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And Jesus held the keys of death victoriously, and opened his mouth to speak…

And Jesus held the keys of death victoriously, and opened his mouth to speak…



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Published by Twe Stephens
What did Jesus really do for those 3 ½ days when he was in the grave...
What did Jesus really do for those 3 ½ days when he was in the grave...

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Published by: Twe Stephens on Dec 25, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 The Universes of God II: The Chronicles of Jesus Christ 
Four days earlier, high above the bluest earth, the God called Jesus Christ for nano-season, stood in luxury aboard his dazzling craft surrounded by ten thousand Angels. He still wore the flesh; but his jeweled encrusted crown reflected brilliantly off his robe of light as he stood behind the command interface of the colossal White Horse. And billions fell to their faces unable to hide their exuberance at seeing him again. Instantly, dimensional engines surged to life; the white disk powered through trillions of galaxies at millions of light-eons per second towards the locked universe of Hades, with thousands of sliver crafts swarming in its wake. Inside the vehicle, celebration mixed with gut busting relief ruled as Yahshua once again stood amongst them. Michael, who carried his soul into the flesh, transfigured him into the membranes; his funeral wrappings dropping into the nothingness -imprinting a photo image into the microscopic weaves of the fabric. A tear fell as he drowned in the elation of his children. And deep in his holy heart, he felt nothing but chest-bursting pride regardless of their past iniquity, for all creation lost its sanity at his scourging and crucifixion. Jesus smiled, for the cross was truly worth it
 even if it saved just one of his brothers for the eternities, he created them for. Hundreds of holographic cameras whirred as the Son of God held up the three keys of death victoriously, his voice permeating every corner of Creation.
“We had some difficult days because of my sojourn i
n the flesh. Because of the nature of our covert
actions, we couldn’t assuage your fears and you suffered invariably not understanding what was being
“But, I went into the flesh to build a great house for our Lord, to establish the throne of
his kingdom
and reclaim our brothers who languish in the dark universe. I’ve redeemed our family, defeated our greatest enemy, and imparted joy to the hearts that waited wounded for righteousness and brotherhood. I’ve taken
the keys of death from our greatest enemy, who right now stands utterly defeated. Like Jonah in the belly of the fish, I have only three and a half days with you before my resurrection back into the flesh - to complete
our plan of redemption for all our brothers.”
 Wild thunderous applause detonated. Yahshua absorbed the adoration as unimaginable creatures populating the endless universes paused, giving instinctual respect to him who was The One.
“The interrogative begging to be answered is why we’d give the three keys of death to Lucifer
 in the first place. As sovereigns, we created the rubrics and formulated the consequences our brothers in the flesh swelter under.
“Why make the wages of sin death, while covering our children in a bag of sin they did not ask for,
which perpetually wars
against their souls? Doesn’t logic dictate in concordance with the evidence that
breathing in the flesh is a mandatory death sentence for all our children whom we claim to love?
“Does that sound fair? Didn’t we throw you into the waters called the flesh an
d then curse you for
being wet? You know the answer is yes. Why would we do this when we say we’re the very definition of
“You must understand that sin was never the real problem though it may seem so
- the real problem was always suicidal rebellion. We could have easily denoted anything sin; even something as
barking at trees
. If that were sin, then we’d have no choice but to saturate the flesh with the nuclear compulsions to
bark at trees
 The Universes of God II: The Chronicles of Jesus Christ 
“Why would we do that? The reason is some lessons unfor
tunately can never be taught, they must be experienced; the purpose of the flesh is see what life is without the totality of The One
 even from the beginning, the warzone has always been in the mind.
“So, if anything we say can be sin
then wasn’t I tor
tured needlessly for reclaiming the keys of death, which we gave to Lucifer in the first place? Why would we elevate the stupid illogical as clarion wisdom? Is this the way of The
One, damned if you do, damned if you don’t?
“Since the beginning, the
 circle of life was considered a cursed creation. You pondered how a loving
God could create such a monstrous construction; didn’t we feel empathy for the prey as it sang its death
song in excruciating agony. The only reason for the flesh construction was to cleanse our family, for uncountable trillions of animals suffered and died for your edification, your salvation, and our continuing brotherhood.
“We’ll reveal today why we chose this foolishness, for nothing said before this day could create
sagacity w
ithout my sacrifice being unveiled…”
Billions leaned; the cross was the high blasphemy that billions contemplated with tears.
“Before the creation of the first soul, we knew the dark ramifications of freewill; but, we were willing
to endure this inevitable for we desired love generated independently of our wants, desires, and wishes.
“You cannot make someone love you is the indisputable immutable, for with all the mighty powers we command, there exists no detour around this simplest of truths...”
 Jesus paused as he attempted to simplify the exceedingly complex. He smiled and changed gears,
“Let me give you a good story instead… “A master had a thousand dogs living in his mansion. One day he brought a couch into his home but
said nothing to the dogs. One dog called The Light, was the first to discover the use of couch, and The Light told the others about how pleasurable the couch was. Finding his dogs laying on his couch, the master told them it was forbidden to them.
“The Light reasoned if the master reall
y loved them, he would either let them on the couch or
remove it, for the temptation was too great. Most of the dogs agreed and laid on the master’s couch calling
