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Published by abimub

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Published by: abimub on Dec 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Peer-e-Kamil(S.A.W) First ChapterTopic:Peer-e-Kamil(S.A.W) First Chapter
ForewordPir-e-Kamil, The Perfect Mentor, has been written for you. For thatmoment in your life when you need to decide between light anddarkness. You may tread the path that leads to light or, if you wish, takethe path that ends in darkness.
Even in the light one must watch one‘s step to avoid stumbling; once in
the dark, it makes no difference whether one can or cannot see whereone is going, for the gloom darkens with every step till darkness
becomes one‘s destiny. But sometimes in the dark, before the first
misstep, one regrets the path taken and may want to turn back to thatfork in the road of life where the journey began. Then the only solace isthat voice that guides and one has no choice but to listen and follow.Pir-e-Kamil is that voice that can guide one and can lead one from thedark towards the light, if one so wishes to take that path
 —‗And indeedguidance is given to them who desire it.‘
Let us once again listen to that Perfect Mentor!Umera Ahmedumeraahmed@yahoo.com
Chapter 1
‗My life‘s dearest desire?‘ She fell into deep thought, the pen between
her lips. Then drawing a deep
breath, she gave a wan smile, ‗Hard tosay…‘
‗Why is it hard?‘ Javeria asked her.‗Because I desire so many things, and each one of them is so importantfor me,‘ she replied, shaking her head.
 They were both sitting at the farther end of the auditorium, their backsto the wall. It was their eighth day at the F.Sc. classes and they spenttheir free period there. Nibbling salted peanuts one by one, Javeria
repeated her question. ‗What‘s your life‘s dearest wish, Imama?‘
 Imama looked at her with some surprise and pondered over the
question. Then parrying the question with a demand, she said, ‗You tell
me first what you desire most.‘
‗I asked you first, so you should reply first,‘ retorted Javeria.
‗Very well…let me think,‘ Imama conceded defeat. ‗My life‘s dea
desire…‘ she mumbled to herself.
‗Well, one wish is to live long…very long,‘ she said.
‗Why?‘ laughed Javeria.‗Fifty or sixty years are too short for me. One should live to be at least a
hundred. And then there is so much I wish to do. Should I die early, all
my wishes would remain unfulfilled.‘ She popped a peanut into her
‗What else?‘ said Javeria.
‗I want to be the most outstanding doctor in the country— 
the best eyespecialist, so that when the history of eye surgery in Pakistan iscompiled
, my name will be at the very top of the list.‘ She looked up
with a smile.
‗And what if you cannot become a doctor? After all, that depends bothon merit and luck,‘ Javeria stated.
‗That is out of the question. I am working so hard to make it to the
t list. Besides my parents can afford to send me abroad if I don‘tget into a medical college here.‘
‗But still, what if you cannot be a doctor?‘
‗That‘s impossible. It‘s my life‘s dearest desire: I can sacrifice
everything for it. This has been my lifelong dream, and how can one just
ignore or forget one‘s dreams? Impossible!‘ Imama shook her head
decisively as she picked another peanut off her palm and nibbled on it.
‗Nothing is impossible in life— 
anything can happen at any time.Suppose your wish does no
t come true, how would you react?‘Imama fell into thought again. ‗To begin with, I‘ll weep a lot…a greatdeal…for many days—and then I‘ll die.‘
Javeria burst out laughing. ‗You just said you wanted a very long life,and now you want to die.‘
‗Obviously. What‘s the point of living then? All my plans are built
around my career in medicine and if that is not to be a part of my life,
then what remains?‘
‗So you mean this one dream of your life will wipe out all otherdreams?‘
‗Yes, think of it that way.‘
‗Your most important desire is to be a doctor, not to live long?‘
‗You could say so.‘
‗Very well—so, if you can‘t become a doctor, then how would you
choose to die? Would you choose: suicide or a natural death?‘‗A natural death of course. I can‘t kill myself,‘ Imama replied casually.
‗And if you do not die naturally, then what? I mean, if you do not diesoon, despite not being a doctor, you would go on living.‘
‗No. I know that I‘ll die very soon if I can‘t be a doctor. I will be so
heart-broken that I will n
ot survive,‘ she replied decisively.
‗It is difficult to believe that a cheerful person like you can be so
despairing as to cry yourself to death. And that too just because you
were unable to pursue a medical career. Sounds funny,‘ mocked
‗Stop talking about me. Tell me about yourself. What is your heart‘sgreatest desire?‘ Imama changed the subject.‗Let it go…‘
‗Why let it go? Come on tell me…‘
‗You will be offended if I say it.‘ Javeria spoke hesitatingly.
 Imama turned around in surprise to loo
k at her. ‗Why would I beoffended?‘
 Javeria was quiet.
‗What is it that I will mind?‘ Imama repeated her question.‗You will…‘ Javeria murmured.
‗Why should your life‘s greatest wish so affect my life that I would getupset?‘ Imama was quite irritated. ‗Is it your wish that I not become adoctor?‘ Imama seemed to suddenly remember.
‗Oh, no!‘ laughed Javeria. ‗There is more to life than being a doctor,‘
she stated philosophically.
‗Stop talking in riddles and answer me,‘ Imama said firmly. ‗I promise I
ill not mind anything you say.‘ She held out her hand in a gesture of 
‗Regardless of your promise you are going to be very angry when youhear what I have to say. Let‘s talk of something else,‘ Javeria replied.
All right
let me guess. Your decision is linked to something of great
value to me, right?‘ queried Imama after a thoughtful pause.
 Javeria nodded her head.
‗The question is: what is so important to me that I should…‘ she
stopped in mid-
sentence. ‗But unless I know the nature of your wish, I
cannot come to a conclusion. Javeria, tell me please. The suspense is too
much for me,‘ she pleaded.
 Javeria was lost in thought. Imama studied her face. Javeria looked upat her after a while.
‗Other than my career, there is only one thing I value most in my life,‘

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