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Framed Draft 1

Framed Draft 1

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Published by Greg Phipps
My short film/homage to BTTF/collab with David Raygoza.
My short film/homage to BTTF/collab with David Raygoza.

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Published by: Greg Phipps on Dec 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ACT IOPENING TEXT: Saturday, October 23rd, 2010INT. MICHAEL'S HOUSEMichael and Christopher are asleep in Michael's room.In the background, we hear a TV.Michael's alarm clock sounds, the song 'Earth Angel' byMarvin Berry plays.They both get up and stretch. They walk into the media roomand sit on the couch.INT. MEDIA ROOMChristopher picks up the remote and pushes 'power.' The TVturns on and plays an ad for Back to the Future Blu-Ray 25thanniversary release.MICHAELThose are good movies.CHRISTOPHERYep. (sing-song) And look what I'vegot! (holds up box set)MICHAELGreat scott! How do you have thatalready?CHRISTOPHERMy uncle works at Universal, it'sno biggie.MICHAELLet's watch it now!CHRISTOPHERFirst, let's get breakfast.MICHAELYou go get something downstairs.I'm gonna see what's on the news.CHRISTOPHERMedia nut!MICHAELWhatever!Christopher exits. Michael switches channels.NEWS REPORTER (O.C.)We are here at the scene of acrime, a midnight murder, if youwill. John Smith, a 17 year old
boy, has been murdered, drowned inhis own pool. Police estimate thetime of death as 11:39 last night.MICHAELHoly shit, is this live?NEWS REPORTER (O.C.)Police suspect that the murdererswere these two teenagers, MichaelPemberton and Christopher Rittard,two 17 year old boys. We now showyou the breaking in of their house,live, on channel 7 news.MICHAELWait, what?!?The door slams open, heard off screen.POLICEMAN #1Police! Come out with your handsup! You're under arrest forsuspicion of the murder of JohnSmith!MICHAELWhat the fuck...Cut to black.Back to the Future theme is heard, title card is shown insame font style as BTTF.INT. MICHAEL'S LIVING ROOMMichael is pacing back and forth. He walks in front of thecamera, out of focus, while the camera focuses onChristopher's bummed face.CHRISTOPHERHouse arrest until the trial, canyou believe this?MICHAELI know, we should be in a cell orsomething.CHRISTOPHERNo, I mean, dude, we've been framedfor MURDER. We've never killedanybody! Ever! How the fuck is itthat we ended up getting framed forit?MICHAELMaybe we killed him, snorted coke,and then forgot all about it.CHRISTOPHER
...I doubt that's what happened.MICHAELThen what did we do, man?CHRISTOPHERNothing!MICHAELAre you sure?CHRISTOPHERYeah, I'm fucking sure! JesusChrist, man, I'm pretty sure I'dremember if I murdered somebody!MICHAELShit.... What do we do? We'refucked! There's no way out of this,man! This isn't like throwingsomeone naked into a locker room,this is fucking jail for us! Forlife!CHRISTOPHERI get it, man! We're fucked! Butwhat do you expect me to do aboutit? Go back in a time machine andprevent him from getting killed?MICHAEL(worried look fades, gets alightbulb above his head)Actually, that's exactly what we'regonna do.CHRISTOPHER(puzzled)...Qué?MICHAEL...Follow me.CUT TO: INSIDE MICHAEL'S ATTICMichael opens the door, flips on the light switch, and walksin, Christopher follows.CHRISTOPHERWhy are we in here?MICHAELGive me a second, let me find it.CHRISTOPHERLet me guess, you've got a timemachine in a box somewhere that yousaw in an ad in a magazine, and youwanted to buy it to see if it'dwork, and now you wanna show it to

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