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Natural Solutions

Natural Solutions

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Published by Uğur Özkan

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Published by: Uğur Özkan on Dec 21, 2011
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Preace by Lord Nicholas Stern
In 2000 a conerence organised in Bangkok by WWF andthe IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas agreedthat there was an urgent need to identiy and quantiy thewide range o social and environmental benefts oeredby protected areas. The WWF
 Arguments or Protection
 project was developed in response. The project aims to:Identiy and where possible quantiy the wide range
o benefts derived rom protected areasIncrease support or protection
Develop new interdisciplinary partnerships
Identiy innovative fnancing mechanisms
Broaden and strengthen protected area
management strategiesSince 2003 the project has created the world’s largestinormation source on the wider values o protectedareas. Six reports have been published to date(see www.panda.org/protection/arguments) and anew simple-to-use tool, the
Protected Area Beneft Assessment Tool (PA-BAT)
, has been developed,feld-tested and is now being implemented.The published reports are:
Running Pure:
The importance o orest protectedareas to drinking water
Food Stores:
Using protected areas to secure cropgenetic diversity
Beyond Belie:
Linking aiths and protected areasto support biodiversity conservation
Saety Net:
Protected areas and poverty reduction
Natural Security:
Protected areas and hazard mitigation
 Vital Sites:
The contribution o protected areas tohuman healthThe project has worked with a number o partnersincluding: The World Bank; UN International Strategy orDisaster Reduction; World Health Organisation; Universityo Birmingham; Alliance o Religions and Conservation,and many protected area agencies. This new report in theseries continues the relationship with the World Bank andhas been carried out in collaboration with UNDP and manymembers o the PACT 2020: Protected Areas and ClimateTurnaround Alliance. At the IUCN Council Meeting held rom 8-10 March 2008,climate change was acknowledged to be the greatestthreat to biodiversity and the global system o protectedareas was noted as one o the most powerul solutions.This was the genesis o
PACT 2020: Protected Areas andClimate Turnaround
, ormally launched at the IUCN WorldConservation Congress in 2008 and supported by IUCN’sInnovation Fund.PACT 2020 involves a partnership led by IUCN’s WorldCommission on Protected Areas, together with the IUCNSecretariat, IUCN members and international organizations,including The Nature Conservancy, WWF International, theWildlie Conservation Society, Conservation International,the Wild Foundation, Fauna and Flora International, theClimate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance, The WorldBank, United Nations Development Programme and UNEPWorld Conservation Monitoring Centre.PACT 2020 aims to “
Ensure that protected areas and protected area systems are recognised as an importantcontribution to climate change adaptation/mitigation strategies for biodiversity and human livelihoods
”. Activities include developing: A situation analysis leading to the articulation o a
compelling case and action plan or protected areas as anintegral element o climate change adaptation/mitigationGuidance and project proposals are developed or
regional implementation programmes A policy action plan championed by IUCN is agreed by
key stakeholdersProtected area and climate change policy interventions
are designed and undertaken at global and national levels A unctional communications/learning network is
developedThis publication is one o the frst products o thiscollaboration, and will be a primary input into the PACT2020 Protected Areas and Climate Change Summit heldin November 2009 in Granada, Spain, hosted by the Juntade Andalucía.
 Arguments or ProtectionPACT 2020:Protected Areas and Climate Turnaround
Protected areas helping peoplecope with climate change
Natural Solutions
Nigel Dudley, Sue Stolton, Alexander Belokurov, Linda Krueger,Nik Lopoukhine, Kathy MacKinnon,Trevor Sandwith and Nik Sekhran A report unded and commissionedby IUCN-WCPA, TNC, UNDP, WCS,The World Bank and WWF

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