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Fogc Lodge

Fogc Lodge

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Published by oipteaapdoce

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: oipteaapdoce on Dec 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Freemasonic Order of the Golden CenturiumTranscribed from a secret cipher by Master Daniel (Guido Wolther) of the Fraternitas Saturni
Did this lodge exist? Did it not exist? How many people have tried to figure this out,when a conversation turns to the almost legendary organisation of men – which isaccused of doing all kinds of devilish deeds and practising devilish arts? Not lastly thislodge became known because Bardon’s autobiographical novel “Frabato”. Bardon wasthe student of Quintscher. In this novel Bardon branded the members of the FOGC astruly black-magical monsters. In Dr. Klingsor book: “Experimentalmagie” thisorganisation is only shortly mentioned with references to Bardon’s “Frabato”. (In thisbook “Experimentalmagie” Dr. Klingsor puts himself a halo on his head).Now – the members of this “magical association” were almost certainly not piousCatholics or Protestants. I am actually sure that they were not. I can say with certainty:Yes there was a FOGC lodge, and there still might be one today. But for special reason Idon’t want to say anything about this here. Not because I am trembling from fear – butsimply because of reasons of fraternal loyalty toward the members, who don’t want to benamed for reasons which are obvious. After all, they are 99 men from politics and highfinance. Many of us might ask: how come, politicians and “money-bags” belong to anobviously “magical” lodge? They don’t fit into this modern society of “electro-people”and mini-skirted girls... They must be considered as belonging to an “unserious” lodge.Why? Didn’t the churches, masonic-lodges and other organisations throw away all that“mystical ballast”?So what is the motivating force of those people to break out of the maelstrom and toenter into fields which alone by there existence represent a living paradox. I don’t think itis snobbism. Snobs and playboys don’t enter such a dangerous territory consciously, undinto such jungles in which thicket the madness lurks for its booty. Whatever their
motivation was – this is not important at the present not even the question of black andwhite (magic).What I am allowed to say about this lodge I will do now. The roots of the “FOGC” don’tgo back to far into the past and this lodge actually lacks any ritual or historic tradition. Ithas some “therionian”-traits. It also leans a little on the rituals of the “Golden Dawn”without taking on that orders racial teachings.Their membership number was 3 x 33, therefore 99. i.e. there were 99 grades of whicheach grade was only given to one member. The 100
place belonged to the so calledlodge-egregor, or the demon with which each member had to enter a blood-pact. Theneophyte had to sign over in his will and testament the largest part of his fortune to thelodge.There were no special ranks or titles, every member had a number. The grandmaster hadthe number 99 not number 1.The number 1 – 33 represented the apprentice degrees, 34 – 66 the fellow-craft degreesand 67 – 99 the high- and master degrees.The ornate for the apprentice degrees was: At a festive- and regular lodge meeting: tail-coat and apron with a blue band, also the lodge-ring. At high- and magical rituals inaddition there was a blue frock. As well with the coat-tail and the frock they wore a bluehalf-mask.The degree 34 – 66 wore tail-coats and apron with a red band and two rosettas, sash and jewellery around the neck. At high- and magical workings they also wore a red frock with a golden cord plus lodge-ring.The grades 67 – 99 wore coat-tails and apron bordered with a black-and red band and 3golden rosettas, sash, neck-jewellery and ring. Additionally there was also a sword.During high- and magical rituals they also wore a black frock wit a golden cord. Thegrandmaster had the right to wear a golden frock and a golden mask. The mask of theother masters was black. The handgrip is the same in all 99 degrees – grasp both wrists.All rituals had the as their goal to attain high and highest levels of initiation but it wasalways their intention to obtain on that level the most possible influence, power and
wealth. Strict observance was the rule. The hierarchical structure required the enviableacknowledgment of the word of the master. It was demanded that every neophyte whowas to be admitted was a member of a red masonic lodges as well he was required tohold a high-degree in a purely magical knowledge lodge. I.e. he has to have a highdevelopment of magical knowledge and ability. It was also demanded that the neophytewas an influential person in public life, that he was economical independent or at leasthad some influential close friends. One can see it was not easy to get entry into thiscircle.The neophyte was provided, after his actual admission, with a so called “demon”-helper.In realty of course, this was nothing else than a mutually created and enlivenedimagospurinus (see the book “Initiation into Hermetics” by Franz Bardon for thetechnique to do this) by 99 magical experts. In deed this was a real gratifying enrichmentand help for the neophyte.Something completely different however, was the blood-pact with the lodge-daimon.Here the total bonding to the transcendence is clearly expressed. The opinions, whichdaimon it actually was or is, are very divergent. However I can state with certainty thatthere were 2 daimons which were ritually worshipped in the FOGC lodge. Firstly it wasthe demon Belphegor and the other was Asmodi, which is identical with Aschmunadai ,mentioned by Rah Omir Quintscher. Every evocation-magician know that it is not easy“to eat cherries together” with these two fellows when you evoke them, that they areextremely clever, brutal and yes nothing less than bloodthirsty in the true sense of theword.The first thing the neophyte had to learn were the adoration-rituals of those two beingsand as well the practice how to call and evoke them.Every 5 years a new member was admitted. This, naturally means, that one of theremaining members had to go because the number 99 had to be maintained.You are right – this is something which we can not sanction. One could of course argueif there are really persons that act “beyond good and evil” and whose actions we can notmeasure with our measuring-rod. From the karmic point of view they must be declared“guilty”. In any case – one had to “go” every five years, and if no one died in the last fiveyears then something had to be “engineered”. Every member, including the grandmasterhad to attend the balloting-ritual. 99 balls were put into a black bag. 98 were white, one

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