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Published by Thesouthasian Times

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Published by: Thesouthasian Times on Dec 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ShubhRiddhi Siddhi Labh
Vol.4 No.24 October1-7,201160 Cents TheSouthAsianTimes.info
AIA-NY invites youto the biggest Diwalimela in the world
Washington, DC:
The USwarned Pakistan that it would acton its own as it did against Osama bin Laden and put on its terrorist list
ve associates of the Haqqani net
work branded as a ‘veritable arm’ of 
the Pakistani spy agency, the ISI.
‘The fact of the matter is we areghting a war in Afghanistan, andone of the problems we’ve had,
which is where this issue arises
from, is with the safe havens thatthe Haqqani network has in Paki
stan,’ White House Press Secre
-tary Jay Carney told reporters here
Thursday. The Haqqani network is
a militant group that operates on the
Afghanistan-Pakistan border.‘That’s an issue that we raised with
our Pakistani counterparts, and we
continue to have those discussions
on a regular basis about the broad
Washington. DC:
In a novelmove, that has bipartisan support,the federal government is weigh
-ing to sell spare assets to reduce
the decit.Deep within President Obama’s proposals to raise revenue and cutthe decit lies a method that hasgarnered support from Democrats
and Republicans alike, something
rare in Washington these days.
President Barack 
Obama said Friday the killing of US-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaqi was“major blow” to al Qaeda’s Yemenifranchise and vowed to be relentless
in destroying global terror networks.
“The death of Awlaqi is a major  blow to al Qaeda’s most active op
erational afliate. (It) marks another signicant milestone in the broader effort to defeat al Qaeda and its af 
liates,” Obama said.Obama said Awlaqi was the leader of external operations of al Qaeda in theArabian Peninsula (AQAP) and had
taken the lead in planning and directing
efforts to murder innocent Americans.He said Awlaqi’s killing in an air raidin Yemen was a tribute to the US intel
ligence community and to Yemen’s
cooperation with the United States in
a common anti-terror campaign He
also warned that though “weaakened,”
AQAP was still “dangerous” Go
ing forward, we will remain vigilant
against any threats to the United Statesor our allies and partners.
New York:
Ranju Batra, President
of the Association of Indians in Ameri
ca-NY chapter, has invited one and allto the grand celebration of AIA-NY’s24th annual Diwali Festival Oct 2 at
South Street Seaport in Manhattan.
Attended by over a hundred thou
sand people, its spectacular reworksshow on the East River, sponsored by Air India, is enjoyed by thou
sands more in all the ve boroughs.Ranju has led the preparation for 
US Affairs 9
Vol. 4 | No. 24 | October 1-7, 2011 | 60 Cents
Bollywood 57Spiritual Awareness 30Astrology 59
The South Asian Times
Excellence In Journalism
Nargis Duttfoundation honorsseven at gala
Tristate Community,Page 50
Manmohan putsIndia on moralhigh ground at UN
India at UN,Page 7
MahatmaGandhiyou did not know
Gandhi BirthAnniversary, Page 52
Behold the biggestDiwali mela inthe world
Diwali Spl. Pullout,Pages 17-48
US Affairs 11
Awlaqi kill ‘major blow’to al Qaeda: Obama
Cash-strapped, Americaconsiders asset sales
range of areas where we have sharedinterests and cooperation,’ he said.
Meanwhile, in Pakistan, militaryleaders and more than 50 politi-cians representing 32 political par-ties
gathered at the residence of PrimeMinister Yousaf Raza Gilani Thurs
-day to discuss and reject outright the
charges made by Adm. Mike Mullen,the chairman of the US Joint Chiefsof Staff, about supporting miltiants.
US warns Pak Continued on page 6 
Pak politicians reject charges of links to Haqqani network 
involves selling an island, court
-houses, maybe an airstrip, generallyidle
or underused vehicles, roads, buildings, land — even the airwavesused to broadcast television.Among the listings: Plum Island, N.Y., off the North Fork of Long Is
land, which the government has al
-ready begun marketing as 840 acres
of “sandy shoreline, beautiful views
and a harbor.”
Many conservatives — includ
ing Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, chairman of the House
Budget Committee, and the budgetexperts at the Cato Institute — sup-
 port the broad idea of shrinking thegovernment by selling parts of it.Democrats like the idea of virtually painless revenue-raising. Whether 
Congress can pass any bill in the
current atmosphere, however, is far from certain, said New York Times.
 Asset Sales Continued on page 6 
The family of The South Asian Times wishes you allA Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year
The South Asian Times
Excellence In Journalism
 Pakistan’s Armychief, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani withthe main oppositionleader, Nawaz Sharif,on Thursday in Islamabad.
Will act on our own againstterror, US warns Pakistan
US-born,Yemen-based  Anwar al-Awlaqi 
the largest Diwali mela in the world,or at least outside India, within three
months of being sworn in as Presi
dent—all because of thecharisma of 
her dynamic and energetic personality.
Since the Diwali festival this year comes 10 years after 9/11, and onGandhi’s birth anniversary, Ranjuhas conceived ‘Non-Violence inToday’s World’ as its theme. Her agenda as President of AIA-NY,
oldest Indian American orga-nization in the country, is to bringIndian and American cultures and
communities closer.
 See Diwali Special Pullout  Pages 17-48.AIA-NY President Ranju Batra

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