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Sister's Revenge

Sister's Revenge



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Published by Maggie
Renee has been missing for over a year. Why?
Renee has been missing for over a year. Why?

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Published by: Maggie on Dec 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sister’s Revenge
He opened the door and found a woman standing there in sweatpants and an old sweatshirt,
for a moment he didn’t recognize her,
they stood in silence, both waiting for the other to makea move until finally he asked,
“Can I help you?”
“It’s me, Renee”
 He looked at her for a moment longer, then his eyes got large and he exclaimed,
“Oh my God Renee!” he hugged her with
the surprised expression still plastered on his face.
“You’re okay!” he said
“Yeah, sorry about that,” She said guiltily, “
an I come in?”
“Of course. Not much has changed about this old place since you were last here, so just, makeyourself at home.”
They stood in silence for a moment before Renee continued.
“A lot has changed since then though, hasn’t it?
Not necessarily about the apartment, butabout
…” She paused, “…
“Yeah, it has,”
he said while nodding his head solemnly.Another awkward moment broke the conversation.
“I’m sorry I came here. I just didn’t know where else I could go.”
Renee said uncomfortably
“You know you’re always welcome here”
He replied with a forced smile
“I know, but still, it’s rude to just barge in uninvited.”
 The woman took off her shoes inside the door, then made her way over to the living room,
“Take a seat,” the man called from the
“I’ll be right in,”
He stood in the hallway for a moment, running his fingers through his hair, before he followedher into his den,Renee was sitting on the couch examining her toenails, with polish barely visible, when sheheard his footsteps in the room she said,
“You know it’s weird. I never used to let a nail chip, but now I haven’t re
-painted for over ayear
“When are you going to tell me what happened?”
He asked suddenly, obviously not in themood for small-talk
“I just
She started
“What? You aren’t ready to talk about it yet? You disappeared
over a year ago. I think I have
the right to know where you’ve been.”
“That isn’t what I was going to say! If you’d just listen then,
’d understand. I’m just not sureif I’m allowed to tell anyone
, even
She said with a hint of distain,
“What? Have you been working with
? It’s ‘classified information?’” he said with sarcasm
“It’s just that they told me, there’s some paperwork to fill out and I’m not supposed to tell whathappened ‘till it’s been through processing…”
I’m your best friend! Or at least I was…”
Lawrence you still are!
” She stopped for a second and looked at him seriously, then continued,“Don’t be ridiculous, but it’s not my decision.”
“We used to tell each other everything. I couldn’t stop you from giving me every detail of your
life! You were always perfectly groomed; you wore
the latest fashion, not a hair out of place…”
He shook his head
, “
And then today you knock on my door after no contact for over a year,
wearing tennis shoes, sweats, and an old sweatshirt. I just don’t know what to think.”
 She took a deep breath and muttered something under her breath before saying
“I guess I should start at the beginning.”
 Lawrence sat down across from her.
“It’s hard to believe it was
over a year
ago…” she looked at the fresh scars on her hands and
shook her head
, “I got a call at 4 o’clock in the morning telling me that I had a twin sister, one of 
those separated at birth things. I figured it was a prank call of some kind until they began to tell
me things, things about myself. They told me my parent’s names, my date of birth, they named
my adoptive parents; they gave me my hair color, eye color, height, weight, they even told mehow I got the little scar on my lip, you know the one from when we got in a fight in third grade?They told me to meet them at 42
and Hartford Lane.”
“That’s when you called me. The last time I
heard from you until
today. Why didn’t you tell mewhat was happening?” He asked
“You’re so protective, I didn’t want you to worry about me, in case it was nothing.” She replied
“But it was something! Why didn’t you tell me the moment you found out it was bigger than,
 just a prank call, or a family reunion between lost siblings? I was worrying and waiting to hearsomething, anything from you!
I needed to know that you didn’t get involved with any of thehorrible things that I’ve,”
He took a breath, “that I’ve heard about on the news and stuff.”
“You don’t think I wanted to call? You think I wouldn’
t have done anything to talk to you? They
wouldn’t let me! They said it was for my own good
that I didn’t share what was happening,”
She pulled a pillow into her lap and ran her finger over the design while she continued.
“Look at me.” She
stared at his fa
ce, “
You think this was easy for me? I know it must have beenhard for you, not knowing, but how do you think it felt for me to be dropped off on a corner,thinking everything was fine, thinking I was about to meet my long lost twin only to be hustledinto a big white van, knocked out, and wake up hours later in an interrogation room. Do you
think that was fun, or painless?” Tears began to
trickle down her face.
” He tried, but she cut in
“No! Let me finish!” She wiped her face roughly with the back of h
er hand
, “
I found out that mysister, the one I expected to meet, was a member of the CIA. She was on an undercovermission and they had lost contact. This woman, my only living family member, was most likelybeing tortured by terrorists and I, an insura
nce agent, was her only hope.”
She stopped and wiped her eyes again
“How did they expect
to help?
Couldn’t they have found someone else?”
He asked
“I was confused about it at the time as well, but
they explained that it was a matter of nationalsecuri
ty and if I didn’t help then my sister wouldn’t be the only one getting hurt. They said
there would be a several month training and then they would have to put me into action. They
said it shouldn’t be too dangerous for me, that another agent would be there hel
ping me, andthat they would do most of the talking. All I had to do was show up.

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1 hundred reads
Aniruddha Sastikar added this note
Awesome story, Maggie! Beautifully executed! Can never tell who's the slayer. Held me read till the end! :)
Myca Nealon added this note
Definitely kept me reading til the end! Nice job! :)
Rose added this note
Wow! An excellent and well-written story!
Joe Hagen added this note
Very good job. Nice action, interesting characters and a good ending too!
Joe Hagen liked this
Joe Hagen liked this

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