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Guiding Spirits

Guiding Spirits

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Published by Al Snapp
An increadible story about twelve near deaths, more than anyone ever, then dieing and coming back as an angel, sent back to heal, see the past present and future, including the murders of Princess Diana and Dodi.
An increadible story about twelve near deaths, more than anyone ever, then dieing and coming back as an angel, sent back to heal, see the past present and future, including the murders of Princess Diana and Dodi.

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Published by: Al Snapp on Oct 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Guiding Spirits”Author, JustusAfter a pleasant weekend among friends and family, it was time to get back to the oldgrind of business. It was June 21
1993, a day that would change Al’s life forever, acrippling accident, twelve near deaths and dying, the loss of everything , reduced to a noman. Gifts from God would come in time, healing powers, the ability to see past, presentand the future, gifts that very few on earth have.While walking through a parking lot of a shopping center, across the street from hisoffice, a sewer grate collapsed, causing him to fall to the ground and all of his strengthcouldn’t prevent this tragedy. The steel bars from the grate felt like a sharp knife penetrating his back. As he lay on the ground in incredible pain, it felt very cold. A blinding white light appeared, then Gods voice spoke. “It’s time to bring you to your knees, you’ll be fine in time, shown what few have ever seen, you will be sent spirits toguide you along your path.” In a flash, an angel appeared as clear as day, she was beautiful, blond hair, stark bright blue eyes, a smile that went right through you. Theangel was the spirit of Princess Diana; she’d be his guiding spirit from this day on, but atthe time seemed like a dream, not real, but it was.As he came too still in a daze, he literally crawled to his office and soon afterwards sawhis doctor in the same shopping center. He was immediately given shots to ease his painand tests were ordered; the news wasn’t good. Three bulging discs in his lower back andnerve damage to his leg, there wasn’t much hope; he’d only get worse in time.The pain continued to get worse for two years, then he experienced twelve near-deathsmore than anyone in modern day history; on the twelfth one Al died at a hospital, duringthe entire time, Diana was at his side in spirit.His listless body was lying on the floor; his spirit was floating around above lookingdown at his body. Suddenly his body began to move, at first slowly shaking, then his eyes began to roll around, a bright white light appeared and was now shining down on himfrom above. He was shaking uncontrollably and could actually see another spirit takinghim over, his eyes weren’t his anymore, his body belonged to someone else; an Indianspirit had taken him over, the Great Spirit of Joseph.1
As he came back to life, his body, his vessel was no longer Al, the pain was gone, hewas no longer crippled. His back and leg was completely healed, he walked out of thehospital, but never the same person again. Doctors couldn’t understand what happened, itwas a miracle. His family couldn’t understand and asked repeatedly when he was coming back as his old self. It took its toll on them, there was no longer any control of his life, thespirit of Joseph was now in total control.Soon afterwards he walked away from his old life, a life of having it all, a wonderfulwife and family, a nice home in the suburbs, even a motor home. He’d been reduced to a poor man, a no man, eating out of dumpsters, freezing in the cold; loneliness was his newway of life. All alone except for God, his guiding spirit Diana and another spirit he’d metas he went through the tunnel over and over, all the way back to dust, the creation of allof us. The Great Spirit was none other than Albert Einstein.Money came in strange ways. While standing in the welfare line with twelve cents to hisname, his lawyer called on his cell phone, another gift. He asked, “Where are you, howmuch money do you have, do you feel spirited?” “Of course I’m always guided by spiritI’m fine, twelve cents in my pocket standing in the welfare line.” He laughed, thenexplained. There was a clause in his disability policy that he’d taken out on himself someyears ago; being crippled they paid him, but when he wasn’t crippled anymore it stopped.His lawyer had a check for over six thousand dollars and they’d pay him twenty four hundred dollars a month for the rest of his life because he claimed he spoke to God andheard spirit voices. This was the only Insurance policy like this, he’d no longer be poor,God had provided for him.Another gift from God was sent, the gift of healing. As people took his hand they feltintense heat, then it traveled to where their pain or sickness was; all pain or sickness wentaway, no matter what. Cancer, Aids, tumors, any pain, it disappeared. Al got sick everysingle time as he asked God for their pain. This continues on today, more than twelveyears later and is even stronger. From the first time this gift was given to Al, he realizedthat it was priceless and sent from God. It wasn’t actually him, God sent him back as amessenger to be used in any way when he died. From the first person with Cancer thatwas dying, then got better, three women with Aids, one in her final stages after seventeenyears, all three got better, he knew this was Gods power within him.2
He began to travel the east coast of the United States back and fourth in a van, then later in an old motor home, “The Love Bug”; the endless journey continued for twelve years.In the course of his travels, people sick or in pain came to him, rest areas, restaurants,campgrounds, even bars and hospitals, hundreds of them. God above was literallysending them to him at specific places and times. People would take his hand and say,“Welcome back Joe”, it was like they knew him and were waiting for him to come back. No one called him Al, he was Joseph; in time people began to call him Justus, the veryname that so many know him as today.While in Pennsylvania visiting his son, he met a woman that had been in pain and couldhardly walk, since the birth of her son eighteen months prior. Doctors couldn’t figure itout after trying everything and doing every possible test. She had marks on her legs and itwas painful as she tried to walk. As he helped her, she began to walk with no pain, butdoctors wanted to do surgery because of the marks on her legs. After a few sessions, themarks disappeared completely, she was fine, and no surgery was needed. She gave Al a big hug, and thanked him, his job was done, at least he thought so at the time, andreturned to Florida with his wife Michelle. He’d remarried a few years before when Godsent him this beautiful woman; she became his soul mate and best friend.They returned to their home in Florida with their motor home, they called it the Magic bus, and lived in it for years as they traveled. One evening after dinner Al received a callfrom his friend in Pennsylvania, she was upset and crying. Her eighteen month old sonwas very sick, he’d been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and there wasn’tmuch hope. She continued to cry as she spoke, he was her son, so young, there had to besomething he could do, he couldn’t die. She needed his help to save him, and knew he’d been given a gift from God to save his life. He’d worked with people over the phone, butnever to this degree, this was a matter of life and death. As they spoke, he felt extremelycold; then chills ran through his entire body, then Gods voice told him exactly what to sayto her. The doctors had ordered tests, she was to have them done, but something verystrange would happen and her son would be fine. She wasn’t to worry, it was in Godshands. She thanked him and began to calm down, she’d listen to him. He hung up with avery strange feeling going through him, she’d put her son’s life in his hands, what wouldhappen, and did he give her false hope, only time would tell.3

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