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Published by Marudhu Gangadharan

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Published by: Marudhu Gangadharan on Dec 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chlorides We offer a wide range of Chlorides that includes Ammonium Chloride, Barium Chloride (Dihydrate), Calcium Chloride (Dihydrate), Calcium Chloride (Anhydrous), Cupric Chloride (Anhydrous), Cupric Chloride (Dihydrate), Cuprous Chloride, FerricChloride (Anhydrous), Ferric Chloride (Hexahydrate), Ferric Chloride (Liquid ),Magnesium Chloride (Anhydrous), Magnesium Chloride (Hexahydrate), Manganese Chloride, Nickel Chloride (Hexahydrate), Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride (Pure),Strontium Chloride (Hexahydrate), Zinc Chloride (Anhydrous).Ammonium ChlorideAmmonium ChlorideNH4ClCAS No53.49Molecular FormulaWhite Crystalline PowderMolecular WeightTechnical*DescriptionGrade98% MIN.Barium Chloride (Dihydrate)CAS No10326-27-9Molecular FormulaBaCl2.2H2OMolecular Weight244.26DescriptionWhite CrystalsGradeTechnical*SPECIFICATIONAssay98.0% MINCalcium Chloride (Dihydrate)Synonyms: calcium chlorideCAS No10035-04-8Molecular FormulaCaCl2.2H2OMolecular Weight147.01DescriptionWhite ColorPhysical FormAvailable Lumps / Powder Crystals as requiredTechnical*Technical*SPECIFICATIONCalcium Chloride (Anhydrous)Synonyms: calcium dichlorideCAS No10043-52-4Molecular FormulaCaCl2Molecular Weight110.98DescriptionMilky White to Slightly Grayish colorPhysical FormAvailable Lumps / PowderGradeTechnical *SPECIFICATIONAssay95.0 % MINAssay (Dry Basis)98.0% MINCupric Chloride (Anhydrous)Cupric Chloride (Anhydrous)Copper ( II ) ChlorideSynynom : Copper ( II ) ChlorideCAS No7447-39-4Molecular FormulaCuCl2Molecular Weight134.45
DescriptionYellowish to dark brown powderGradeTechnical* Cupric Chloride (Dihydrate)Synynom : Copper ( II ) ChlorideCAS No10125-13-0Molecular FormulaCuCl2.2H2OMolecular Weight170.48DescriptionBlue, Greenish Crystalline PowderGradeTechnical*SPECIFICATIONAssay98.0% MINCuprous ChlorideWe are offering a wide ranfe of Cuprous Chloride.Cuprous ChlorideSynonyms : Copper (I) ChlorideCAS No7758-89-6.Molecular FormulaCuCl.Molecular Weight99.0DescriptionBrownish to Grayish White PowderGradeTechnical*SPECIFICATIONAssay97% MINFerric Chloride (Anhydrous)We are offering a wide range of Ferric Chloride (Anhydrous)Ferric Chloride (Anhydrous)Synonyms : Iron (III) Chloride Anhydrous, Iron Tri ChlorideCAS No7705-08-0Molecular FormulaFeCl3Molecular Weight162.21DescriptionDark Green Crystalline PowderGradeTechnical*SPECIFICATIONAssay98.0% MINFerric Chloride (Hexahydrate)We are offering a wide range of Ferric Chloride (Hexahydrate)Ferric Chloride (Hexahydrate)Synonyms: Iron chloride hexahydrate; ferric trichloride hexahydrateCAS No10025-77-1Molecular FormulaFecl3.6H2OMolecular Weight270.30DescriptionDark Brown LumpsGradeTechnical*SPECIFICATIONAssay 98.5 % MINFerric Chloride (Liquid )We are offering a wide range of Ferric Chloride (Liquid )Ferric Chloride (Liquid )Synonyms: Iron (III) Chloride SolutionCAS No7705-08-0
Molecular FormulaFecl3.xH2OMolecular Weight162.21DescriptionDark Brown LiquidGradeTechnical*SPECIFICATIONAssay 40.00 % MINMagnesium Chloride (Anhydrous)magnesium chloride (Anhydrous)CAS No7786-30-3Molecular FormulaMgCl2Molecular Weight95.21DescriptionVery High Hygroscopic, White PowderGradeSPECIFICATIONAssay98.0% MINMagnesium Chloride (Hexahydrate) Synonyms: Magnesium Chloride 6-HydrateCAS No7791-18-6Molecular FormulaMgCl2 .6H2OMolecular Weight203.30DescriptionWhite DeliquescentPhysical FormCrystals / Flakes availableGradeTechnical*SPECIFICATIONAssay98.0% MINManganese ChlorideSynonyms : Manganese (II) Chloride (Tetrahydrate)CAS No13446-34-9Molecular FormulaMnCl2.4H2OMolecular Weight197.90DescriptionPink Crystalline PowderGradeTechnical*SPECIFICATIONAssay97.0% MI Nickel Chloride (Hexahydrate)Synonyms : Nickel (II) Chloride, Nickelous ChlorideCAS No7791-20-0Molecular FormulaNicl2.6H2OMolecular Weight237.69DescriptionYellow or Light green Deliquescent CrystalsGradeTechnical*SPECIFICATIONAssay98.0% MINPotassium ChlorideWe are providing a wide range of Potassium ChloridePotassium ChlorideSynonyms: Potassium monochlorideCAS No7447-40-7Molecular FormulaKClMolecular Weight74.56DescriptionWhite Crystalline Powder

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