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The Biker's Code

The Biker's Code

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It used to be that all bikers shared a common bond, an unspoken code of ethics and behavior that transcended words and was built on actions.
It used to be that all bikers shared a common bond, an unspoken code of ethics and behavior that transcended words and was built on actions.

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Published by: CeAnne Ryding-Becker on Dec 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Biker's Code
by Author Unknown
It used to be that all bikers shareda common bond, an unspokencode of ethics and behavior thattranscended words and was builton actions.There was never a bible written onthis Biker's Code and there was noneed for such. But the times area-changin' and there seems to bea lot of new riders out there.These days the riders you seeblastin' down the road are just aslikely to be clad in shorts andsneakers as jeans and engineerboots. And the roughest, toughest-looking biker you pull up next tocould be your doctor or lawyer andmay be wearin' a Rolex watchunder his leathers. There's nothingwrong with that, so long as thesenew riders learn the Code just aswe old-timers did.Being a biker used to be aboutusing your creativity to take abasket case old hawg and usingonly grit and ingenuity, turning itinto a one-of-a-kind eye dazzler,
then risking your life on theasphalt on a bike you madeyourself out of pride. Bikers woreleather and grease because theyknew cagers would just as soonrun them down as look at them, sothey had to be intimidating.We were a breed unto ourselveswith no union, no support group,and in many cases, no family (theythrew us out). We had to make itin the world of our own, against allrules, against mainstream society,and against all odds.We survived and prosperedbecause of the Biker Code and wenever took shit from anybody. As an old scooter bro once said,"It's every tramp's job to schoolthe young. How else are theygonna know a Panhead from a bedpan?" With that in mind, we bringyou a primer on the basic two-wheeled Code.Take heed, brothers and sisters,for our Code is a hallowed onefilled with honor and loyalty, thelikes of which have not been sincethe days of knighthood:Don't take any shit. Be kind towomen, children and animals, but
don't take any bullshit. This is anessential part of being a biker. Ithas to do with respect and honor. Anyone can be a quick-temperedfool.Be cool, stand tall and backupwhat you say with action.Never lie, cheat or steal. Anotherway of saying this is to always tellthe truth.Bikers are always the greasy badguys in the movies, but every realbiker knows that his word is hisbond. Your word is all you have inlife that is truly yours. Guard itcarefully and be something noble,for you are a true knight of theroad.Don't snitch. If you see a wrong,fight it yourself, if you are aboutanything you'll take care of problems yourself and never feelthe need to snitch someone off.Snitches are the lowest life formson earth, right up there with bikerthieves.Don't Whine. Absolutely no onelikes or respects a whiner. Anotherway to say this is hold your mud.

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