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Should One Follow Abraham's Path?

Should One Follow Abraham's Path?



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Published by Yousuf M Islam
We are asked to follow Abraham's approach to the Creator. The article explores the reasons behind this commandment.
We are asked to follow Abraham's approach to the Creator. The article explores the reasons behind this commandment.

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Published by: Yousuf M Islam on Dec 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Article appeared Friday, December 23rd, 2011 in The News Today, Bangladesh
The Revelation (208)yousuf mahbubul Islam, PhD
How many people are there in the world today that say or claim, “I believe in the Creator”? If there is a Creator and we have been created, should the Creator have any rights? What kind of rights? To understand this, let’s consider an analogy. What kind of rights do we give to thepainter of a painting? For example, while acknowledging Leonardo as the artist who painted thefamous picture ‘Mona Lisa’ do we credit the picture itself for making itself ‘beautiful’ or creditothers for Mona Lisa’s fame? No, we clearly understand and acknowledge Leonardo’s right tobe exclusively known as the artist or creator of the painting and do not mix or adulterate thisright by crediting the painting itself or anyone else. If one did happen to credit the painting itself,would it be silly, illogical, an untruth as well as an injustice to Leonardo?Can this analogy be applied to the creation of human beings and our Creator? If yes, should our Creator enjoy exclusive rights similar to the rights we give Leonardo? Should we credit other things together with the Creator? For example, is it ok to credit ourselves for the skills we have,to credit the quality of our successes to ‘Good Luck’ or ‘Bad Luck’, to credit ‘Mother Nature’ for our calamities or credit religious ‘fakirs’ or others for the birth of our children, etc.? If we didcredit other things together with the Creator, would it be silly, illogical, an untruth or an injusticeto our Creator?Should our Creator react to such injustice done to Him? If we imagine this from the point-of-viewof the Creator, how would we ourselves feel towards such injustice? Turning to the most recentRevelation, the Qur’an we find the following Guidance:
It is those who believe and
not their beliefs with wrong that are (truly) insecurity for they are on (right) guidance.
[6.82]Further, in the subsequent Verse, our Creator Reveals that this was the basis of the argumentwhich was given to Abraham (pbuh) to use to help those around him understand.
That was the reasoning about Us which We gave to Abraham (to use) against hispeople: We raise whom We will degree after degree:...
[6.83]Abraham had many questions as he was growing up. He noticed all those around him creditingother things together with the Creator. This confused him. Can there be so many creators? Thisconfusion is brought out in the following Verse:
If you ask them who it is that created the heavens and the earth they will certainly say"Allah." (If so) say: "Praise be to Allah!"
But most of them understand not.
[31.25]A subsequent Verse clarifies doubts:
That is because Allah is the (only) Reality and because whatever else they invokebesides Him is Falsehood;…
[31.30]Faced with such a confusing environment, what did Abraham do? Did he just follow whateveryone else was doing? To satisfy his conscience and logic, he proceeded to look for theCreator. He searched for the real creator in all the things that were worshiped, at the time, inaddition to the Creator. Finally, he logically concluded that the Creator must be above andbeyond all the created things that are around him and said:
For me I have set my face firmly and truly toward Him Who created the heavens andthe earth, and never shall I give
to Allah.

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