him evil. And when the master tried to shoo the dogs off the couch, they attacked him because the couch was extremely pleasurable.
“But the master was loving, so he forgave them and gave his only commandment –
 no dog could bite him in his own house, ever. But the dogs refused to obey, accusing the master of using the couch to divide the pack into less loved and more loved, based on obedience rather than unconditional love. They shouted they were nothing but pets; they were never his brothers for no pet is truly free to do whatsoever it desires.
“And the dogs continued to bite the master with ever
-increasing hatred, with greater ferocity, organizing foolishly to overthrow his holy determination. And six hundred sixty-six dogs led by The Light, declared war over the couch, and bared their teeth continually, viciously biting the very hands that sustained them.
“Now, can anyone tell me what was the loving master to do?”
Michael scanned Three-of-Seven trying to glean an answer.
If anyone should know - the seven should.
The Seraphim touched Michael lightly as tears moistened his facial feathers, “I know
 nothing except I
love him, but I only love him because he first loved me. I am most wretched and flawed…”
Michael started to answer, but Yahshua continued passionately, “If he really loved the dogs, knowing they were created stupid, wouldn’t he remove the
 couch and end the war?
“No. The master destroyed the whole mansion and caged his dogs into the flesh to reiterate the
obvious. He rebuilt his mansion, but its new construction was of danger, sickness, death, and governed by
 The Universes of God II: The Chronicles of Jesus Christ 
forensic rebellion. He made his dogs be
born again
into puppies, a lesser banal incarnation without
memories they were ever dogs, incapable of maturing into adulthood; they didn’t know that they didn’t
“This is the first key of death;
there is no life without The One
“The master
relinquished control so all could see what they became without the master. Great packs were formed called nations; unending war, misery, and uncertainty of life raged as the puppies slaughtered each other day and night. They drowned in the marketing of evil from first breath to last without hope of reprieve. And the master wept, for they remembered him not, incapable of self-rule or brotherhood: incapable of envisioning their endless eternities or remembering they were really dogs.
“The master thought if he could graphically display how much he loved them; they’d understand what they really meant to him. He said, ‘I will become a puppy too and do the unthinkable as proofs of my love. If they don’t love me after that, it’ll be easier to extinguish my adorati
ons because I gave them my all, if
they ever bite me again.’”
Jesus raised his arms high as his robe of light exploded impossibly bright. “So likewise, I did the unthinkable for you. It’s was never about sin
that was always the verily expected. It’s abou
t do you love us, will you stop biting our hands, will you wag your tail when you think of us or bare your teeth and growl. But most importantly, will you be the pleasure you were constructed for.
“This is the second key of death;
the dog that bites the master must die
“That was the unspoken law purposely hidden in the beginning, for even the master voicing it created
a deleterious paradox; for the knowledge itself would sow the seeds of rebellion.
“Creation has seen me crucified and I endured every agon
y with joy. I bled the unthinkable
blasphemy for my dogs, my children, my brothers, so on a day like this, you’ll forever be without excuse to
understand the simplest obvious.
“This is the third key of death;
we love you…
“And the cross was the lengths we
were willing to go to graphically show our love for every one of
 Unable to digest the searing pain, billions recoiled swooning, wiping the hottest tears, looking at Yahshua vibrating trembling awe while billions fainted, unable to process the beautiful for your love unbelievable. The Devil and every Angel everywhere fell to their knees in overpowering paralyzing shock. Jesus waited as The One revived the fainted; he continued after a few minutes ignoring the billions that wept uncontrollably, full to the brim with overwhelming guilt.
“I go to give hope to those that languish in darkness
- to proclaim mercy shall always triumph over
 judgment. I go to free all our brothers back to us, for today, the master’s couch was removed: I swear every
dog will not only have his own mansion, but also his own couch in
my house
forever. And this is the sworn
testimony of Yahshua the Exalted One to all his children.”
 Jesus held up the holes in his hands for all Creation to see; the Continuum flickered and disengaged a
s his craft plunged deep into the Hades’ gulf, surrounded by thousands of silver crafts.
Powering through the void, curiosity burned strong for few had seen the forbidden universes. An impassable gulf no craft could navigate separated the triune universe from The Great House of The One. The White Horse and its entourage breeched the atmosphere of the prison planet and landed as neon lights glowed eerily in the bitter darkness. Switching the spectrums for better clarity, he looked into the blackness; the darkness became bright sunlight in his mind. Tears exploded out of his eyes; Michael saw billions chained in darkness, vibrating hard with repentance, swarming outside packed to the horizon, screaming violently for Yahshua to save them.

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Dawn Mullins reviewed this
Rated 5/5
Truly fascinating! It brought tears to my eyes reading this story, and I use the word 'story' for lack of a more appropriate word for a Christian based story such as it. It's truly an amazing read.
LouiseLokamatriEmma added this note
Jackie Paulson added this note
I found you from LinkedIn Jackie Paulson
Sue Van added this note
Hi Twe, This looks like the kind of read I will enjoy. Thank you for contacting me through LinkedIn. I am sure we will have a most excellent relationship through Christ. Although mine is not Christian, it is still a clean blog site. I hope you will visit sometime when you have time.
tryityoulloveit added this note
Hello Twe,,Hope all Is well,I came to your website and I also googled you and you showed up first on the page,,,Well Done ,my Man..I'm Rod Rodarte,Networking with BadAss's, I hope to connect on facebook. Love your Work.. UrFriendRod!
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