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Hamid Algar - The Roots of the Islamic Revolution

Hamid Algar - The Roots of the Islamic Revolution

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Published by muhammad_alkahf

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Published by: muhammad_alkahf on Dec 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Roots of theIslamic Revolution
Hamid Algar
Islamic Foundation Press
A new phase in the Islamic movement KalimSiddiqui3)
Iran and Shi’ism4)
Ayatullah Khomeini: the embodiment of Ali Shari’ati5)
The year of the revolution
There is a strong temptation to write a self- righteous ‘we told you so’ introduction tothis edition of Hamid Algar’s four lectures on the Islamic Revolution in Iran. For, at the timewhen these lectures were given at the Muslim Institute in London the Revolution was lessthan six months old. The whole world was expecting Iran to fall apart, the mullahs to fail, theliberals to take over, the army to intervene, the communists to emerge in control, the CIA toput an end to it all, etc. we in the Muslim Institute were the only ones to evaluate correctlythe popular depth, dynamism, power, vitality and versatility of the Islamic Revolution.Indeed, so strong was our ‘theory’ that virtually everything that has happened in IslamicIran in the last four years was foreshadowed in Professor Algar’s lectures, in the discussionthat followed the lectures, and in my preface to the 1980 ‘student’ edition of the transcript.For this reason that preface is retained here.All we need to do now is to note briefly that Imam Khomeini’s leadership has alsoovercome the multitude of internal and external enemies; that the ulama have emerged as themost competent leaders that any post-colonial country has produced; that the westerneducated ‘liberals’ and communists have been outwitted, outmaneuvered, and defeated; thatthe people of Iran are more united and mobilized today than at any time before; that thecolonial culture and bourgeois capitalist, political, economic and social systems are beingreplaced; and that Iran has developed a new range of institutions all its own.The Islamic Revolution to which this book is an introduction has ushered the world intoan era to which the modern world is unaccustomed. Politics in the world of Islam will neverbe dull again.Kalim SiddiquiThe Muslim institute6 England StreetLondon, WCIH ODSApril 8, 1983Jamadi Al-Akhir 23, 1403

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