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Published by gurugabru

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Published by: gurugabru on Dec 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BCA (New) I Semester Assignments for August 2008 Session
Subject Code: BC 0034 Assignment No: 01Subject Name
: Computer Concepts & C Programming
Marks: 60Credits : 04Book ID: B0678Each question carries ten marks 6 x 10 = 601.What is conditional operator ? using conditional operator find asmallest number among two numbers.2.Explain different types of constants.3.Explain pre increment and post increment operator with anexample.4.Explain with general syntax the switch statement.5.Write a program to compute the roots of a quadratic equation?6.Write a program to evaluate sine series sin(x)= x-x^3/3!+x^5/5!-x^7/7!+------ depending on accuracy.7.Write a recursive program to solve Towers of Hanoi problem.8.Explain single dimensional and two dimensional array concepts.9.What is the difference between pointer variable and simplevariable? What are the advantages of pointer variable.10.Write any program to demonstrate the concept “ Array of structures” 
BCA (New) I Semester Assignments for August 2008 Session

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