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Is Christmas glorify Jesus??

Is Christmas glorify Jesus??

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Hermono Teguh Budianto on Dec 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction to editors:Welcoming Christmas, Pastor Muhammad Nurdin wrote the book "Merry Christmas According to the Qur'an." On pages 11-12, Maranatha Church, Shepherd is accusing theProphet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam once a Christian and celebrate Christmas together and say Merry Christmas Quranic. To respond to this pastor blasphemy, wedisplay the article Christmas writings H LS Mokoginta Insan (Wencelclaus), a former Catholic converts. Hopefully this paper can reduce the Reverend Nurdin blasphemy.WHERE arguments in the Bible that says Jesus was born on December 25 and the command to celebrate Christmas? If there are Christians or anyone who can show proof for the Bible (Bible) that Jesus was born on December 25th?Christmas or Christmas is defined as the birthday of Jesus, which is celebratedby almost all Christians in the world, actually comes from the teachings of theRoman Catholic Church. Indeed the teaching itself is not in the Bible and Jesuswas never instructed his students to hold or celebrate.The celebration that goes into the Roman Catholic Church's teaching on this fourth century, derived from pagan ceremonial community. Christmas celebrations areheld throughout the world have absolutely no basis or proof is written in the Bible (Bible).Christmas originated from pagan beliefs held by people under the ancient Babylonian king Nimrod (grandson of Ham, the son of Prophet Noah). Nimrod is the firstto set up the tower of Babel, built the city of Babylon, Niniweah etc., as wellas the kingdom in the world with living systems, and economic foundations of government. Nimrod is a dissident of God. The number of crimes very many, of whom he had married his own mother Semiramis..... Christmas originated from pagan beliefs held by people under the ancient Babylonian king Nimrod ....After Nimrod died, his mother who doubles his wife spread the teachings of Nimrod Nimrod that spirit alive forever even though his body has died. The existenceof Evergreen trees growing on a tree that has died, interpreted by Semiramis asevidence of a new life for Nimrod. To commemorate the birthday of Nimrod, each dated December 25, Semiramis hang gifts on the tree branches as the commemorationday of the birth of Nimrod. This is the origin of the Christmas Tree.Through the worship of Nimrod, Nimrod eventually regarded as the "Holy Son of Heaven '. From the course of history and the succession of the generations of time-to time and from one nation to other nations, the end of this Babylonian worship of idols, turned into the False Messiah, namely in the form of Baal, the son of Sun God. The confidence of those who worship the Babylonian "Mother and child"(Semiramis and Nimrod reborn), spread from Babylon to the various nations of the world in ways and different forms, according to the language in the countriesthey will be in the Egyptian gods -goddess named Isis and Osiris. In Asia calledCybele & Deoius. In Rome named Fortuna & Jupiter, also in other countries likeChina, Japan, Tibet can be found customary worship of the goddess Madonna, longbefore Jesus was bornIn the 4th century and 5th AD, when Roman pagan world accept a new religion called "Christianity", they already have the belief and worship of the goddess Madonna habits long before Christianity was born.Christmas is a ritual derived from ancient Babylon at that time tens of centuries ago, not knowing the true religion, and ultimately passed on to this day. In Egypt, long before Jesus was born, every year they celebrate the birth of the child of Isis (Goddess of the sky) which they believe was born on December 25.
The disciples of Jesus and the Christians who lived in the first century, thoughthey never celebrated Christmas as the birthday of Jesus on December 25..... In the Bible (Bible), can not find one verse that contains the commandmentof the Lord, God and Jesus are commanded to celebrate Christmas ....In the Bible (Bible), can not find one verse that contains the commandment of the Lord, God and Jesus are commanded to celebrate Christmas. For the celebrationevery year on December 25, is a celebration of the Pagan religion (pagans) are preserved by Christians.Christmas ceremony is derived from the teachings of Semiramis wife of Nimrod, which is then preserved by the pagans were hereditary until now with a new face called Christians.Based on the explanation of the history of Christmas, it is clear that Christmaswas not the teachings of Jesus. In his life Jesus never once asked for him to celebrate Christmas. Celebrate him as a prophet or messenger alone he never taught, much less celebrate his birth as God sent!There is no single proposition even in the Bible states Jesus was born on December 25. Pastor, Pastor even the Pope in Rome-even admit that Christmas is not theteachings of the church.Therefore, if there are Christians or anyone who can show proof for the biblicalJesus was born on December 25, Please explain.Is Christmas glorify JesusIs Christmas celebrated man glorify Jesus? Let the Bible itself the answer. ThisBible answers:"So be careful, lest you hit the snare and follow them, after they are destroyedfrom before thee, and so his pants do not inquire about their gods, saying: Howdid these nations worship their gods? I also want to apply it. Thou shalt not do so unto the Lord thy God: for every abomination to the Lord, what is hated him, that's what they done unto their gods; even his children male and female children they burned with fire unto their gods. Everything that I command you you shall do it faithfully, you shall not add to nor take away "(Deuteronomy 12: 30-32)... These people honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. Vain they worship Me, teaching while they teach is the man command ..."These people honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. Vain they worship Me, teaching while they are teaching is the commandment of men "(Matthew 19: 8-9)."Vain they worship Me, teaching while they are teaching is a human command. Youignore God's command to hold on to traditions of men "(Mark 7:7-8).Celebrating Christmas means to preserve the lie and wasteBefore Christmas will be popping up various advertisements in shopping malls, stores, newspapers, magazines and so forth. Millions of dollars and billions of dollars squandered for promotional purposes for a variety of Christmas merchandise. Everything is packaged in such a way that it looks like the "Angel of Light Bearer", but without them knowing they neglected the teachings of Jesus, because they celebrate the tradition of the ancient pagan religion, not a command of God

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