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Table Of Contents

1. Algebra
1.1. What is a Variable?
1.2. Field Axioms
1.3. Divisibility Tests
1.4. Subtraction, Division, Signed Numbers
1.5. Rules for Fractions
1.6. Partial Fractions
1.7. Rules for Exponents
1.8. Rules for Radicals
1.9. Factor Formulas
1.10. Laws of Equality
1.11. Laws of Inequality
1.12. Order of Operations
1.13. Three Meanings of ‘Equals’
1.14. The Seven Parentheses Rules
1.15. Rules for Logarithms
1.16. Complex Numbers
1.17. What is a Function?
1.18. Function Algebra
1.19. Quadratic Equations & Functions
1.20. Cardano’s Cubic Solution
1.21. Theory of Polynomial Equations
1.22. Determinants and Cramer’s Rule
1.23. Binomial Theorem
2.2. Angles and Lines
2.3. Triangles
2.4. Congruent Triangles
2.5. Similar Triangles
2.6. Planar Figures
2.7. Solid Figures
2.8. Pythagorean Theorem
2.9. Heron’s Formula
2.10. Golden Ratio
2.11. Distance and Line Formulas
2.12. Formulas for Conic Sections
3. Trigonometry
3.2. Fundamental Definition-Based Identities
3.3. Pythagorean Identities
3.4. Negative Angle Identities
3.5. Sum and Difference Identities
3.6. Double Angle Identities
3.7. Half Angle Identities
3.8. General Triangle Formulas
3.9. Arc and Sector Formulas
3.10. Degree/Radian Relationship
3.11. Addition of Sine and Cosine
3.12. Polar Form of Complex Numbers
3.13. Rectangular to Polar Coordinates
3.14. Trigonometric Values from Right Triangles
4. Elementary Vector Algebra
4.1. Basic Definitions and Properties
4.2. Dot Products
4.3. Cross Products
4.4. Line and Plane Equations
4.5. Miscellaneous Vector Equations
5. Elementary Calculus
5.1. What is a Limit?
5.2. What is a Differential?
5.3. Basic Differentiation Rules
5.4. Transcendental Differentiation
5.8. Interpretation of Definite Integral
5.9. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
5.10. Geometric Integral Formulas
5.12. Laplace Transform; General Properties
5.13. Laplace Transform: Specific Transforms
6. Money and Finance
6.1. What is Interest?
6.2. Simple Interest
6.3. Compound and Continuous Interest
6.4. Effective Interest Rates
6.5. Present-to-Future Value Formulas
6.9. Types of Retirement Savings Accounts
6.10. Loan Amortization
6.11. Annuity Formulas
6.12. Markup and Markdown
6.13. Calculus of Finance
7. Probability and Statistics
7.3. Measures of Central Tendency
7.4. Measures of Dispersion
7.5. Sampling Distribution of the Mean
7.6. Sampling Distribution of the Proportion
1. Numerical
1.1. Factors of Integers 1 through 192
1.2. Prime Numbers less than 1000
1.3. Roman Numeral and Arabic Equivalents
1.4. Nine Elementary Memory Numbers
1.5. American Names for Large Numbers
1.6. Selected Magic Squares
1.7. Thirteen-by-Thirteen Multiplication Table
1.8. The Random Digits of PI
1.9. Standard Normal Distribution
1.11. Date and Day of Year
2. Physical Sciences
2.1. Conversion Factors in Allied Health
2.2. Medical Abbreviations in Allied Health
2.3. Wind Chill Table
2.4. Heat Index Table
2.5. Temperature Conversion Formulas
2.6. Unit Conversion Table
2.7. Properties of Earth and Moon
2.8. Metric System
2.9. British System
1. The Algebra of Interest
1.1. What is Interest?
1.2. Simple Interest
1.3. Compound Interest
1.4. Continuous Interest
1.5. Effective Interest Rate
2. The Algebra of the Nest Egg
2.1. Present and Future Value
2.2. Growth of an Initial lump Sum Deposit
2.3. Growth of a Deposit Stream
2.4. The Two Growth Mechanisms in Concert
2.5. Summary
3.1 Loan Amortization
3.2 Your Home Mortgage
3.3 Car Loans and Leases
3.4 The Annuity as a Mortgage in Reverse
4. The Calculus of Finance
4.1 Jacob Bernoulli’s Differential Equation
4.2 Differentials and Interest Rate
4.3 Bernoulli and Money
4.4 Applications
A. Greek Alphabet
B. Mathematical Symbols
C. My Most Used Formulas
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The Handbook of Essential Mathematics

The Handbook of Essential Mathematics

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Greetings, well done here. What about one’s immediate perception of one’s coherent uncollapsed wave function, Quantum Mind, as it entangles with the uncollapsed wave function of the cosmos?
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