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Maungaturoto Time Line History Footnoted

Maungaturoto Time Line History Footnoted

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Published by Storm Gerome
Maungaturoto will be celebrating its 150 anniversary of settlement in 2013. This is a living timeline that will be updated as time permits
Maungaturoto will be celebrating its 150 anniversary of settlement in 2013. This is a living timeline that will be updated as time permits

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Storm Gerome on Dec 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Maungaturoto Time Line History Footnoted
The Maungaturoto and Piroa blocs containing a total o! 16"#1$ acres is set asideby the go%ernment !or the immigrants o! the &lbertland settlement scheme
 Provincial Gazette.— An Auckland Provincial Government Gazette was published  yesterday, it contains a proclamation from the Superintendent letting apart !,!!! acres of land being a further portion of the "atakohe block, and the blocks of land known as the "aungaturoto and the Piroa containing together #$,!#% acres, all in thecounty of "arsden for &mmigrants e'pected to arrive from the (nited )ingdom. *hereis a notification from the Superintendent, postponing the land sale advertised for the #st instant until further notice
1866'anuary 1
(esidents o! Maungaturoto hold their !irst social meeting at the residence o! 'ohn Hurndall o! )airau *ree Farm+ $ acres o! land is o!!ered by Mr Flo,er !or the erection o! a church+
1868'anuary 1
The third annual meeting o! the Maungaturoto settlers is held at the residence o! Mr )+ Huband.s /&ston House.
During the meeting it was resolved that an Agricultural Society should be formed. A committee was appointed consisting of W.M Flower W. !uband and Mr ". "riffin to#
draw up the rules, and make a framework for the show of garden and agricultural  produce.
$%lans for the erection of a new church are discussed. &he architect was noted as being #Mr Wrigley$ most li'ely referring to (ames Wrigley an Auc'land based Architect.
Subscriptions to the amount of )*+ had been raised. ,t was proposed to start the erection of the framewor' of the church -based upon the architect$s plans the following month.A proposal was put forward to engage Mr (osiah Martin to underta'e ministerial services. W. M. Flower offered an acre of land for a residence for Martin. Martin to hold fortnightly services and to conduct a school during the wee'. 
'anuary0iscussions on the building o! the Maungaturoto *ongregational *hurch+ & trustdeed had been dra,n up by S+ Hughes+ The builder ,as a /Mr Mason.+ 2t ,as reported in the Southern *ross
+.all arrangements having been completed with "r "ason, the builder, the erectionof the church would now be proceeded with immediately.-
March-ndThe !irst &gricultural sho, is held on March -
 in a public room
FebruaryThe Maungaturoto *ongregational *hurch opening is celebrated on $ February 1871+ 1$# people attended ,ith (e%erend Thomas ooer conducting the ser%ice
March(e%erend Thomas ooer dies ,hen a (imu tree he ,as !elling came do,n on him causing !atal in4uries
F&T&L &**205T &T M&5&T(T+ 0&TH F TH (9+ T+ :(+
e regret to ha/e to record a most lamentable occurrence, which took place on the 0th "arch, at "aungaturoto, )aipara, by which the 1ev. "r 2ooker, well known as an earnest and zealous minister in the district, lost his life. &t appears that "r 2ooker was engaged with his youthful soil in felling a rather largerimu tree.  &n its fall, the tree took an une'pected direction, and came down upon "r 2ooker with such force as to produce concussion of the brain3 at the same time breaking one of  4is arms and a leg.  5eath must have been instantaneous, as the unfortunate gentleman never gave the least sign of consciousness after the accident. Preparations were being made on the same day for holding an in6uest. "r 2ooker was a most popular minister in his district, and on all sides his loss is regarded humanly speaking irreparable.  "r 2ooker has left a widow and an only son. *he 1ev. gentleman came out from  7ngland some ten years ago with the 8onconformist emigrants, and with, the intention of ministering to them in their new home. &n conse6uence, however, of the untoward circumstances attendant on the settlement, or rather no settlement of the party, he, in common with many others, remained in thiscity. *he 9ongregational 9hurch at 8ewton, blown down during the famous gale of last  year, was erected through his efforts, and there the rev. gentleman labored for some  years. &n the year #0$0 he was appointed by the 9ongregational "ission to labor in the  8orth. Since that period he has continued to minister in that district up to the time of his death. "r 2ooker was held in high esteem, and much beloved, not only by the denominationto which he was attached, but also by a wide circle of friends, of other churches. 4is  sterling piety, his many useful ac6uirements, his gentle manners his prudence, his readiness to serve others in any way in his power, and at the cost of any self:denial to himself, endeared him to all with whom he came into contact.  4is loss will be keenly felt by the 9ongregational body, and the gap made by his death will not easily be filled. *he bad tidings hare been received with great regret and universal sorrow. — 8. ;. 4erald.< 

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