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Street Hype - Dec 1-31, 2011

Street Hype - Dec 1-31, 2011

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Published by Patrick Maitland
Street Hype Newspaper-- your community newspaper
Street Hype Newspaper-- your community newspaper

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Published by: Patrick Maitland on Dec 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘Community Lifestyle Newspaper’
B. Mill  
er Fun 
eral  Ser 
ce, In 
Licensed Funeral Director
From Westmoreland, Jamaica WI
• Shipping Local &Overseas
Christmas AppealRemains High
 By Patrick Maitland Street Hype Editor 
embers of theAfricanAmerican andCaribbean communitiesare among several mil-lion Americans who con-tinue to celebrateChristmas as one of themost joyous times of theyear.It’s a time for fami-lies and friends together,and for many it is one of the holiest times of theyear.Street Hype newspa-per spoke with membersof the community, whoall agreed that Christmasis a time to give.Jack Graham, Oper-ator of Country KitchenInternational, saidChristmas means spend-ing time with thosewhom you love andremembering those whoare no longer here.Alphanso Jackson,CEO of Quality OneInternational Shipping,observed that Christmasis a very special time,when we look forward tocelebrating the season,giving gifts, spendingtime with loved ones andcelebrating the birth of Jesus.Madonna Williams,CEO of Glam Sense, isvery excited aboutChristmas, as it meansfamily time, also givingand caring and gettinggreat gifts (no cards).Falana Fray, a free-lance writer, saidChristmas is the joy of being with your familyand friends. However, shethinks Santa Clause wasvery prejudiced and doesnot take gifts to theunderprivileged kids.President/CEO of Peoples’ ChoiceFurniture, Dale Getfield,said Christmas means atime of giving and shar-ing with family andfriends, and sitting back,reflecting on the pass andmaking plans for thefuture.An engineer atCondison, Esroy Bern-ard, supported the pointthat Christmas is a timefor family celebration, tobond and to remember thebirth of Christ.Jinelle Craig, a gradu-ate student with JurisDoctor and Master of Public Administration,said “Christmas is Momand being home. It is myAunts and Uncles and theentire family.”Jackie Humes, BranchManager, Vice-president,Citibank noted thatChristmas is aboutspending quality timewith the family and eat-ing a lot of food.”Junior Forbes, artistmanagement and confer-ence producer, noted that“When you sayChristmas, it means fam-ily. This means every-body and business asso-ciates. This is a time tocome together and findways to give to thosewho are less fortunate.”
JLP ahead by 5.5%
Kingston, Jamaica:
ith a General Election set for Thursday, December 29,Jamaica’s Prime Minister and Leader of the governingJamaica Labour Party (JLP), Andrew Holness, is ahead of PortiaSimpson-Miller, the Leader of the Opposition People’s NationalParty (PNP) by 5.5% points, according to the latestRJR/TVJ/Boxill Poll.
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Andrew HolnessJamaican Prime Minister
Portia Simpson-MillerLeader of the Opposition
Sandy landsnew syndicatedradio show
andy Daley, a Street Hypecolumnist and author of thebest-selling non-fiction book,"Whose Vagina Is It, Really?" willbe hosting her very own radio pro-gram, "The Daley Grind" on Touch106.1 FM in Boston, MA.
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Jackie Humes
Branch Manager/Vice-president
NMLS Identifier:727395Citibank, N.A -Baychester
3955 Baychester Ave, Bronx, NY
e are living in a verydynamic society with hun-dreds of religious pursuits andlifestyle engagements.While,
Street Hype
is notbonded by religious or anydenominational rules we, thepublishers and writers, arebelievers in the Christian faith.We therefore acknowledgedand observe Christmas, a celebra-tion of the birth of Jesus Christwhich happened over 2000 yearsago. The word “Christmas” trans-lates to “Mass of Christ.”However, we can all be sure thatthe celebration of the Christmasholiday did not start right away.It is said that many of thetraditions that we observe duringthe Christmas holiday seasonbegan way before the birth of Christ. Exchanging gifts, deco-rating trees and the burning of theYule log were all winter tradi-tions that began before Christwas born, but were eventuallyincorporated into the holiday thatbecame known as Christmas, andbecame part of Christmas history.This is a very importantoccasion for millions of Americans, including immigrantsfrom the Caribbean and certainEuropean countries.This is the time for us showlove and care for each other, aswell as for reflection on the pastyear and making plans for thenew year.In our opinion, 2011 was ayear with mixed activities includ-ing opportunities and challengesfor millions of people and hun-dreds of small-scale businessoperators.Without any official data,from all indications members of our communities continue toachieve steady progress. A num-ber of new businesses started orexpanded, including restaurants,hair salons as well as