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Proposed Food Truck Law

Proposed Food Truck Law

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Published by Alan Bedenko
The latest proposal from the Buffalo Common Council
The latest proposal from the Buffalo Common Council

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Published by: Alan Bedenko on Dec 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By: Mr. Golombek Re: Ordinance AmendmentChapter 316 – Peddling and SolicitingThe Common Council of the City of Buffalo does hereby ordain and amend Chapter 316 of theBuffalo City Code by adding Article IX;“MOBILE FOOD VEHICLE VENDORS”That Chapter 316 of the Code of the City of Buffalo be amended to read as follows:
MOBILE FOOD VEHICLE (“MFV”): A commercially manufactured, self –contained,motorized, mobile food unit in which ready-to-eat food is cooked, wrapped, packaged, processedor portioned for service, sale or distribution.MOBILE FOOD VEHICLE VENDOR (“MFVV”): The owner of a mobile food vehicle or theowner’s agent; hereinafter referred to as “vendor.”
A. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a mobile food vehicle within the public rights of way or on public property within the City of Buffalo without first havingobtained a valid mobile food vending license as prescribed in this Article. Operation of a MobileFood Vehicle on private property shall continue to be regulated and prohibited in accordancewith all applicable provisions of the City Code.B. Any Mobile Food Vehicle Vendor operating within the Special Downtown Districtshall abide by Article VIII of this Chapter within said District and the restrictions enumeratedherein shall only apply to all areas outside of said District.C. It shall be unlawful for a Mobile Food Vehicle Vendor to park, stand, or operate ina location which is adjacent to or within a one hundred (100’) foot radius of any property line of a licensed food establishment, the kitchen of which is open for serving food to patrons. Thisrequirement may be waived if the application is submitted together with the written consent of the proprietor of the adjacent licensed food establishment.D. Each and every MFVV must at all times carry on the vehicle a “measuring wheel”with a measuring capacity of no less than 500 feet, as a condition of its licensure. The failure of any MFVV to carry such a “measuring wheel” or abide by the proximity distance restrictions1
included in this Chapter, shall constitute a violation of this Ordinance pursuant to §316-55 of thisCode.E. All Mobile Food Vehicle Vendors must abide by all Parking and Vehicle and TrafficLaws, Ordinances, Rules and Regulations at all times, except that a Mobile Food Vehicle that isof such a length that it occupies all or a portion of two vehicle parking spaces, may park in saidspaces so long as it abides by all other Parking Restrictions, including any two hour maximumdurational requirements in force and effect at that time and location.F. It shall be unlawful for any Mobile Food Vehicle Vendor to operate within fivehundred (500’) feet of the boundary line of any fair, carnival, circus, festival, special event or civic event that is licensed or sanctioned by the City, except when the vendor has obtained a permit to so operate from the City of Buffalo in accordance with Chapter 414 of this Code.G. All signage must be permanently affixed to the Mobile Food Vehicle. Noaccessory signage shall be placed outside or around the Mobile Food Vehicle.H. All Mobile Food Vehicles must be equipped with a minimum of two trashreceptacles of at least a 65 gallon capacity that shall be changed as necessary to prevent overflowor the creation of litter or debris. Each Mobile Food Vehicle Vendor shall be responsible for abiding by Section 216-9 of this Code, any violation of which shall be punished in accordancewith Section 216-11 of this Code.
A. Any person desiring to operate a mobile food vehicle shall make a written applicationfor such License to the Department of Permits and Inspections Services, Office of Licenses. Theapplication for such license shall be on forms provided by the Director of Licenses and shallinclude the following:1. Name, signature and address of each applicant and each corporate officer of theMobile Food Vehicle Vending Corporation.2. A valid copy of all necessary licenses, permits or certificates required by the County of Erie, the State of New York or any subsidiary enforcement agencies or departments thereof,including, but not limited to: a valid New York State Department of Motor Vehicle Registrationand Certificate of Inspection and valid Driver’s Licenses of all vehicle operators.3. A signed statement that the vendor shall hold harmless the City and its officers andemployees, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the City and its officers and employees for any claims for damage to property or injury to persons which may be occasioned by any activitycarried on under the terms of the license. Vendor shall furnish and maintain such public liability,food products liability, and property insurance, as will protect vendor and the City from all2
claims for damage to property or bodily injury, including death, which may arise from theoperations under the license or in connection therewith. Such insurance shall provide coverageof not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence. The policy shall further  provide that it may not be cancelled except upon thirty (30) days written notice served upon theCity of Buffalo Office of Licenses. A license issued pursuant to the provisions of this sectionshall be invalid at any time the insurance required herein is not maintained and evidence of continuing coverage is not filed with City of Buffalo Office of Licenses.4. All license applicants shall submit to a Buffalo Police Department background check into the moral character of the applicant for convictions related to the proposed activity thatwould indicate that he or she is not a suitable licensee. A license application may be refused bythe Director of Licenses if, in his or her discretion, a prior criminal conviction demonstrates thathe or she is not a suitable licensee.
Every Mobile Food Vehicle Vending License shall contain the following conditions:A. Each Mobile Food Vehicle Vending License shall expire on April 1
of every year.B. The license shall not be transferrable to from person to person without the writtenapproval of the Director of Licenses.C. The license is valid for one (1) vehicle only.D. There shall be issued to each Vendor a suitable decal that shall be permanently and prominently affixed to the vehicle.
All vendors licensed under this Chapter shall pay an annual license fee of One Thousand Dollars($1,000.00).
A. The owner/operator of any Mobile Food Vehicle licensed by the City of Buffalo shallcomply with all provisions of federal, state and local laws and ordinances.B. The owner/operator of any Mobile Food Vehicle licensed by the City of Buffalo shallcomply with all notices, orders, decisions and rules and regulations made by the Department of Permit and Inspection Services, Buffalo Police Department or any other City of BuffaloDepartment and/or Agency.3

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