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Mighty Mites Youth Football Coaches 5-6 Playbook

Mighty Mites Youth Football Coaches 5-6 Playbook

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Published by Joby Turner

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Published by: Joby Turner on Dec 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mighty Mites, Inc. Youth Football ProgramCoach’s Playbook5
& 6
Grade Only
NOTICEAll plays in the I formation and 4-4defensive formation are restricted to 5
grade level only. However, 5
and 6
grade level may also utilize the Mighty MitesT formation in addition to the I formation andthe 6-2 defensive formation in addition tothe 4-4 defensive formation.
and 2
grade level and the 3
and 4
grade level are restricted to the MightyMites T formation plays and the 6-2defensive formation.
T Formation vs 6-2 defense- 1 -
Line-Center should get over ball first.Guards should extend their inside arm until it touches the center.Tackles should do the same to the guards to get their spacing. Ends should repeat the procedure and then take a half step to theoutside.Backs-Quarterbacks should have their feet parallel to the line of scrimmage, knees slightly bent, back straight and looking straightahead. How he receives the ball from the center with his hands depends upon the individual and the center.Halfbacks should be directly behind the inside leg of the tackle on their side. The distance they are from the line will be determined bytheir speed in getting into the hand off area. It will average 4 yards.Fullback should be directly behind the quarterback and should have his toes in line with the heels of the halfbacks.NOTE: Most of the problems you will have making your offense go will be in the spacing of the players. The backs must NOT be over 41/2 yards deep.
Line-Guards play heads up on guards, tackles on the inside shoulder of the ends, and ends positioned so they can see the halfback ontheir side of the offensive end's rear end.Linebackers-Linebackers should play on the nose of the offensive tackle and about 3 yards off the line of scrimmage.Halfback-Split the defensive tackle and ends. Their depth will depend upon the situation but should average about 5-8 yards.Safety-Head on with the center and about 2 yards deeper than halfbacks.Linebackers, Halfbacks & Safety will not be permitted to "Blitz" (charge into the line of the snap) until the quarterback moves

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