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How to Conduct Patent Search

How to Conduct Patent Search

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Published by Engr Fred
A "How To" Material on Patent Search
A "How To" Material on Patent Search

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Published by: Engr Fred on Oct 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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D:\2007\1.0_2007-myDocs\1.0 PROJECTS 2007\How Tos\HowTo-PatentSearch\PATENT SEARCH brochure_type v6.doc 2/28/2007, 10/30/2008, V1
[ “HOW TO” Series No. 1 ]
Patent Search is the process by which patented and non-patented information are located andexamined to determine relevance and similarity to a given patent or proposed invention.Patent Search is the process of searching for specific subject(s) that can be found on patentdocuments by using various search retrieval tools. The search retrieval tools can be used to accessand retrieve technical and legal information embodied in the patent documents.Patent documents include issued patents, published pending applications, PCT-filed applications,and registered utility models (UM) and industrial designs (ID).
The following are search retrieval tools that can be used in conducting patent search:1.
Online databases
. Patent searchers can surf the net and search for granted patents andpatent applications all over the world via the worldwide web.
Free Patent Databases:
IP Philippines [www.ipophil.gov.ph], USPTO [www.uspto.gov], EPO[ep.espacenet.com], JPO [www.jpo.go.jp], WIPO [www.wipo.int], CIPO [cipo.gc.ca], etc.
Commercial Patent Databases:
Delphion [www.delphion.com],Dialog [www.dialog.com],WIPS [www.wipsglobal.com], etc.2.
CD-ROM Patent Databases
. The CD-ROM patent databases are large collections of patentinformation stored in compact discs that are available in IP Phil Library.3.
IPC Search Files
. The IPC search files are bibliographic data of patents chronologically filedaccording to the international classification or IPC. This search tool is available in IP Phil Library.4.
Inventor Index
. The inventor index is a search tool that contains alphabetically arranged namesof inventors and their corresponding works. This search tool is available in IP Phil Library.5.
Assignee Files
. The assignee files contain alphabetically arranged names of patent assigneesor companies under which the patents have been granted or applied for. This search tool isavailable in IP Phil Library.
State-of-the-art Search
. This kind of search is carried out to determine the general state of theart for the solution of a given technical problem as background information for R & D activitiesand in order to know what patent publications already exist in the field of the research activity.2.
Novelty / Prior-art Search
. The aim of the search is to discover relevant prior art to establish thenovelty of an invention.3.
Patentability or Validity Search
. This search is made to locate documents relevant to thedetermination not only of novelty but also of other criteria of patentability.
D:\2007\1.0_2007-myDocs\1.0 PROJECTS 2007\How Tos\HowTo-PatentSearch\PATENT SEARCH brochure_type v6.doc 2/28/2007, 10/30/2008, V1
Name Search
. This search is useful for locating information about published patent documentsinvolving specific companies or individuals, as applicants, assignees, patentees or inventors.5.
Technological Activity Search
. This search is useful for identifying companies and/or inventorswho are active in a specific field of technology or locating countries in which a certaintechnology is being patented.6.
Infringement Search
. The objective this search is to locate patents and published patentapplications which might be infringed on by a given industrial activity.7.
Patent Family Searches
. This kind of search is carried out to identify a member of a “patentfamily.” Patent family searches are used in order to:
Find the countries in which a given patent application has been filed (if published);
Find a “patent family member” that is written in a desired language;
Obtain a list of prior art documents or “References Cited”;
Estimate the importance of the invention (by number of patent documents relating tothe same invention and being published in different countries or by industrial propertyorganizations).8.
Legal Status Search
. A search for this type of investigation is made to obtain information on thevalidity (status) of a patent or a published patent application, on a given date, under theapplicable patent legislation in one or more countries.9.
Equivalent Search
. This type of search is carried out to determine the equivalent Philippinepatent of an application or a patent already granted outside the Philippines.
Determine the subject to be searched and the type of search to be carried out.
The subject of search may include processes, products, apparatus or materials (or theway these are used or applied).
Know the important features or embodiment of the application by taking note of therelevant keywords. The keywords are user-generated search terms that are expectedto be found in the text or content of the relevant document.
For pharmaceutical compound, it is important to know the structural formula or thechemical name. If the generic name is given, refer to the Merck Index to get thestructural formula as well as the granted foreign patents relating to the compound.2.
Determine the corresponding international classification.
For most of the search types, the IPC search file is the primary search tool used bypatent searchers.3. After determining the correct classification, keywords and or the structural formula, manual or electronic search may now be conducted.
Scan through the IPC search files with the corresponding class(es).
The inventor index and assignee search files may also be used depending onthe available data.

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