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Confessions of Evolutionists

Confessions of Evolutionists

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Published by Ahsan Taqweem

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Published by: Ahsan Taqweem on Dec 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction 1. Charles Darwin's Confessions Regarding His Theory2. Evolutionists’ Confessions Regarding Darwin3. Regarding the Invalidity of the Theory of Evolution4. That They Espouse the Theory of Evolution for Ideological Reasons5. That Natural Selection Has No Evolutionary Power 6. That Mutations Have No Evolutionary Power 7. Regarding the Dead-End of Molecular Evolution8. Of the Sudden Emergence of Life9. Of the Lack of Intermediate-Form Fossils10. That There Is No Evidence of a Transition from Invertebrates to Vertebrates11. Of the Impossibility of a Transition from Water to Dry Land12. Of the Impossibility of Reptiles Evolving into Birds13. That the Theory of Evolution Cannot Account for the Origin of Mammals14. Regarding the Invalidity of the “Horse Series”15. Regarding the Forebears of Man16. That the Human Soul Cannot Be Explained in Terms of Evolution17. That Complex Organs Cannot Appear by Way of Evolution18. That the Theory of Evolution Cannot Explain Animal Instincts19. That Plants Cannot Have Arisen by Way of Evolution20. Regarding Variations21. Of the Non-existence of Vestigial Organs22. Of the Invalidity of the Claims of Homology23. That the Theory Violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics24. Of the Invalidity of the Theory of Recapitulation25. That Life Can Only Have Been Created26. Materialists’ Confessions That the Universe Has a Beginning27. That the Order in the Universe Cannot Have Come about by Chance28. Regarding Darwinism’s Negative Effect on Moral ValuesConclusionReferences
Various circles regard the theory of evolutionhe theory of evolution as ideologically indispensible. From the day itwas first proposed right up to the present, they have defended it by means of intense propaganda.Certain scientific publications, schools and a number of media organs portray it as a proven fact interms of the origin of life. Since some scientists espouse the theory of evolution with the greatestdevotion, most people imagine that the theory is scientifically valid.In fact, however, over the last 150 years the theory of evolution has been totally discredited bysuch branches of science as paleontology, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry and biophysics.Countless findings revealed by these different branches make it obvious that evolution never happened.Anyone reading this book may well naturally conclude that the adherents of the theory of evolution are scientists. Yet since those who find evidence that the theory of evolution is invalid arealso scientists, therefore scientists must be divided into two groups: those who support evolution,and others who present evidence disproving it.Yet this does not fully represent the true picture—because the proponents of the theory of evolution
have no evidence that it ever took place. And with their own efforts, they even discover evidence that discredits their theory
 No doubt, it is a most contradictory and dishonest to strongly defend a theory while theevidence totally demolishes it. Yet that is exactly their current position.Indeed, ever since the theory of evolution was first put forward, no scientist espoused becauseof the scientific evidence. What, then, is evolutionists’ aim? And what can explain their inconsistentmindset?The British zoologist D. M. S. Watson, himself an evolutionist, supplies the answer to thosequestions:The theory of evolution (is) a theory universally accepted not because it can be proved bylogically coherent evidence to be true but because the only alternative, special creation is clearlyincredible.
This idea of Watson’s is shared by scientists who espouse the theory of evolution. Theseothers are well aware that no evidence proves the theory, but if they abandoned the theory of evolution, they would have to admit the existence of a Creator. Such a thing is unacceptable for  proponents of materialist ideology, which we will be examining in due course.However, the great majority of people, being unaware of this, imagine that those scientistswho support evolution have worked along exceedingly scientific lines, with methods based solely onexperiment and observation. Therefore, they believe every word those scientists say, feeling no needto investigate any further.And by doing so, they commit a serious error. As their own admissions show, evolutionistsespouse their theory in violation of science. They present evolution as the scientific foundation of the ideology they insist on, which is materialism.

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