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Scanning and telepathy Class

Scanning and telepathy Class

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Published by henri_alphonse
A telepathy and scannning class from 12/17/2011 9:00 PM till 3:00 AM
A telepathy and scannning class from 12/17/2011 9:00 PM till 3:00 AM

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Published by: henri_alphonse on Dec 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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First few minutes of the class was lost due to me copying it late and the parts weredeleted and replaced by the new text in process and being replied to. Scanning is when you utilize other senses that are not your 5 physical ones toaccomplish any task of receiving and viewing information through a visual form.
11:30 AzurePhoenix Alright round two of this will be karma then blood11:30 AzurePhoenix then we will start if tech is not back 11:31 TechHunter16 Okay, back 11:31 TechHunter16 What'd I miss?11:31 Blood fun parties11:31 AzurePhoenix A few distractions but seems you are next11:31 AzurePhoenix I will PM everyone what we will do to you11:31 TechHunter16 Okay11:31 TechHunter16 So, what am I supposed to do?11:32 ChaosSpinner Zacherys11:32 Hooloovoo xD11:32 Hooloovoo Just identify the sensation and the location11:32 TechHunter16 Okay11:32 TechHunter16 Do I have to focus at al?11:32 AzurePhoenix best not to focus11:33 TechHunter16 Okay11:33 AzurePhoenix so you dont force yourself to feel something11:33 AzurePhoenix just sit and breath11:33 AzurePhoenix aware of what your body feels11:33 AzurePhoenix Everyone ready?11:33 Hooloovoo Check.11:33 Karma ya11:33 TechHunter16 Sure11:34 Blood yeahhh11:34 AzurePhoenix alright start11:34 AzurePhoenix tech wait a minute or so11:34 AzurePhoenix to tell us what you feel11:34 TechHunter16 Okay11:35 TechHunter16 Well, I know it will be a vibration11:35 TechHunter16 So, I'll feel for that11:36 Blood Tech, I would say clear the mind. Don't focus to hard on what youthink you'll feel....11:37 TechHunter16 Okay, although I am 90% sure that it will be vibration11:38 TechHunter16 Yeah, I have some sort of vibration feeling in my thighs11:38 TechHunter16 Am I correct?11:38 AzurePhoenix We were trying to make your back cold11:38 TechHunter16 Ah, so my process of deduction was incorrect11:39 TechHunter16 But my back doesn't feel cold at all11:39 AzurePhoenix Why were you sure it was going to be a vibration?11:39 TechHunter16 Because all the times before were the other four11:39 Blood Things can vary based on outside influences.. So maybe that could bewhy?11:39 AzurePhoenix May be you cannot sense it or other variables like believing itwill be something else. doubt,, etc
11:39 TechHunter16 Judging from that pattern, you would logically choosevibration11:40 AzurePhoenix yeahh that was probly it11:40 AzurePhoenix I try to do it randomly so people don't guess11:40 ChaosSpinner 22:38 TechHunter16 Because all the times before were theother four" so yuo didn't expect us to repeat?11:40 TechHunter16 Considering you didn't repeat so far, I didn't think you wouldnow11:40 TechHunter16 I was using past data to predict the future11:41 TechHunter16 Which usually workd11:41 TechHunter16 *works11:41 Blood Works in psionics or physical things in general?11:41 AzurePhoenix i used cold before on Hooloovoo11:41 TechHunter16 Things in general11:41 TechHunter16 Exactly11:42 TechHunter16 Anyway, can you try it again?11:42 AzurePhoenix Sure11:42 TechHunter16 I won't attempt to use logic this time11:42 AzurePhoenix Then we will start the class11:42 Blood Tech look at mah PM if you haven't already saws it11:43 AzurePhoenix Alright we will start now.11:45 TechHunter16 I'm not getting anything11:46 AzurePhoenix we were causing your whole body pressure11:46 TechHunter16 Well, I didn't receive anything11:47 AzurePhoenix its alright11:47 Blood Ithink the problem was it was too much energy to equal out the energy towhere you can feel it in your whole body but thats just my opinion : p11:48 AzurePhoenix its possiblee11:48 TechHunter16 I'm wondering if it's my body automatically defending itself 11:48 Hooloovoo Idunno, I was pressuring from different angles and I tried to leavedense energy in the center so you could feel it shifting around11:48 TechHunter16 Meaning it doesn't want to be affected by the outside11:49 AzurePhoenix You would have probly felt something, but have you workedwith the energy of others before?11:49 TechHunter16 Besides heir minds?11:49 TechHunter16 *their11:49 TechHunter16 No11:49 AzurePhoenix energy being a pressure somewhere or anything else. Butalright11:50 TechHunter16 No11:50 AzurePhoenix So what do you guys think Scanning Is?11:50 Hooloovoo Might just need to work on sensitivity11:50 TechHunter16 As in feeling outside forces?11:51 TechHunter16 Why would I want to let outside forces in?11:51 Hooloovoo Feeling any forces or energy sources11:51 TechHunter16 @Azure I believe scanning is looking at auras11:51 Karma seeing something by means other than the 5 physical sences ^_^11:51 Blood Why
wouldn't you? Outside forces are one of the main forces of energypeople take from. it may not always be good but its not always badeither11:51 TechHunter16 If the mind is considered an energy source, then I'm fairlyadept at that11:52 AzurePhoenix any more ideas on what scanning might be?11:52 ChaosSpinner Depedns what type of outside forces11:52 Hooloovoo The brain definitely generates energy, but Scanning is thegathering of information, like Karma said without the senses11:53 ChaosSpinner Scannins is looking for information through non-physicalsenses.11:53 TechHunter16 That means that looking in a book is scanning11:53 Hooloovoo You are still utilizing sight11:53 AzurePhoenix Scanning is when you look at outside things without the needsof any other senses.11:53 AzurePhoenix Without the need of any physical senses*11:53 AzurePhoenix Outside or inside things as well.11:54 AzurePhoenix Why do you guys think scanning is useful?11:54 TechHunter16 So, telepathy and precog are examples of scanning.11:54 Karma What about empathy?11:54 Hooloovoo Identifies Problems, Health Issues, Threats ..etc11:54 TechHunter16 Well, you can look at metaphysical aspects of the worldaround you11:54 TechHunter16 Such as auras11:55 AzurePhoenix Telepathy is communication and precog is viewing futureevents11:55 Karma I bet my aura's beast :]11:55 AzurePhoenix Empathy is feeling the emotions of others throughnonphysical means11:55 TechHunter16 Yes, those are "looking" at things without the use of senses11:55 Karma ahh11:56 ChaosSpinner Scanning is useful because in physical terms it's like goingaround the world blindly.11:56 TechHunter16 There is also power empathy, but I won't go into that11:56 ChaosSpinner with your eyes closed11:56 Blood I would say telepathy is more like eavesdropping tbh11:56 Hooloovoo I dunno, It doesn't have to be11:56 ChaosSpinner telepathy is comunicating11:56 TechHunter16 Telepathy isn't only communication11:56 AzurePhoenix Telepathy is essentially communicatrion. You could use it toread anothers mind11:56 Karma dose the opening of the thrid eye make scanning around constant?11:56 AzurePhoenix just as you can spy on others11:57 Karma around you constant?*11:57 TechHunter16 My definition is interacting directly with someone elses mind11:57 Blood exactly why i relate it to eavesdropping : p11:57 AzurePhoenix It could, some have their scanning so developed they can seeenergy as if it were physical11:58 Karma haha that'd be fun11:58 Hooloovoo Yeah, I can make out auras when I focus

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