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The Volunteer, July 2000

The Volunteer, July 2000

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Published by: Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive on Oct 31, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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...and that government of the people,by the people, and for the people,shall not perish from the earth.”ABRAHAM LINCOLN
Vol. XXII, No. 3Summer 2000
     H     O     T     O     B     Y
     I     C     H     A     R     D
     E     R     M     A     C     K
Arlo Guthrie,Pete Seeger,Mime Troupeand GarzónHighlight NYReunion
By Trisha Renaud
A capacity crowd of 1,000cheered the introduction of 28Lincoln Brigade veterans, thencheered again and again in responseto the remarks of Judge BaltasarGarzón from Spain, music from threegenerations of folk troubadours, anda moving theatrical presentation bythe San Francisco Mime Troupe.The music and speeches focusedon similarities between the struggleagainst fascism 63 years ago in Spainand the more recent struggle againstfascism in Chile.The New York Abraham LincolnBrigade reunion, held at the Boroughof Manhattan Community College,marked the 63rd anniversary of thebrigadistas' arrival in Spain. Thepacked house paid tribute to the 28veterans called forward by MoeFishman to stand before the stage.In attendance were EmilioCassinello, Spain's Consul-General inNew York; Anna Perez, representingAsociación des Amigos de BrigadesInternationales, a Madrid-based orga-nization; and James Fernandez,Director of New York University's
continued on page 7 
The Protection of HumanRights in the InternationalJustice Systemby Judge Baltasar Garzón,page 6
Judge Baltasar GarzónArlo Guthrie, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, and Pete Seeger
New Film by Abe Osheroff,
Art In the Struggle for Freedom,
page 14Tampa Remembers , page 4Swiss Monument to IBers, page 5George Watt Awards, page 11
     H     O     T     O     B     Y
     R     I     C
     E     V     E     N     S     O     N
Bay Area
Bay Area
By David Smith
oe Fishmans article in the last issue of 
acted as a catalyst for me to com-plete this short report of our activities. Formany years the Bay Area VALB has planned andproduced most of its activities with the direct aidof associates (relatives and friends of the vets).Under Milt Wolff’s leadership, the organizationwas formalized as VALB and Associates, with theassociates as a voting and integral part of the orga-nization. Now I must state that the associates arethe key to our existence. We have an organizationof 24 vets and 55 associates and an executiveboard of 10. The officers are Corine Thornton,Executive Secretary; Linda Lustig, Treasurer;Martha Jarocki Olson, Vice Chair; and DavidSmith, Commander. We have regular meetingswith potluck lunches about 5 times per year.Younger members have been and are now playingan important role.The proceeds from our excellent February event weredistributed among the following organizations: ALBA;
; Soler Pediatric Hospital in Havana, Cuba; S.F.Mime Troupe; School of America’s Watch West; GlobalExchange; and Bulgarian and Romanian veterans inneed of aid.About 50 vets and friends celebrated Nate Thorntons85th birthday at a dinner party at La Peña CulturalCenter—great gathering. At home, Al Tanz’s 92nd birth-day was celebrated with friends and vets. At the Bird andBecket Bookstore in SF, we vets “talked of Spanish CivilWar and politics.” It was stimulating to be with a group of us, Milt Wolff, Hank Rubin, Clifton Amsbury, CorineThornton and myself, exchanging ideas and joking withthe audience during the session. During the past year MiltWolff, Clifton Amsbury and I have been guests at Universityof California, Berkeley classes. I have become good friendsof 2 Spanish high school exchange students, having metthem during a presentation to combined Spanish classes atBerkeley High School. The
magazine of this area fea-tured a full-page article about Milt Wolff.I became acquainted with Claudia Durst Johnson,retired professor and chair of the University of AlabamaEnglish Department, now residing in Berkeley. Sophie andI were interviewed at length and appear in her book con-cerning the 1930s, the Spanish Civil War and theblacklisting period,
Understanding the Crucible: A Student Case Book on Issues, Sources and Historical Documents
, ALiterature in Context Series, Greenwood Publishers. It is avery good book for senior high and college freshmen, exam-ining the past and drawing parallels with today’s society.“Pinochet is back in Chile—What’s next?” On June 15the VALB post and Asociación de Guatemaltecos Unidossponsored a conversation with Spanish judge BaltazarGarzón and Guatemalan human rights attorney MynorMelgar at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley.In September our annual picnic will take place atLive Oak Park in Berkeley. Potluck plus grilled chickenprepared by our associates—a wonderful gathering for75-80 friends.
2THE VOLUNTEER, Summer 2000
Journal of the
Veterans of theAbraham Lincoln Brigade
an ALBA publication799 Broadway, Rm. 227New York, NY 10003(212) 674-5552
