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Published by Jay Dabhi

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Jay Dabhi on Dec 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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-Nita Ambani A women who has managed her life to bring a divine change in society and is well known entrepreneur
―This is the beginning of a new day.
 God has given me this day to use as I will.I can waste it or use it for good.What I do today is important, becauseI am exchanging a day of my life for it.When tomorrow comes,this day will be gone forever,leaving in its place somethingthat I have traded for it.I want it to be gain, not loss;good not evil; success not failure;in order that I shall not regret
the price I paid for it.‖
CHAPTER 1- introduction
1.1 Time Management - The Key to Success in Your Life
 Most of the successful people in this world have used this powerful tool called time managementin the best possible manner. Everyone in this world has time of 24 hours a day but the one whouses these 24 hours in an effective way is different from others in terms of success. Patience andpractical thinking are the part and parcel of effective time management. People normally find itvery hard to manage time that's why there are few successful people in this world. But if youbecome serious about this type of management then chances of your failure becomes less. Itdeals with your actions. Time management actually means more actions in a day; it is all aboutgetting all the things done that you need to do.Time management is not a modern concept rather it is prevalent from ancient times. It is not anautomatic process rather it is self-management. You have to identify the time wasting eventsduring the day. The things that distract your attention to waste time have to be taken out of yourdaily schedule. The common time wasters are poor planning, visitors diverting your attention, noclear objectives, fatigue and stress. The schedules organized in better ways manage the timeautomatically. The tasks executed doubles with well-organized schedules. To reach yourdestination you need to have excitement to meet new challenges and motivation to accomplishyour tasks.The main reason to manage time is to set a goal and achieve the same in specific time. If youdon't have aim or goal to achieve you would not have cared about time in your life. In recenttimes when there is cut throat competition time has much importance. Previously it would havehappened that you might have lived moment by moment without caring much about time butnow every minute in your life counts.Proper time management is needed to control your life schedule so as to reduce stress level andincrease energy level. The progress at work is possible. The balance between work, personal andfamily life can be easily obtained with time management. People reach height of success in theirrespective fields like business, public service and sport through effective use of available time.
The activities done with managed time with give you best returns. Saving time will make youwork smarter instead of harder.Time management is all about planning things in life on daily, weekly or annual basis to getoptimum results. After all getting results or not getting results is the difference between successand failure.Do you ever fill like you are just full of energy and you have nothing to do? Well, the answerfor most people is, Of course not! Most of the world today runs around in a rush trying to getthe next thing done. Trying to hurry home to escape the stresses of the world or just to watch ourfavorite television show involves time management.What do we know about time management? As working adults we should know a lot about timemanagement. We all strive to become the best that we can be and some of us trying just tosurvive through our day to day events. This alone should encourage us to learn some valuablelessons about the subject. Every aspect of our lives depends on it. If we try to plan, organize, andexecute our ideas most of the time we can manage it well, but when we go the otherroute, and jump out there feet first, most of the time we do not do as well. This is not the case in every light,but usually it is the norm. Even as we sit in class trying to better ourselves by improving on oureducation, we learn that we must manage time to the best of our abilities. This is not done onlyfor school, but for our families for those of us that have children and spouses. A lot of the time,we manage to get everything done and leaveourselves out in the cold when it comes tomaking time for ourselves. If it is not our job orschool we are trying to meet someone else'sneeds.Being prepared is a key step in being able tomanage time. There are a lot of things that gowith being prepared. First, you have to have anidea of what you want to do. Knowing whatyou are getting into helps a lot because you

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