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Newsletter Scandal

Newsletter Scandal



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Published by fdirezhp

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Published by: fdirezhp on Dec 24, 2011
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Newsletter Scandal
Mainstream Media Sensation
People Involved
James Kirchick:
He is a reporter, foreign correspondent and columnist. He is a fellow with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington; prior to this he was writer-at-large for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.Forover three years, Kirchick is mostly covering domestic politics, intelligence, and American foreign policy.While he remains a contributing editor for The New Republic
, Mr. Kirchick’s reportage has appeared in
The Weekly Standard, The American Interest, The Virginia Quarterly Review, The Columbia Journalism
Review, Prospect, Commentary and World Affairs Journal.
He writes frequently for newspapers including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Los
Angeles Times, and
This man is implanted in every single media outlet out there and has connections to the Military Industrial
Complex. The very single thing that Ron Paul wants to cut.
: James Kirchick, of the Neo-Con corporate-fascist "Foundation for the Defense of Democracies"leads the attack on Ron Paul. Having previously worked for the US State Department funded Radio Free Europe(RFE/RL), he is no stranger to peddling propaganda.
Kirchick's argument is based on the same tired, already addressed "newsletter" published in Ron Paul'sname decades ago, and despite none of the articles cited by Kirchick actually even being written by RonPaul, he still enjoys preceding each accusation with, "He says..." Kirchick's servile obedience to the Neo-Con agenda, which has cultivated and is directing Ron Paul's competition - Cain, Romney, Perry, andGingrich - is fairly obvious to detect. However, it is now a matter of record that Kirchick literally sits, as a"fellow" within a Neo-Con corporate and US State Department-funded think-tank,the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD).The FDD features as its "executive team," the likes of James Woolsey and Clifford May while its"leadership council"includes Paula Dobriansky, Steve Forbes, Max Kampelman, Bill Kristol, and Senator JosephLieberman. Richard Perle, Eric Cantor, Gary Bauer, and Charles Krauthammer sit on the FDD's "board of advisors," while Reuel Marc Gerecht, Bill Roggio, and James Kirchick himself sit as FDD "fellows." Truly exemplary of everything that is wrong with America, and everything Ron Paul and the ideals he promotesaim at fixing, the FDD is a weed that needs to be pulled from America's political landscape.
(For further reading regarding these names, please see"NED & Freedom House are run by Warmongering Imperialists
"and to see a good example of FDD's contrived propaganda exposed and inaction,"
.")Of course, despite a "Democratic" president sitting in the White House, America's foreign and domesticpolicy has been drawn up and carried out by corporate-fascists who hold sway over both sides of  America's political aisle. "Obama's" military adventure in Libya, for instance, was not only supported bywhat Americans might call "Neo-Conservatives," but the war itself was drawn up by them in the first place.This indicates an overarching agenda that transcends presidencies and the perceived political ideologiesthey supposedly adhere to. The necessity then, to keep puppets like Bush or Obama in place is realized, asany truly independent, principled president would expose and disrupt this long running charade.For those interested in reading the recycled propaganda oafishly wielded by Kirchick for his politicallymotivated attack, read his latest article,"The Company Ron Paul Keeps." However, now, readers should have a better appreciation of the company "Kirchick keeps," the fact that they have done more to sendmisled American and Israeli troops to their needless deaths than all of Ron Paul's non-existent"antisemitism" combined, and that Kirchick's campaign to slander Ron Paul is built on a foundation of fearand self-preservation, not genuine concerns based on a real threat. Kirchick and the "company he keeps"are also wary of an American awakening stoked by the real issues Ron Paul brings to debates - one thatisn't swayed by left or right puppets but instead focuses on the corporate-financier puppet masters towhom all the strings lead.While Kirchick and company labor under the delusion that Americans stand behind the endless warprofiteering carried out by his peers throughout the FDD, its doppelganger the Foreign Policy Institute(FPI), andother corporate-financier driven think-tanksand US taxpayers endlessly funding thepurposefully abusive Israeli military, in reality the fact that the US government, as well as the Israeligovernment have been pursuing the interests of Wall Street and London at the expense of both theAmerican and Israeli people is gaining mainstream traction.

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