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Palin Wasilla 08

Palin Wasilla 08

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Published by CharO

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Published by: CharO on Oct 29, 2008
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October 1, 2008
Palin's Apocalypse ANP: Would biblical  prophecies influence Palin's foreign policy positions? Nobody's asking her so far 
. Does Sarah Palinbelieve in the Anti-Christ? Does she believe true Christians will be whisked up to heaven sometime in thenear future? Does she expect Jesus to come back to earth in our lifetimes and battle the armies of Satan?Would biblical prophecies about Armageddon influence her foreign policy positions on Israel and Russia?These are urgent questions the media have failed to ask. According to Chip Berlet, a leading expert on theChristian right, mainstream reporters tend to view apocalyptic fundamentalists as a "silly little side show" inAmerican political life, when, in fact, one of their own may soon be a heartbeat away from the most powerfuloffice in the world.http://www.talk2action.org/story/2008/9/8/114332/7479 
Sarah Palin's Demon Haunted Churches - TheComplete Edition
ByBruce WilsonMon Sep 08, 2008 at 11:43:32 AM ESTSee:http://vimeo.com/1679097 
Palin's Churches, Thomas Muthee, Witchcraft and The Third Wave
byBruce Wilson 2 months ago: Sat,
Sep 6, 2008 3:30pm CST  
Palin's Muthee & Spiritual Warfare vs. Mother Theresa
byBruce Wilson 7 days ago: Tue, Oct 21, 2008 12:36pm CST http://vimeo.com/2016406 
Palin Anointer Muthee Fights Catholics, Witches, and Python Spirits
byBruce Wilson 8 days ago: Mon, Oct 20, 2008 10:46am CST http://vimeo.com/1914214 
Palin in my Prayer Group, Says Witchcraft-fighting "Spiritual Warfare"Leader 
byBruce Wilson 20 days ago
[NOTE, Aodio does not start untill 45 seconds into the video]
Linked to the Alaskan Independence Party, Mary Glazier, as head of the Alaska Strategic Prayer Network ( formerly the "Spiritual Warfare Network" ) is a top leader in "Spiritual Warfare" at the cutting edge of amovement rapidly reshaping the face of Christianity worldwide. The New Apostolic Reformation proposesimproving society by driving out witchcraft and "territorial demons". Mary Glazier says Sarah Palin has beenin her prayer network for nearly two decades.
Waslla AG news link:
Our History
Shortly after the complete of the new building, Pastor Riley stepped down as Senior Pastor after 35 yearsand was replaced by his son-in-law, Reverend Tim McGraw. Pastor McGraw led the church for 12 years.He was followed by
Ed Kalnins
, who is still leading the church today, 9 years later. WasillaAssembly of God is blessed to have had consistent, long term Senior Pastors over the years, and we thankGod for these 3 men. Paul Riley is still very active in the community even to today, ministering as a prisonchaplain, and among the pastors of the churches of the valley. Untold lives have been touched by WasillaAssembly of God. Many have attended the youth and children's programs. Many more have attendedweddings, funerals, and community events in our buildings. Over the years, dozens from
Wasilla Assembly of God have gone onto full time ministry around the world.
And, now, withMaster'sCommission Wasilla Alaskain place as a ministry of the church, we anticipate hundreds being sent from thishouse into full time ministryhttp://app.razorplanet.com/acct/40149-8554/tmpl/index.php?s=au&nid=3731&news_id=756&preview=trueSabbatical Audio Resources for Continued Growth Below you will find links to teachings that you can enjoy during the month of rest. The list is still beingcompiled, but will be complete by July. Real Player is required for most audio links.Audio Teachings:From
The following is a list of sermons that were available on the Wasilla Assembly of God web site as audio or video recordings as recently as August 29, 2008. As soon as the vice presidentialcandidacy of Sarah Palinwas announced, these sermons were all deleted. Why? What is the WasillaAssembly of God church trying to cover up?October 16 2005 Guest Speaker Bishop Thomas Muthee from Kenya Bringing the Whole Week Together 60minOctober 16 2005 Guest Speaker Bishop Thomas Muthee from Kenya Bitterness 41 minOctober 14 2005 Guest Speaker Bishop Thomas Muthee from Kenya Resolving Conflict with Authority(Parts 1 & 2) 1 2October 13 2005 Guest Speaker Bishop Thomas Muthee from Kenya Alignment With Authority 47 minOctober 13 2005 Guest Speaker Bishop Thomas Muthee from Kenya The Power of Connection 60 min
