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Are You Looking to Take an Active and Adventurous Vacation

Are You Looking to Take an Active and Adventurous Vacation

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Published by Vatsal Sarvaiya

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Published by: Vatsal Sarvaiya on Dec 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Are you looking to take an active and adventurous vacation? Do you have a few spare weeks? Are
you looking for the "trip of a lifetime"? Look no further… We at Global Adrenaline are adventure
travel specialists committed to providing the finest in customized itineraries globally. Challenge yourmind, body and soul with a Global Adrenaline adventure to: Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand,Latin America, Antarctica or the Arctic!
Our trips are designed with adventure seekers in mind, exploring new cultures, geographies and
ecosystems in a participatory fashion. Itineraries include hiking and trekking, mountaineering,mountain biking, safaris on foot or by four wheel drive, sea kayaking, canoeing, whitewater rafting
and scuba diving. Many of our trips offer the opportunity toparticipate in more than one kind of activity. We feel thattrips which offer varied activities will keep you interestedand enhance your travel experience by offering a varietyof perspectives on a country, its landscape and its people.
Some of our trips offer multiple activities in one day, butmost of our trips are focused on experiencing each activityfor multiple days before moving on to the next. Thisenables you to gain some expertise and have a verydifferent experience than an average traveler devoting oneday to an activity or sport. Our trips are challenging and full of energy - everything that adrenaline isall about!
Cultural Interactions
Our interactive cultural tours enable you to intimately experience ourworld's diverse cultures.
Follow the footsteps of Buddha through India, journey with us across the
Chinese Silk Road or trace the evolution of Buddhist art through SoutheastAsia. No matter which cultural tour you choose, you are sure to comeaway with an understanding more precious than any photo.
Our guides, fluent in the local languages and experts in the indigenous
cultures, facilitate spontaneous ad hoc conversations with local people,
attendance at local festivals and observation and understanding of localreligious practices and traditions. They are the catalysts that enable this
experience and understanding to occur. No matter which trip or what type
of activity you choose, interaction with local people and exposure to their
culture infinitely enriches the experience.
Lion. (Serengeti, Tanzania)Bhutanese dancers celebratingthe 25th anniversary of the
King’s coronation. (Thimpu,
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Trips at a Glance
We have carefully designed the best adventure activities and cultural tours in each region - sochallenge yourself on a Global Adrenaline excursion and have the experience of a lifetime.
 Climb Kilimanjaro, safari in the Serengeti, visit Victoria Falls or raft the mightyZambezi in Zimbabwe and Zambia.
 Trek to Everest base camp in Tibet, mountain bike the Himalayas of Bhutan, safari in
the jungles of the Royal Chitwan in Nepal or trace the evolution of Buddhism from Indiathrough China and Southeast Asia.
 Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, four wheel drive the rugged Kimberleysoutback, disappear into the wilds of Tasmania or scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef.
 Sea kayak New Zealand's national parks, trek over the famous Ball Pass orsummit Mount Aspiring, one of New Zealand's highest mountains.
Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, trek in Patagonia, go on a rainforestsafari on the Amazon or raft Chile's Futaleufu.
 Summit an unclimbed peak in Antarctica, sea kayak off the Antarctic Peninsula and
walk with the penguins on South Georgia Island.
Level of Difficulty
We offer a full range of adventures - from our easier cultural tours and African wildlife safaris to thestrenuous summit climbs of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or Mount Aspiring in New Zealand. Nomatter what type of adventure you are looking for, we can help you with the experience! For moreinformation on our trip rating system, please visit our "Trip Ratings" page.
Ecotourism Focus
We are an ecotourism company, continually working to minimize the impact of our visit on thenatural environment. We are aware of the fragile nature of the cultures and physical environments
where we work. We promote conservation, encourage sustainable development and make
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economic contributions to local communities. Wherepossible, we employ local staff which directly benefits the
local communities vs. government tourism bureaus.
Let Global Adrenaline take you responsibly "off the beatentrack" into pristine areas that, in many instances, haveexperienced little, if any, tourism. We have pinpointedareas where isolation has preserved the stunning naturalenvironment and traditional ways of life. Take advantageof the rare opportunity to explore these areas and returnwith extraordinary photographs and memories of theseunique cultures and majestic sceneries.
Social Considerations
Global Adrenaline makes every effort on each expedition to help the local populations where weguide. This means hiring local guides, using local suppliers and making sure that they are given fair
pay for their services. All too often the tourist dollars never make it to the local government and most
stay with the national level government through money flows to government owned travel agencies.By channeling as much of the money as possible to local governments and communities, the localpeople are given alternatives to logging out their forests, selling off mining rights in their rivers, orpoaching endangered animals like the snow leopard. Tourism becomes a viable option to natural
resource exploitation, leaving something wild for future generations to enjoy. Where possible, Global
Adrenaline will also contribute to community welfare through partnerships with local agencies indeveloping health, education or environment programs.
Environmental Considerations
Global Adrenaline is committed to the preservation of the wilderness habitats in the remote regionsexplored by our trips, which are designed to promote an understanding of these regions' delicateecosystems. We take a low-impact, self-contained approach, carrying inwhat we need
and carrying out all garbage, leaving the environment unspoiled for futuregenerations of explorers. To minimize the impact of our trips on the
environment, where possible we use stoves rather than firewood for
cooking meals. We burn any paper garbage from our kitchen or collectedfrom our clients. All food items originally in glass bottles will be rebottled inplastic that can be reusable on each trek. Used cans, foil from the garbagefire and used batteries will be taken back to civilization by our staff anddelivered to a local waste management project where these items will be
recycled. We recommend that you bring your used batteries back to theUSA with you.
Global Adrenaline is intimately involved with the creation and maintenanceof wildlife reserves in China, and has proposed some similar reserve ideasin regions of India. These reserves will eventually create jobs for the local people, while protectingthe natural environment. Tourism continues to play an increasingly important role in the continuedexistence of these reserves. If you would like more information on nature reserves in China and
A Breathtaking view of the park! (Abel TasmanNational Park)Trekker above Macchu Pichu

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