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Study Guide Enlightenment 2011

Study Guide Enlightenment 2011

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Published by lindsey2a

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Published by: lindsey2a on Dec 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name ___________ Date __________ Per ____ Study Guide- EnlightenmentUse your NOTES and TEXTBOOK p. 180 onwards to answer these questions.(1) Constitutional Monarchy in England Notes(2) Enlightenment Introduction Notes(3) Enlightenment People Notes
(10 Points) Possible Short Answer Questions- Answer in a complete paragraph on a separatesheet of paper and attach to this study guide.
(1) Why did England develop a constitutional monarchy instead of an absolute monarchy?(2) Why did people begin to question the government in the 1700s?(3) Explain how the Enlightenment can be considered “incomplete”. (Or, to put it another way, whowas left out of the Enlightenment?)(4) Is the student handbook a social contract? Explain how it could be seen as social contract andhow some may say it is not a social contract.
(5 points) Historical Identifications:
For the following terms, please create 2-3 sentence definitionsexplaining their historical importance. You may do this on a separate sheet of paper or flash cards.
Magna CartaEnglish Civil War Glorious RevolutionLimited/Constitutional Monarchy Enlightenment Scientific RevolutionCopernicusGalileoNewtonPhilosophes & their 5 beliefsSalon

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