October 12 2005 Guest Speaker Bishop Thomas Muthee from Kenya How to Benefit from Authority 96 minOctober 12 2005 Guest Speaker Bishop Thomas Muthee from Kenya Four Things to Help You Listen 41minOctober 12 2005 Guest Speaker Bishop Thomas Muthee from Kenya Listening 66 minOctober 11 2005 Guest Speaker Bishop Thomas Muthee from Kenya 4 Keys to Unlocking Potential 42 minOctober 11 2005 Guest Speaker Bishop Thomas Muthee from Kenya Introduction by Pastor Ed andmessage "Faithfulness" 75 minSee:http://vimeo.com/1775569 
Ed Kalnins : "I believe in the 5-Fold Ministry"
byBruce Wilson 1 month ago: Sat, Sep 20, 2008 7:09pm CSThttp://vimeo.com/1803251 
Thomas Muthee on "Infiltration" of Economic Area
by Bruce Wilson  1 month ago: Wed, Sep 24, 2008 9:46am CSThttp://vimeo.com/1803160 
Thomas Muthee Introduces "Godly Infiltration"
byBruce Wilson 1 month ago: Wed, Sep 24, 2008 9:28am CSThttp://vimeo.com/1709545 
Palin and the Holy Laughter Anointing
byBruce Wilson 2 months ago: Thu, Sep 11, 2008 8:18am CSTPalin and the Holy Laughter Anointinghttp://wasillaag.org/index.php?s=au&nid=3731&news_id=9061 
August 30th, 2008
Our Statement Concerning Governor Palin
August 30th, 2008 Governor Sarah Palin did attend Wasilla Assembly of God since the time she was a teenager. She and her family were a part of the church up until 2002. Since that time she has maintained afriendship with Wasilla Assembly of God and has attended various conferences and special meetings here.This June, the Governor spoke at the graduation service of our School of Ministry, Master’s CommissionWasilla Alaska. We have had some inquires into Governor Palin’s beliefs. We do know that Gov Palin is awoman of integrity. She is a servant of the people, she is a strong leader. As for her personal beliefs,Governor Palin is well able to speak for herself on those issues. As Alaskans we are excited about our Governor being selected as the nominee for Vice President. As residents of Wasilla, we are ecstatic aboutone of our own being thrust to the national forefront. However, as a church, it is not appropriate for us toendorse any one candidate over another. As believers, we are reminded in 1 Peter 2.13 that we are tosubmit to those in authority. 1 Timothy 2.1-2 tells us pray for those in authority. This we will do no matter who is elected. We wish the best to Governor Palin, and Senator McCain, as well as to Senator Obama andSenator Biden. May God continue to bless America. Click here to view the video...  &
Wasilla Assembly of God Church Alaska - Pastor Ed Kalnins - An Officia...Will voting for JohnKerry send you to hell? A statement of clarification September 6th, 2008
Since the announcement of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential nominee for theRepublican Party, there has been an intense media scrutiny of her life, and anyone ever connected with her.As we have stated previously, Governor Palin was once an attendee of Wasilla Assembly of God, andrecently spoke at the graduation service of our Master’s Commission. Therefore, our church, our Pastor andour teachings have also been closely scrutinized. We would like to make some clarification.Over 100 sermons a year are preached from our pulpit. It would be impossible to not say something thatcould be found offensive by some, taken wrong by others, or twisted. We believe the Word of God is perfectand inerrant, but we are not. There are certainly times when our mouths have said things that our hearts donot mean. No one who regularly speaks in public is exempt from that. There have been times where wehave said something that was interpreted in a way that we never felt nor believed.We have been accused of stating that anyone who voted for Senator John Kerry in 2004 would go to hell.We believe that accusation comes from statements that Pastor Ed made in a sermon on October 10th,2004. The transcript of that statement is as follows:Okay, now I don’t know about you, I want you to remain standing, because church, we have got to prayabout this presidential election coming up. I watched the debate. How many people watched the debate,debate number two? Man, I’ve never felt more grieved in my life. I mean, I’ve, every time I’ve watched the

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