Editorial Board
Peter Carroll Leonard LevensonFraser Ottanelli Abe Smorodin
Design Production
Richard Bermack
Editorial Assistance
Nancy Van Zwalenburg
Submission of Manuscripts
Please send manuscripts by E-mail or on disk.E-mail: 
Al Tanz celebrates his 92nd birthday.
     H     O     T     O     S     B     Y
     I     C     H     A     R     D
     E     R     M     A     C     K
hicago Friends of the Lincoln Brigade opened a cam-paign last May for a monument to honor andremember the 160 volunteers from the Chicago area.The effort was launched at asuccessful theater party fea-turing Peter Glazer’stheatrical production,
 Heart of Spain: A Musical of the SpanishCivil War 
. Brochures announc-ing the new campaign weredistributed at all performancesat Northwestern University’sBarber Theater.This new play by Glazerskillfully combines the writ-ings of some of the Americanvolunteers with dramaticscenes that clarify the histori-cal context. It weaves togethermaterials of the time—diaries,letters, poetry and songs—with music by Eric BainPeltoniemi.
 Heart of Spain
smoothly takes the audience from the general world scenein the 1930s to the thoughts, feelings, and actions of a vari-ety of Lincoln volunteers. That it is a riveting, excitingpiece of theater will not surprise the many who have seenGlazer’s works in recent years, including
Woody Guthrie’s American Song
and the Spanish Civil War musical presenta-tion
. Glazer prefaced his recent success in Chicagoby writing and directing the highly regarded
We Must  Remember 
, performed in San Francisco and New York.In other recent activity, CFLB co-sponsored an AfricanAmerican History Month program on Langston Hughes atInternational House at the University of Chicago, whereHughes resided while teaching at the Laboratory School.Cranston Knight, poet and historian, spoke of Hughes’writings and poetry in support of Republican Spain to anaudience of students and community residents.In another collaboration in March, CFLB co-chairChuck Hall spoke to an audience at a “La Peña” evening atthe popular Old Town School of Folk Music. A multimediapresentation,
The Spanish Civil Wa
, written and directed byDr. Oscar Ballester, combined narration, text by PabloNeruda, and poems by Federico Garcia Lorca, MiguelHernandes, Antonio Machado and Rafael Alberti withmusic by Pablo Casals and Manuel de Falla and the art of Pablo Picasso. Local poets, actors and musicians participat-ing in the program included Jose Bono, Juan Borja,Gonzalo Cordova, Hoy Son, Hal Ehrich, Kerry Sheehan,Jamie OReilly, and Michael Smith. The program in Englishand Spanish was part of a weekly showcase of Latin folmusic and dance enthusiastically supported by Chicago’slarge Latino community. Juan Dies, Director of La Peña,spoke of his grandparents, Loyalist refugees who went toMexico after the fall of the Republic: “Staunch anti-fascists,they never gave up their hope for the restoration of democ-racy in Spain.”Those wishing to receive a copy of the brochure and tomake contributions for Chicago recognition of the Lincolnvolunteers are urged to write to CFLB, 211 Elgin Avenue,#3D, Forest Park, IL 60130.
THE VOLUNTEER, Summer 2000 3
by Moe Fishman
New York area press covers ALBA-VALB event:
published in Greenwich Village, carried alengthy article featuring Al Koslow and Abe Smorodin.The
New York Times 
had a good piece in the city sec-tion featuring a large photograph of Moe Fishman andquoting Harry Fisher. The
Hartford Courant 
, the largestnewspaper in Connecticut, ran a feature article onSunday, May 28, with a picture of Milt Wolff.
Jewish Currents 
ran a full-page description of the event byMorris Schappes. Finally, the
Brooklyn Bridge Magazine 
will soon run a feature article with picturesand interviews with Abe Smorodin, Al Koslow, MoeFishman, Matty Mattson, and Milt Wolff.
A plaque in Provincetown
:A plaque was placed in Provincetown, MA. It reads:Gene and Dick Fein: Fighters for Justice; Lovers ofProvincetown; Inspiring us still.” Dick was a long-timemember of our executive committee and his wife Geneworked for many years helping our organization.
News from Spain
:On April 30, 2000,
El Periodico 
of Barcelona head-lined: “Slaves of Franco.” The article described how anumber of former Loyalist soldiers had filed a class-action suit demanding full payment for their work asforced laborers under Franco.The bulletin of the organization of Loyalist Veteransreports “there has been slight increase for all veteransin the 2000 budget. However, the Loyalist veterans arecampaigning for a retirement pension equal to thosegiven to today’s other veterans upon retirement.”
Mac-Paps continue quest for a national monument:
The provinces of Ontario and British Columbia and thecity of Winnipeg have monuments honoring theCanadian volunteers of the International Brigades.However, the Canadian veterans will not rest easy untilthey achieve the dedication of a national monument inthe national capital of Ottawa.
BBrrigadier Nigadier Neewwss
Playwright Peter Glazer,producer of
Heart of Spain 
We Must Remember,
with his father, Tom Glazer

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