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OET Speaking

OET Speaking



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Published by Warangkana

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Published by: Warangkana on Oct 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ime allocation:
pproximately 20 minutes
est format and procedure
 This subtest is specic to each profession.e sutest s a ace-to-ace ntervew were canates are requre to partcpate n two erent roe pay stuatonstypical of their health profession area. The details of each role play are set out on two cue cards. Candidates takethe role of the health professional while the interviewer takes the role of the patient or client. This subtest is in three parts:
1. Warm-up conversation
 This is not assessed. The purpose of the warm-up conversation is to explain the format of the test and to help the candidate to relax. The interviewer will ask about areas of professional interest, previous work, reasons for coming to Australia,uture plans, etc.
2. First role play
 The interviewer hands the candidate a role play card which the candidate reads carefully. Any questions areo be asked and answered before the role play begins. The interviewer will nish the role play after about 5mnutes.
. econd role play
e aove proceure s repeate wt a erent roe pay. The whole interview is recorded. It is important that the candidate and the interviewer speak clearly so that thessessor can unerstan everytng tat s sa. wo roe pays are prove to ensure te assessment s ar. essessment is based on both role plays.
 Assessment procedure
In the actual test, speaking is assessed by qualied, experienced English Language assessors who have been trainedin OET assessment procedures. The assessment is based on the following criteria:verall communicative effectivenessintelligibilityuencyppropriateness of languageresources of grammar and expression.
If the interlocutor (person who takes the role of the patient or client) is trained as an assessor, an assessment is madeduring the role plays. If the interlocutor is not trained, the assessment is made in Australia after the test. All candidate responses are double marked. Borderline tapes are marked by a third assessor.
The sample materials
 The sample materials consist of:role play cards for ten health professional areastwo complete role plays recorded on the audio tape. One of the role plays involves a doctor, and the othera nurse. It is not possible to provide examples of all professions, but these interviews should provide a clearea o te proceures use n te ntervew.
Using the materials
Select the relevant role play.Copy the information on to two cards.ae te roe o te eat proessona.Ask a friend to play the role of a patient or client.Ask another friend to observe the role play and give you feedback on your performance.Read the information on the card carefully.You have to deal with the case details as outlined on the card by asking and answering questions put to youby the patient or client.Speak as naturally as possible.Remember it is important to be interested in the welfare of the patient and to reassure the patient or relationof the patient that the treatment being proposed is appropriate.Keep to the time limit of 5 minutes (approximate) for each role play.Ask a friend who observed for comments and feedback.
Candidate’s Card: Dentists
Student Dental Service
ent st
s rst-year stuent s tang avantage o te cost-ree cec-up wc your servceoffers. You have just done a complete examination of his/her teeth and extra-oral areasand have found nothing abnormal. There is some calculus/tartar on the teeth and someinammation of the gums.
 Tell the student the good news: no holes (because of uoride in the water). Point out thattartar and gingivitis are present and explain how to brush teeth.
Roleplayer’s Card: Dentists
Student Dental Service
at ent
ou starte unversty ts year an ave ece to ave a ree cec-up at te stuentdental service. The last time you went to the dentist was 5 or 6 years ago, when yourmother took you along for a check-up. You’ve never had any llings, and all you canremember is losing your rst teeth. The dentist has just given your teeth a complete examination.
Find out if there is any dental work that needs to be done on your teeth, and also whatyou can do to look after your teeth. You hate the taste of toothpaste and feel ossing willbe too difcult.

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