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Instagram Becomes The Largest Mobile Social Network

Instagram Becomes The Largest Mobile Social Network

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Published by Crowdsourcing.org

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Dec 18, 2011
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Instagram Becomes The Largest MobileSocial Network 
by Jason Keath , 15.12.2011
Instagram added 2 million newusers last month. Everyone seems tolove the fast growing app. Ipersonally find it more rewardingthan Facebook.At Le Web Instagram attributedtheir growth to the Thanksgivingholidays (ugly sweater photos?) andthe iPhone 4S launch. But the fact is they were already outpacing theother largest mobile focused social network, Foursquare.
When I say “largest mobile social network” I am talking about a social
network where the majority of user activity is from a mobile device.Instagram and Foursquare both fit this bill well and they were bothcreated as mobile apps first, not websites with a mobile app added later.As addiction to mobile grows, as smart phones evolve into the majorityof phones AND internet devices, the web will in fact be accessed moreon our mobile devices than on our laptops and desktops. So whoever isbuilding the best mobile based social network today is only going tobecome more relevant tomorrow.
The Instagram growth is even more impressive when you realize it isstill only on the iPhone. Foursquare is on the iPhone, Android,Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, and Windows Phone. Basically everywhere.  Foursquare also started a year before Instagram.
Not Apples To Apples
To compare Foursquare and Instagram is not truly a fair fight.Foursquare is fighting to teach the mainstream a new activity, sharinglocation publicly. While Instagram is based on sharing photos,something we are all frankly addicted to on the internet.But the comparison is still important. Instagram announced at Le Webthat they have passed 14 million users and well on their way to 15million users. Foursquare announced previously that they currently have15 million users.Instagram is growing at 2 million new users a month, Foursquare at .866
million a month. Instagram will likely surpass Foursquare’s user 
numbers in January, if they have not already.
  Android Breaks Instagram Into New Territory 
And again, that is only with iPhone. Android makes up a majority of thesmartphone market and has been waiting for Instagram for a year. Theymay have lost SOME potential in the Android market with other similarapps trying to fill the void.But ultimately their superior product and 14 million users will allowthem to double their user size in short order, by summer of 2012 if theycan get Android up and running in Q1.
What About Facebook? 
For starters, I am talking only about social networks that focus onmobile. But it is hard to ever ignore Facebook.They have been way behind in mobile. Their mobile products have onlyrecently started to show a little life and actually implement basic featuresfrom the site itself.But even with their slow movement, Facebook has 400 million mobileusers. That is a massive number.And Facebook has clearly said that they are now focused on mobile.They are rumored to be creating multiple apps that will serve differentaudiences and different features from Facebook.com.Facebook is a given in any social networking space, but they still do notmatch the unique photo sharing experience of Instagram.

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