doctors,lawyers and other professionals.As people continue to find ithard to meet their living expens-es, the overall poor growth in theeconomy is providing little job orcareer opportunities for theyouth, especially.We are, however, optimisticabout 2012 as the Government iscutting taxes and implementingstrategies to stimulate productionand create jobs.Being an election year forthe president and several hundredmembers of Congress and theSenate, we are hopeful thateverything will be done to fix theeconomy during 2012.We are urging readers to cel-ebrate Christmas, by not justexchanging gifts among friendsand family members, but start tosupport and purchase the goodsand services produced by mem-bers of our community, as long asthe price is right and the quality isgood.
The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of Street Hype newspaper and its publishers. Please sendyour comments or suggestions to editor@streethypenewspaper.com. Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all articles will be published.
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ww, the sweet sounds of Christmas.Snow is on the ground, presents areunder the tree, eggnog in the fridge and therum cake is sitting on top of the table, readyto be eaten and devoured.What a calamity though, if you havemore than one lover to deal with? Can youimagine the stress that cheaters around theworld are feeling right now? Who do youspend Christmas with, and who gets bootedin this season? “Oh, what a tangled web weweave, when we first practice to deceive,”said Sir Walter Scott.According to the statistics, 22 percentof married men versus 14 percent of mar-ried women have strayed at least once dur-ing their married life, so obviously this isnot a one sided-issue. At this time of year,however, the stress of having to deal withthe outside lover or lovers will become anissue, as time spent outside of the home willbe noticeable and create problems.Many folks believe that at this time of year it is also a known fact that most cou-ples break-up during Christmas and NewYear’s time, and that could be for many rea-sons.Some women believe that a man, whois cheating on his wife or girlfriend, willfind some reason, clutch at straws if he hasto, in order to save himself the stress of hav-ing to deal with that extra girlfriend on theside during Christmas.Obviously, he cannot leave his familyto spend time with his mistress! Womentend to break-up with men during this sea-son because of the frustration of their rela-tionship, if it is not “moving fast enough.”The approaching new year is alwaysseen as a time to start over and why carrybaggage into the New Year; such as anunfulfilled relationship?” is what womenask.Regardless of what the reasons are, thefact that Christmas is not only a stressfultime for most people, as we try to deal withthe many obligations that we have, our ownimmediate families and the stress of nothaving as much money as we would like,our relationships always tend to suffer atthis time.“You know Sandy,” said a girlfriend of mine recently. “My man Donavan, (of course not his real name), never seems tohave enough time for me these days. And,to be honest with you, he is just actingkinda weird”.“Did I tell you that during theThanksgiving Holiday I did not see him atall, as he said that he was in the hospitalgoing through minor surgery? I mean, didhe see the word stupid marked on my fore-head, when we first met?” she asked.I tried my best not to be too harsh withmy answer ,as not only did I know that shereally cared about him, but just by her ownresponse to his actions, I knew that she wasbeginning to “smell the coffee beans” forherself.“Well Karlene,” I said to her. “You arenot stupid. Which man goes into minor sur-gery, not call you, his supposed girlfriend,to at least tell her, even if you are thousandsof miles away?” I asked.I am happy to report that Karlene tookthe bull by the horn, and although is now100 percent single, is much happier by her-self, not having to wonder where her so-called boyfriend is spending his Christmasor New Year’s. What was his excuse goingto be for his time away during theHoliday’s? That he got run over by a bus?The point here of course, is that if youare in a monogamous relationship, stay trueto your special someone, as running frompayphone to payphone and trying to figureout who gets the Victoria Secret lingerieversus bracelet, will only lead to morestress.Merry Christmas to you all and happyeating! See you in the New Year, 10 poundsheavier of course, but clearly ready for2012.
Publisher & Editor
Associate Editor
Advertising/Admin Director
Consulting Editors
BUSINESS ADDRESS:711 S Columbus Ave, Fl 1Mount Vernon, NY 10550 Tel: 914-663-4972-3Fax: 914-663-4972
www.streethypenewspaper.comPublished by:
‘Community Lifestyle Newspaper’
• Sandy Daley, author of the best-selling book, "Whose VaginaIs It, Really?" You can contact Sandy at sandydaley88@hotmail.com
Celebrate Christmas with your community business
Santa baby, hurry down my chimney tonight!

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