. Through a series of events, Jonah isswallowed by a whale, rescued, and goes on to deliver his message. The peopleask for forgiveness and are saved from destruction. In The Giver, Jonas is themain character. He is also charged with the task of bringing important news and
perhaps “rescuing” his people.
is the name of the flower and has long symbolized purity
and innocence. In The Giver, Jonas’s younger sister Lily’s chil
dish innocence is
contrasted with Jonas’s growing disillusionment.
from the Hebrew, is one of two archangels identified inthe Old Testament. He is considered a prophetic messenger. In The Giver, the
‘new child’ with whom Jonas forms
a bond is named Gabriel. Although, we
   P   o   i   n   t   s   o    f   D   i   s   c   u   s   s   i   o   n   P   o   i   n   t   s   o    f   D   i   s   c   u   s   s   i   o   n
The Giver
by Lois Lowry
RRSAitchison College, Senior School
    P   a   g   e
never learn whether Jonas or Gabriel actually survive at the end of the story,either may be considered a prophet or messenger.
How families are assigned new children?6.
Why do you think new rules take such a long time for things to come into effect?7.
Why is it considered that teaching of riding a bicycle not a serious rule to break?8.
Why are girls younger than the age of nine not allowed keeping their hair open?9.
Who is the most important Elder? Why?10.
What is the most important job of the elders in the community?11.
Why do you think age is not recorded after the age of twelve?
Chapter 3
Why do you think the author chose to describe the “new child” as having “pale, solemn,knowing eyes”?
Why do you think it was “rude to call attention to things that were unset
tling or differentabout individuals”? in Jonas’s
Note: Refer to the theme of Sameness, which is emphasized in the community.3.
What do you think is a birthmother? How are they different from our own mothers in oursociety?4.
Why do you suppose mirrors were rare in Jonas’s society?
How does Lowry, show
of character in Jonas and Gabriel?6.
What are Birth Mothers? What are their duties in the community?7.
How are we reminded that a caste system exists within the community?
Look at how Birthmothers are looked down upon and eventually they are convertedto labourers. Prejudices do exist in a community, that appears to be perfect.8.
Read the two announcements that Jonas mentions that had been announced in thecommunity. What do you suppose is peculiar about them?9.
What happens to Jonas when he is playing with the apple that he is throwing across theroom to Asher?10.
What does this incident further tell us of Jonas’s Personality?
Chapter 4
How d
oes Lowry make us feel that Jonas’s community is the perfect place to live?
Look at the idea that everyone volunteers somewhere. But the idea that it ismandatory, and then even this freedom is controlled.2.
Why are Volunteer hours for children as young as age Eight mandatory?3.
What does Jonas do at the House of the Old?4.
How does this place bring in a false sense of security?5.
Larissa during her conversation with Jonas says that
all lives are meaningful.
How doesLowry by using irony bring in one of the key themes of the book- that all lives are actuallymeaningless? (Give example)6.
Why do Jonas and Larissa laugh at the idea that they should
a changing of the ruleto the committee?

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