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Man's Best Friend

Man's Best Friend

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Published by Bob Yacobucci
This is a story about my dog, a misadventure of his, and how I am planning to make things right again.
This is a story about my dog, a misadventure of his, and how I am planning to make things right again.

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Published by: Bob Yacobucci on Dec 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Man's Best Friend
ByBob Yacobucci December 27, 2011 This is a story about my dog, a misadventure of his, and how I am planning to make things right again. I've always enjoyed having my dog next to me from the day he was born. Even outside, as he wasplaying, I would keep him confined to my yard with a boundary so he would be safe. My dog had greattimes at my place. He would run, jump, and just lay around in the sun with no worries in the world. One day I was challenged by someone that I thought was a friend of mine. He said he didn’t think thatmy dog loved me in return. My friend said that my dog was just hanging around me because he wasconfined to my yard by the fence I setup. As a test, my friend suggested that I open the gate to seewhat my dog would do. What my friend said made sense to me, so I opened the gate and I warned mydog to not go past the gate. Since my dog is a fairly smart dog, I was confident things would be okay,and besides, he’s always kept me within his sight. But, unfortunately, curiosity got the best of him. Itwas only a short time until he walked past the gate opening and he noticed the woods nearby. Thetemptation of the woods, and what might be contained there, proved too much for him because he ranoff! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen him, but I know he is running around the woods next to my homebecause I can hear him barking. He is definitely lost. There are times the sound of his barking will getcloser to my home, then, after a short time, his barking sounds will drift further away again; it’s almostas if something is keeping him from me. To make the matter worse, I can hear his occasional yelping; aterrible sound which breaks my heart. I am afraid for my dog because he doesn’t know how to sustainhimself for a long period of time, let alone how to defend himself. Each day I get up early in the morningand I call to him with the hope that he will follow my voice back home. Though, I do admit, I think he isso busy dealing with his day to day survival that he is not taking the time to listen for my calls. So I decided that somebody needed to venture into the woods to find my dog and lead him home.And because I need to stay where I am in case my dog returns home on his own, my son, who lovesmy dog just as much as I do, volunteered to go into the woods to find him. So I sent my son off on his journey. My son was gone for awhile and then he returned home. My son said that he found my dog,but when he went up to comfort my dog, my dog did not recognize him. My son offered my dog somefood with the hope this would convince my dog to follow my son home, but my dog only devoured thefood without any thought or care to what was offered. My dog even went so far as to snarl at my son,and then he lunged and bit my son on the hand. I am not angry towards my dog for biting my son; Iunderstand my dog is confused, in pain, and he didn’t know what he was doing. I need to consider what I am going to do next because I love my dog too much to just give up on him.I guess I can just keep calling and hoping he will listen or get hungry enough that he’ll return home onhis own. But it’s just too heartbreaking to keep listening to the pain I sense in the sound of his yelping;it’s tearing me apart inside. So I’ve decided that some day I am going to make things right again. Myplan is to purchase all the land as far as I can see, and then my son and I will do away with all the evil inthe land that can cause my dog harm. When I do this, then I will no longer need a fence and I can enjoywatching my dog endlessly explore as he tries to satisfy his unlimited curiosity. On this day, things willPage:

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