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The Awakening Betty J Eadie

The Awakening Betty J Eadie

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this is the vision of the encampment and the help to all people, http://www.onjinjinkta.com/native/encampment/vision1intro.htm
this is the vision of the encampment and the help to all people, http://www.onjinjinkta.com/native/encampment/vision1intro.htm

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Hani Brombach Scott Boeck on Dec 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright © 1992-2011 by Betty J. EadieAll contents copyright © 1992-2011 by OnjinjinktaAll rights reserved
http://www.onjinjinkta.com/native/encampment/vision1intro.htmThe following is an introduction and a detailed account of the "Encampment Vision" given tome in 1995.
After my 1973 near-death experience and visit into the spirit world, my body layresting in the hospital room, but my spirit continued to travel between earth and heaven.During this time I was shown many visions of the earth and of the changes it will gothrough in coming times. I saw that individuals and societies on earth will make choiceswhich eventually brings a downfall of moral and family values. This downfall will ripplenegatively into the natural energy fields which surround and maintain our planet, and I sawthe damaging changes this will bring to the earth's surface and to its core. Some of thesewill be drastic in magnitude, having severe effect upon our planet and its people. Theseextreme changes, I was told, will be necessary for the purification of earth and itsinhabitants.I was shown a time after these upheavals, and I saw people who would rebuild the worldand restructure its body of laws. I was told of the selection in the spirit world of theserebuilders. That, individually and collectively, they were chosen to serve in this vital rolebecause of their highly evolved virtues and understandings of God. They are spirituallyincreased beings and are among the "select" from the beginning of time.These spiritsundergo intense preparation before being born on earth. They are taught how to bringhealing and growth to the earth by raising its people to a higher level of awareness.Because God chose them to do this, their purpose is held steadfast and unchangeable,regardless of what might befall them in their mortal lives. Outwardly they may not be awareof their ultimate purpose, but inwardly God preserves their state of enlightenment andcontinues blessing them with his wisdom. All this is encoded within their memories to berecalled at a chosen time when an Awakening is needed to heal and restore the earth.This Awakening has already begun, and certain of these selected people have come and arecoming forward to serve in their God-appointed roles. The spirits who are to participate in itcome to the earth, born predominately as Native Peoples. Perhaps because of my ownlineage and unique mission, in vision I saw those who were Native Americans. Other selectspirits, not born to Native races, are placed in more socially advantaged races of variousnationalities. Their stations in life enable them to aid those with Native blood to rise to theirpotential and fulfill their God-given purpose. Though born into non-Native races, thesechosen helpers often feel inexplicably Native at heart. In the depths of their souls they recalltheir pre-earth knowledge and their oneness with the spirits of the Native People. They feeltheir divine connection and sense their collective commitment. I have written more aboutthis in my book, The Awakening Heart.
What I learned in these visions held me spellbound, but some of it confused and puzzledme. I am Lakota Sioux, and I did not understand how my own people, a disadvantaged andoppressed nation, could become as the magnificent people I saw in vision. In my earlychildhood, I lived on reservations surrounded by my Native people. I experienced theweakening conditions forced upon us in those days by government agencies and byAmerican society at large. Our culture was frowned upon, our traditions denounced andeven banned. Families were split apart as children were forcibly removed. Education wasalmost non-existent. Literacy suffered. There were few jobs, if any, to provide self-earnedincome, or to improve skills or raise morale and self-esteem. There was hunger, illness,condemnation and poverty all around me. I witnessed first hand the breakdown of spiritthrough destruction of faith as religious beliefs foreign to us were forced upon us. I sawmany of my people struggle through life with little hope for better futures. Many, includingrelatives, friends and acquaintances, turned to alcohol and drugs for release from pain. Inmy parent's struggle to make a better life for their children, they moved us into the "whiteworld," only to find that in many ways this created greater challenges. We were notaccepted generally as equals and had to learn to fight for our physical and emotionalsurvival.As I matured, I saw very few social improvements put into place to benefit NativeAmericans. And I saw very little change in the Natives themselves. To me they seemedunable or unwilling to raise themselves from their depressed conditions. Now, I had beengiven great