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Did You Know

Did You Know

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Published by Hal Shurtleff

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Published by: Hal Shurtleff on Dec 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Al-Poweul United Nations?
The United States is ffcialy cmmitted t a cmprehensie disarmament prgram iginally introduced as
Frdom From War:Th
Program For Gnral and Complt Disarmamnt in aPacful World.
Formally submitted t the United Natios
1961 it calls for tuing oer the armed forces f our nation to the UN Thefina stage of the threestage plan states that disarmament "would proceed t a point where no state would hae the miitary power to chalenge the progressiey strengthened UN Peace ForceOffcials of our nation's Arms Contro nd Disarmament Agency confirm that the program now called
Bluprint For th Pac Rac
"has neer been withdrawn The question n one seems to answerwhie this suicida program speeds toward completion is: Who or whatwil be le to keep the UN from imposing tyranny once it has unchalleng
able power?
Backbreaking atona Debt 
When the ReaganBush Administration took offce in 198 the national debt totaled $930 billion Exactly ten years later it hadskyrocketed past $3 trilion more than trping the admitted burden being le for Amercas younger generations to pay Our politicaleaders arent so much Big Spender as they are Big BorrowersDespite the widespread notion that they spend "ike drunken saiorsets remember that drnken sailors pay their own bils
Funding As Is Obscene
During 1989-90 it became known that federa tax dolars suppied by the National Endowment for the Arts had subsidized out-nd-outlth characterized as
The nation was then treated to a great debteoer the merits or defciencies of arious pieces of 
The question
 that shoud have een deated is: Why was the federa goveent using ayers oney to susidize art in he rst pace? Artistsanxious to have gveent ut a gun at the uics head to und their creations ant r aists; theyre conarists
Sovit Crims nod
e recent crackdown in the atics deonsrated to the entireworld that he Soviet Union is sti a ruthless dictatorship But whyshould anyone e surprised? During the 1980s Soviet invaders killed14 illion Afghan civilians and forced four iion oe of the 4illion pouation into refugee caps in neighoring natons Soviet toops even dropped ooytrapped toys that aied the childrenwho picked he u Yet these and other horrie cries of the USSR have en swept under the rug
Hrmativ ction  Wrong
Whereas the traditiona Aerican test of huan worth is individual character an aility the practice known as Affirative Action insists that a rsons group is of doinant iportance Affirative Actionactually estalished as ofcia goveent policy the notion that rights elong to a group not to an individual is thinking is in coplete accord wit the destructive cassased doctrines of KarlM. A totaly unjust and harfu rocedure it continues to generatea huge aount of itteess ased on race ethnic origin and genderOur nations arvelous Decaration of Independene correcty procaied as a "selfevident truth that "en  are endowed y theirCreator with rights Aericas founders stated very cleay oth that rights elong to individuals not to groups and that rights coe froGod not goveent We can est iprove the lot of al Aericans y restoring these sound principles.
Infation Causd By Govrnmnt 
Infation proery dened is an increase in the quantity of currency that causes a loweng of its value. Food cothng and other ites dont cost ore the dolars we use are worth less Their value is constantly eing eroded y the actions of goveent and the gove entcreated Federal Reseve Syste in looding he nation wih currency no longer acked y any precious etale rocess quietyand dely confscates the peoples weath while goveent and heedia foster he notion that the oe known as rising ces has een caused y usinessen and consuers.
Dangrous Enrgy Dndnc
At the height ofthe 973 energy crisis when Americans were lined up at gas pumps, our nation was importng about 30 percent of the oilwe consue. Aer almos two decades of furous activity including the creation of the Department of Energy and the expenditure of tensof billions of dollars, we are now importing over 50 percent of the oilwe use Tremendous oil supplies are known to exis in Al&ka and in the waters offshore the states of Washington Oregon, Califoia, Florda, and New England. Bu federal environmental policies forbidobtaining themOther regulations continue to deprve this nation of the use of  nuclear power Because of these regulations, 4 other nations now produce a igher percentge of their elecricity with nuclear power tan does the tecnologically more advanced United States Our nation's neck is being placed in an energy noose by our own leaders
Th Ral Mikhai Gorbachv 
In his 987 book entitled
Soviet leader Mikhail Gor bachev candidly told readers: "We are not going to change Soviet power, of course, or abandon its fundamental prnciples but weaknowledge the need for changes that
ill strengthen soialism andake it mor dyamic and politically meaningful.In 989 President Bush stated that "hre is no greateadvocate of  perestroika than the President f the United States He followed thatstatement with accolades for the Soviet leade d aid for his tyran nical goveent Americans should be asking why they are not told the tuth about Mr Gorbachev and the Soviet Union 
.Dspit Rd nk, Mor oign Aid
The U.S Govement is drowning in red ink The B�sh Adminis tration estiates $38 billion in red ink in the 99 fiscal year andanother $28 billion the following year Yet the State Deparment stillwants $48 billion for foreign aid Imagine a nation with such hugeand growing indebtedness as ours giving away mone! This annualforeign aid request does not nclude a host of other aid programs evenone administered by the Department of Agriculture All of them ake money from the Amercan people and give i to foreign goveensAny search ofthe US. Constitution will produce no authorization forything resembling foreign aid All such programs would  can celed immediaely by leaders who really were sevants of the people not heir masters

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