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phối chương trình, Hướng dẫn giảng dạy môn T[1].A bậc T.H

phối chương trình, Hướng dẫn giảng dạy môn T[1].A bậc T.H

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Published by binh0574

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Published by: binh0574 on Dec 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PhÇn thø nhÊtPh©n bè néi dung ch¬ng tr×nh.
Díi ®©y lµ néi dung ch¬ng tr×nh bè trÝ 2 tiÕt / tuÇn
Néi dung ch¬ng tr×nh líp 3 (ChuÈn kiÕn thøc vµ kü n¨ng)2 tiÕt/ tuÇn x 35 tuÇn = 70 tiÕt
Themes/topicsCompetencesLanguage focus
You and me
First meetings Names of friends- Greeting/ Saying goodbye- Introducing oneself - Asking some's namesTelling about your friends- SpellingPresent simple: BeWh-question: What, howPersonal pronouns: I,YouPossessive adj/pron:my/your Proper names:
My school
Friends and teachersSchool objectsClassroom activities- Introducing oneself and others- Naming school objects- Identifying school objects- Expressing classroomcommands and permissionsPresent simple: BeYes/No question: Is it...?This is/ That is....Let'sImperativesModal : mayPersonal pronouns:he,she,itPossessive adj/pron: his,her,itsAdjectives: big, small, new Nouns: school objectsConjunction: and
My family
Family membersAge of familymembersMy house- Identifying family members- Talking about familymembers- CvountingAsking for and telling the ageof family members- Naming and describing roomsand house things- Talking about location of house things.Present simple: BeWh-question: who,how old,whereThere is / there arePersonal pronoun: they Nouns: family members, rooms,house things Number: 1 - 1011Prepositions of place : in, on,under...Prepositions of time: in , at,on,...
The world aroundus
Weather PetsToys- Talking about weather - Naming and identifying petsand toys- Talking about possessionSpecifying location of pets andtoys- Talking about quantity of petsand toys.Present simple: haveWh-question: how many...?Yes/No questions: Is there..? Arethere..? Do you have...?Personal pronoun: WeAdjective: warm, hot, cold,... Nouns: (singular and plural): pets, toysQuantifiers: alot, many, some,...Articles: a, an, thePrepositions of place (count)
Tµi liÖu BDGV d¹y CTTA tiÓu häc - PGD&§T Thach Thanh
Nội dung chương trình lớp 42 tiết/ tuần x 35 tuần = 70 tiếtThemes/topicsCompetencesLanguage focus
You and me
FriendsBirthday partyLeisure activities- Greeting/ saying goodbye(cont)- Identifying people and places- Getting on birthdays- Apologizing- Thanking and responding tothanhks.- Talking about one's abilitiesPresent simple: BeWh-question: Where...from?Yes/ No question: Can you.?Modal: canVerbs: leisure activities Names of countries and cities Numbers: 11 - 20Conjunction: but
My school
Classroom objectsSchool subjÐctSchool routines- Identifying school/ classroomobjects- Naming days of a week -Asking about quantity (cont)Talking about means of transportPresent simple: Ordeinary verbs(learn, read....)Wh- question: when Nouns: (Classroom objects,sunjects, days of week) Numbers: 21 - 50Preposition of time: on, in
My family
Daily routinesFood and DrinksJobs- Telling the time- Describing daily routines- Talking about someone's state-Offering drinks/ food tosoneone-Talking about jobsPresent simple : ordinary verbs(learn, read...)Wh-question: What time...Yes/No question: Do you..?Would you like...? Nouns(countable/ uncountable): food,drinks, jobs...Adjectives of state: hungry,thirsty,...Prepositions of time: in, at, on,...
The worldaround us
Animals and plants NeighborhoodClothing- Talking about likes and dislikes- Asking for and giving reasons- Asking for and givingdirections- Talking about clothing- Talking about colorsPresent simple: Like, dislike,love...Wh- question: What color...?Why...?Yes/No questions: Do youlike...?Imperatives Nouns: clothes, animals, plants, buildingsAdjectives of color: red, blue,...Conjunction: because
Tµi liÖu BDGV d¹y CTTA tiÓu häc - PGD&§T Thach Thanh
Nội dung chương trình lớp 52 tiết/ tuần x 35 tuần = 70 tiếtThemes/topicsCompetencesLanguage focus
You and me
FriendsCities, countries andnationalitiesFuture jobs- Talking about countries andnationalities- Identifying one's address- Talking about dates- Talking about ambitionsPresent simple:Want, live.. Nouns: countries, nationalities,months, jobs.Ordinal numbersPrepositions of time: in, on (cont)
My school
School lifeFree time activitiesTransport-Talking about schoolactivities(cont)- Talking about after - schoolactivities ( sports and games)- Talking about means of transportPresent simple and Present progressive (do, speak, write, play,...)Wh- questions: what, when, how Nouns: games, sports, means of transportAdverbs: fast, hard, well...Preposition: on, by
My family
HealthHolidaysHobbies- Talking about parts of the body- expressingconcern- Giving advice- Talking about activities inthe past- Talking about hobbiesPast simple: be, have, ordinaryverbsWh-question: What's matter Modal: should Nouns: Part of the body, diseasesAdjective: sick, tiressTime expressions : last week, lastmonth, yesterday,.
The world aroundus
SeasonsShoppingFuture plans- Describing weather andseasons- Inquiring about future plans- Making an invitationBe going toWh- question: how much...?Modal: could/ would Numbers: 51- 100, 1000Adjectives: cloudy/wet...Adverbs of frequency: often,never,...Time expressions: next week, nextyear, tomorrow,..
Tµi liÖu BDGV d¹y CTTA tiÓu häc - PGD&§T Thach Thanh

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