visions about them, but I had little faith in their power to step forward asspiritual leaders to perform their divine role in God's plan. I could not help but questionGod's will and intentions for them. Nor could I help wonder what his intentions were for meby entrusting me with this knowledge.During my many travels in the 1990s to share my newly published book, Embraced By TheLight, I included speaking events with many Native tribes in the United States and Canada.I was anxious to learn as much as I could about their traditions and spiritual beliefs,especially those which extended back to a time when they remained pure and unchanged byhistory. I spent as much time as possible visiting with these people and especially with theirleaders. Most of these visits became possible only through divine guidance, and I am surethey were "meant to be" from the start. However, during this time I put aside my visionsbecause I did not know what to do with them. I felt I needed more confidence in what Iknew before I could share with the strength and conviction necessary for others to accept it.I was also uncertain of my role, and so I waited.Through these years following, I have grown considerably in faith and now feel to sharesome of what I learned in vision publicly. I do so, not because I feel completely ready, butbecause I completely trust in God's will that this is the right time, because I feel in my heartthat it is, and that those who learn of these visions will accept them and know in theirhearts what role they might play in carrying them out. Also, in my exploration and study of my people, my personal faith and belief in them has increased. I have great respect fortheir spirituality because I see now that it encompasses all which I believe. A trueknowledge of God, his ways, and of all creation is held deep within their cells and theirspirits. Yes, though many still struggle to find their way, I am assured that God has not
forgotten them. No, not in the least! And the time is coming when they will be awakened infull and their spirits will shine in a great way.In 1995, twenty-two years after my 1973 visions of the Native People and their mission, Iwas given more information about the importance of this mission. I was told that theAwakening of God's people had been quickened, or moved forward. That time itself hadbeen altered and "sped up." I was also told that it was important for me to move morequickly with the information I had been given. That we as a human race must begin toprepare mentally, physically and spiritually for the inevitability of earth changes. Once theybegin, they will come quickly. I was reminded of the natural disasters and other disasters,man-made disasters and accidents, that will result because of our world's fallen conditionand its negative energy. I was told that we have all but destroyed the healing energies wehave as care-takers of our planet and of one another. We have allowed our love toadulterate, contaminate and deteriorate. As a result, what we are now creating by ourchoices works against the sacred nature and purpose of our earth. Even so, I was told it isnot too late. We can still change and reinstate the healing of our world if we but have thewill for the difficult and far-reaching choices necessary to do so. However, as we lookaround us, though we as individuals be capable and willing to bring change, it appears themajority sways the other way. It is left to us then, to look to God in ever increasing faithand to do what we can or what we must. His purposes will be fulfilled, all of them, and thereis great joy and safety in letting our hearts and our hands be led by him.
The Encampment Vision
I saw a stretch of road which led northward through a huge forest of trees. The forestand valley which stretched below it were filled with plants of every kind. Bushes, trees,grasses, ferns and flowers.To the right of the road (east), the trees had been cleared for a parking lot which at firstseemed out of place in all this beauty. However great thought had been taken to preservethe natural feel of the surroundings and to preserve the environment. The lot was arrangedpleasingly and was planted with stands of trees for privacy. Many vacation vehicles such asRVs and campers were parked here. Interspersed throughout this lot and in the treessurrounding it were many camping spots with pop-up campers or tents of all sizes. Peoplewent quietly about, setting up and tending to their camps and visiting with one another. Isensed their spirits were happy and serene.I continued along the road until I came to another lot, also to my right. This was full of pickups, vans, SUVs and cars. It too felt peaceful and serene. People here were gatheringbelongings from their vehicles and walking across the road. There the trees andundergrowth were thick and uninterrupted except for a wide path which led westward intothe forest. I turned and followed some people along this path until we came to twobeautifully carved totem poles standing tall on either side of the path. These could not beseen from the road and marked the formal entrance to the Encampment itself. A sign read:"Hushed voices only please. You are entering sacred ground."

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