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Published by Amy Maré

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Published by: Amy Maré on Dec 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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International Tub & Tile Restorers, Inc.
Creative Brief 
 Amy Mare’ COMM 190 2/15/11
“Don’t renew... Re-do!”
Creative Brief 
Creative Brief 
New campaign to promote ITTRs restorations services, especially their paint free restorationprocess.
International Tub & Tile Restorers, Inc. is a family owned business that specializes in cleaning,refinishing, and adding anti-slip to bathtubs throughout the hotel industry. Commonly referred toas ITTR, their main competitors include Safe Step, Inc., KWV, Sure Step, and Miracle Method.Their main competition is KWV because they are the only other company who doesn’t re-paintthe bathtubs. ITTR is targeting hotel owners, hotel management companies and generalcontractors. The main message ITTR wants to get across is that they offer superior service inbathtub restoration by making the tubs cleaner and safer without painting them.
Key Problem
ITTR has been gradually losing business and has seen a decrease in job offers over the pastyear and a half.
Business Objectives
What we hope to accomplish-Increase the amount of job offers ITTR receives throughout the United States by 20%, thusincreasing profit.-Increase awareness about our company
Main Strategy for Accomplishing the Objectives
to achieve the objectives, ITTR will focus heavily on the target market and accentuate thebenefits that come with choosing ITTR. They will focus on the fact that they do not paint tubs,and inform the market why painting tubs can lead to problems. ITTR will measure their successin reaching their objective by finding the difference in the amount of jobs before and after thecampaign, and also by noting how large and increase in profit they experienced.
Creative Brief 
Strategy Statement/Purpose of Ad
Convince hotel owners and hospitality corporations to use ITTR by educating them on thebenefits of our unique paint free restoration process and our safety services.
Target Audience
ITTRs services are targeted at hotel owners, hotel management companies, and generalcontractors. The audience is 90% men, ages 40-70. There may be some owners under age 40and above 70 but there are very few. They live all over the country, mostly in urban areas.Family Dynamics:Most are married, and have older teens, college age, or adult children.Buying Habits:They are high profile business- men, millionaires, and wear suits to work. They shop atexpensive designer stores like Calvin Klein, Armani, Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren.Personality:They are typically type A personality, and rigid in their routine. They wake up in themorning, grad a coffee from a more expensive coffee shop like Starbucks, and anewspaper on their way to work. They are highly competitive, aggressive, concernedabout their status, business-like, time-conscious, and often controlling.Living Habits:They live in large houses in top dollar communities, or own sizeable amounts of property.They drive expensive, although not over the top cars, such as Lexus, Acura, BMW, andMercedes.They work a lot and don’t time much time to spend at home. When they do take time off from work, they take their families on long vacations to places like Paris, Bora Bora, andHawaii. They own smart phones such as the iPhone, HTC EVI, or Droid. They like their phones to have Internet so they can keep up with business. They often smoke cigarsduring their business day.Interests:These men enjoy being members of elite country clubs and participating in golf andtennis tournaments. They like to play a round of golf with other top executives when theyget time. Many also own large boats or yachts and enjoy being out on the ocean.Eating Habits:The target audience takes pleasure in eating at slightly more expensive restaurants for their average meal than most people would. They enjoy the Cheesecake Factory,Carabba’s Italian Grill, Macaroni Grill, and Ruth’s Chris. For a quick lunch they may grabfood from a Panera Bread, or Chipotle. They often splurge at places like New York’sMasa, or Chicago’s Alinea on special occasions. They will rarely be seen at fast foodchains.

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