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Necromunda - Revised Combat Rules

Necromunda - Revised Combat Rules



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Published by angelusirae
I played Necromunda a lot and got fed up with wrangles over the h2h combat rules as published, so I simplified them along Warhammer 40k lines. These rules are playtested and much more fluid without losing detail.
I played Necromunda a lot and got fed up with wrangles over the h2h combat rules as published, so I simplified them along Warhammer 40k lines. These rules are playtested and much more fluid without losing detail.

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Published by: angelusirae on Oct 29, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The published Necromunda combat systemis based on the oldest and mostcumbersome version of Warhammer 40K.Since then, the 40K game itself hasundergone two major transformations andhas become a far faster and more intuitivesystem. These revised rules incorporatesome elements from the latest (and best)version of 40k to improve the combatsystem for Necromunda in sympathy.
Movement phase
Shooting phase
Hand to hand phase
Recovery phase
In normal terrain, models move upto their Movement characteristic ininches.
If running or charging an enemy,this maximum distance is doubled.
Models subject to compulsorymovement (such as ‘falling back’)are moved first followed bychargers and, finally, the rest of aplayer’s forces.
A model may run at double itsnormal movement but a runningmodel cannot move within 8” of anenemy.
A model that runs in the Movementphase cannot shoot in the Shootingphase.
A model that runs cannot ‘hide’ incover that turn.
Any enemy model in range can becharged, but chargers may notpass within 2” of an unengagedenemy model.
Move all charging models up totwice their normal move into baseto base contact with an enemy.(Only models that can actually getinto base to base contact cancharge; otherwise, they may onlymake a normal move).
Obstacles and climbing
Obstacles up to a model’s mid-height can be vaulted over. Theycount as open terrain and do notaffect movement.
Higher obstacles must be climbed,in which case their height isincluded in the calculation omovement distance.
Obstacles up to twice a model’sheight can always be climbed whilehigher structures must have agreedmeans and locations for climbing(ladders, steps, girders, surfaceswith handholds).
There is no movement penalty for climbing, but a model must be ableto
a climb within the turnin order to start its ascent.
Difficult terrain
Zones of the battlefield such assludge pools, rubble or tangledvegetation may be designated asdifficult terrain. Each 1omovement within difficult terraincounts as 2”.
If a model moves into or remainswithin cover from all enemies, thenit can be declared ‘hidden’ (eventhough the actual, inflexible modelis partially in sight e.g. standingbehind a barricade). The enemymay know where a hidden model isbut the fighter is considered to be
keeping his head down, presentingno target and may not be fired at.Place a marker to indicate hiding.
A model is no longer hidden once itmoves out of cover, fires or isexposed by an enemy which movesinto a position which negates thecover.
Hidden models may still becharged.
Choosing a target
By default, models must target their nearest visible enemy, even if thatenemy is in cover, pinned or fallingback.
Players may try to get their troopsto fire at a different target by takinga Ld test for the firing model. If passed, they may fire at any visibleenemy within the range of theweapon they are using.
Hitting the target
Roll 1D6 against the firing model’s‘to hitscore. The score neededvaries with the model’s BallisticSkill (and can easily be calculatedby subtracting the BS from 7. e.g.BS3 needs a basic 4+ to hit).
The range at which the firer’sweapon is being used can modifythe basic to hit score, short rangeusually making it easier to hit andlong range more difficult (seeindividual weapon profiles).
Damaging the target
Damage (a wound) is caused if youcan successfully re-roll any dicewhich hit, against your target’sToughness. The score you needvaries with the Strength of theweapon used.
Some more powerful weapons cancause more than one wound with asingle hit. Check the individualweapon profiles under the‘Damage’ heading.
Saving throws
These are taken to represent factors whichmight just save the hit and damaged targetfrom its fate, usually in the form of cover from terrain or protection from personalarmour. Only one saving roll can be madeper wound caused; the target chooses itsbest chance if more than one factor applies.
Cover from terrain applies againstmost weapons (flamers are anexception) but the Save varies withthe sort of cover involved.
Personal armour also gives ameasure of protection but someweapons can reduce itseffectiveness or even punch cleanthrough it as though it wasn’t there(the modifier for armour protectionis given on the weapon’s profile).
Casualties and instant death
The number of wounds eachcharacter can take (usually 1) isgiven on their profile. When thatmany wounds have been suffered,the model is removed.
Leader level characters may have 2or more Wounds, enabling them totake damage and still carry on, buteven they cannot realisticallysurvive a damaging hit from themost powerful weapons. If aweapons Strength is twice atarget’s Toughness, then a singledamaging hit is enough to wipe outthe target irrespective of itsWounds characteristic.
Pinning and falling back
A model that is hit by shooting andsurvives must immediately test tosee if it is too shaken to continue.Take a Ld test for that model (2D6to score less than or equal to its Ldcharacteristic). Failing the test hasone of two consequences: if themodel is already in cover then it ispinned and immediately hides; if inthe open, then it is forced to makean immediate fall back move of 1D6+3” towards the nearest cover where it could hide, hiding as soonas it gets there. (Use markers torecord pinned and falling backmodels).
Ammo Rolls
The difficulty of maintaining aweapon in good order in theconditions of the Underhive isrepresented by the ammo roll.Each time a ‘to hit’ roll of a natural‘6’ is thrown an ammo roll must bemade for the firing weapon. If theroll equals or beats the number given in the weapon’s profile, thenall is well. If the roll is below thatvalue then it has jammed,overheated or run out oammunition and may not be usedfor the rest of the game.
Pistols which fail an ammo rollcannot be used in subsequentclose combats.
Fighting hand to hand
All models in base to base contactfight, irrespective of side.
It is quite possible for models to bein base contact with more than oneopponent. Each enemy is stillfought as if in an individual duel. Inyour own turn,
pick the order of individual combats to be fought andresolve them one by one. In your opponent’s turn, he makes thechoices.
In each combat the participant withthe highest Initiative hits first. Equalinitiatives strike simultaneously.
Charging a model in cover isdisadvantageous to the attacker and in this situation the attacker strikes last on the turn that hecharged, irrespective of Initiative.
Fighters roll a number of D6 to tryand score hits; potentially, one hitper D6 rolled. The Weapon Skill of the combatants determines thescore required.
The number of dice rolled is equalto the Attacks characteristic of thefighter. An extra D6 is rolled if themodel is armed with an extra closecombat weapon and yet another if itcharged this turn.
Models using swords may ‘parry’;that is, force their opponent to re-roll their single, highest scoringdice. If both opponents can parry,the abilities cancel each other outand no re-rolls are made.
Dice that ‘hitare re-rolled fodamage on the same chart as usedfor shooting. Attacks have theStrength of the weapon used andare referenced against theToughness of the defender.

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