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The NWO Zion Plans

The NWO Zion Plans



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Published by sohail84

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Published by: sohail84 on Oct 31, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ric clay’s interview with Henry on Red Ice Creations
Ric Clay is a young guy from Britain. Hes a musician, graphicdesigner, and conspiracy researcher. He’s traveled to Egypt, Mexico,Malta and many other places to do his own research.
The number 11
11 August 1999 at 11:11 am there was a total solar eclipse.
21 December 2012 at 11:11 am the Mayan calendar ends.
In the astrological sense with the precision of equinoxes & the26,000 years cycle of Earth wobbling through the 12 signs of zodiac we are moving in to the new age of Aquarius andAquarius is the 11
astrological sign.
Returning to pyramid numerology and the significance of the number 11:1234321 = 11:11 x 11:11121 countries = 11:1111 fatalities
In binary 11 stands for 3, which is the trinity. 11 x 3= 33. 33 isthe number of 33
degree mason.
The first plane that hit the world trade centre was flight 11.
Total number of crew on flight 11 was 11.
New York State is the 11
state of the US constitution.
September 11, 2001 is 11 years from 2012.
The world trade centre commenced building in 1966 and finishedin 1977. It took 11 years to build.
On September 11, 1990 at 9:09 pm (11 years prior toSeptember 11, 2001) Bush Sr. made the very first speechentitled “towards the New World Order” at the UN.
Going back 60 years in time, on 11 September 1941 soil wasbroken to lay the foundation of Pentagon.
The American NASA project to the moon was Apollo 11.
On the 11
hour of the 11
day of the 11
month, RemembranceDay is celebrated in Britain.
The word crown was derived from Anglo French word caroon,which is derived from the Latin caroona. The year the wordcrown was first established was 1111 AD.
The 1972 Munich Olympics provided the first world stage forglobal terrorism and the inclusion of the significant number '11'was anything but a coincidence.
11 Israelis were killed by Black September (the 9th month 9/11),a group with ties to Yasser Arafat’s Fatah organization.
The Olympics were host to 121 countries.
121 divided by 11 gives 11.
The NWO Zion plansLondon Olympics 2012: Zion (The New Jerusalem) part 1
When the logo for the London Olympics was unveiled in June2007 at the cost of £400,000 there was significant publicuproar due to both the cost and how terrible it lookedDespite public pressure, the International Olympic Committeestood fast on keeping the logo, with no flexibility. In otherwords, this particular logo was very important. Why? There are many interpretations spread about the net, allintended to dissolve the true symbolic meaning behind thelogo. It has been claimed to look like a swastika, a runner andeven Lisa Simpson but these are all ridiculous diversions.On first glance you can easily make out the numbers 2012, butwhy the random 'dot'?....

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That was awesome, you learn something new every day, and that was really interesting! I just wish you would post more on this subject though, i was just reading it, and enjoying it... and then suddenly it ends. You really need to put more on this, I want to hear more.
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