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Recipes Gastronomic Guide

Recipes Gastronomic Guide

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Published by riana 77

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Published by: riana 77 on Dec 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DKMT Eueg
It is a tradition o many centuries that our ood and beverages are closely related. All o us know what kindo aperiti is recommended beore certain meals, that is in harmony with the chosen dishes, intensiying theperception o avours as much as possible, naturally having a good eect on digestion and giving pleasure atthe same time. Consuming dierent kinds o beverages during the meal, harmonising with the certain coursesis the highest degree o culinary pleasures.This selection, which strives to introduce the avours o the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisza Euroregion, oers a tasteo the preparation o dishes not marking the special version o beverages consumed with them, but rather thedrink itsel, be it kadarka, brandy, rakija, cujka or beer, that enable us to prepare even more special dishes i added as ingredient.We can create harmony including every taste and avour o the DKMT Euroregion by adding kadarka, brandy,rakija, cujka or beer to soups, main courses and desserts or using them or marinating.Tourists want experiences, they would like to be part o events, discover everything directly, they strive orspecial, extraordinary and unique things. And they do grab possibilities oered at estivals and gastronomicevents. And i they liked it, they would like to prepare it at home as well, they remember experiences gainedin the Euroregion even weeks or months ater the travel. The selection o recipes enables everyone to show hisskills at home and to compete with the ones who had already proven theirs.I you long or urther culinary experiences or i you have run out o high quality kadarka or brandy necessaryor preparing the dishes, we expect you back to the Euroregion with love, where you can roam over the routeo kadarka, brandy-rakija-cujka and beer.We recommend this publication to those gourmets who like ensuring pleasant relaxation to themselves,their amily members or riends with special ood and drinks, by eating and drinking.

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