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Published by Harris Tobias
The creature arose from the rotting compost craving just one thing.
The creature arose from the rotting compost craving just one thing.

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Published by: Harris Tobias on Dec 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Latkes The latkes lay forgotten. Schmulke Bara left them in the barn for thehomeless man and just assumed they were eaten. They lay moldering in therich barnyard stew of animal stink, hay and fecal matter. It was amazing thegoats hadn’t found them or the chickens. Thick with oil and rich in flavorSchmulke’s latkes were not to be taken lightly. In fact there was nothinglight about them. Her family often teased her about how oily they were. “If we ever run out of candles,” her husband would say, “we can always lightone of your latkes, Schmulke.”It was Spring when Schmulke saw the pancakes again. By that timethey had grown a curious covering of mold. No one ever saw a mold likethat. It was a fluorescent yellow and glowed in the dark. She thought brieflyof taking it to the rabbi to see if it was an evil spirit but in the end she justthrew them away. Disgusted, she threw the ugly mess into the compost pilewhere the rare mold had a chance to mingle with the natural ferment of kitchen scraps and soiled hay.Fast forward a few weeks and the compost pile underwent a bizarretransformation. First a slight pulsing and then a strong regular heaving andfinally it was a living breathing gelatinous mass or organic debris thatswallowed wayward mice, gobbled up newly hatched chickens and suppedon an occasional gosling. Finally, it rose up on rubbery legs and staggered

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