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How Miso’s CEO plans to make TV a more social experience

How Miso’s CEO plans to make TV a more social experience

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Published by Crowdsourcing.org

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Dec 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The social TV platform Miso has recently launched SideShows,a new concept which lets anyone create a second screen app within Miso.
From the user‟s point of view, a SideShow is
an interactive content experience they can play on their phone while watching TV. So why didMiso open its app to external contributors? We decided to ask this que
stion to Miso‟s
CEO, Somrat Niyogi.  Although Niyogi only founded the company last year, Misohas considerably evolved in its short existence. Aswe reported in September, it moved from being a check-in app to morphing into a social TV platform. According to itsCEO, Miso now has over a quarter million users, who engaged around 8 million events.Engagement is a key element of M
iso‟s identity. The startup was born from Niyogi‟s feeling
that there had to be a better way to watch TV. Since people were already starting to use theirmobile devices in the living room, he thought it was the best gateway for Miso, which iscurrently available on iOS and Android (although its iPhone app is more advanced). According to Niyogi, during its early days, the company learned two things thatmade it create SideShows:
“What we‟ve learned is that one
all doesn‟t work here. Every
show and genre is different. If you are watching a comedy, you may want 
to find its best quotes; if it‟s „Gossip Girl‟, you are probably more interested 
in knowing where to buy the clothes the cast is wearing.TV is an art form, in which every single decision is well-thought through.What makes it so great is that people are at the center of its creativity. Webelieve social TV should be the same, and we thought these experiences
would b
est be crowdsourced, rather than produced by us, a tech company,”
Somrat Niyogi said.
SideShows, an open publishing platform for second-screen contentThis is the vision which presided to the creation of SideShows, which any person can puttogether via Mis
o‟s open publishing platform; so far, 300 SideShows have been created. Misocalls these people “
” and expects most of them to be motivated by their passion for a
specific show.Wh
at these “super 
fans” can create is a SideShow which lets other Miso users get access to all
kinds of second-screen info while watching TV, from trivia and quotes to a soundtrack list
of it synchronized with the show, regardless of whether it‟s live
or recorded (click  here to see the intro video). Here are a few screenshots from Miso:

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