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Top Ten Simple Delights of Life

Top Ten Simple Delights of Life

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Published by Rachana Shakyawar

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Published by: Rachana Shakyawar on Dec 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HUMMING TODAY |http://rachanashakyawar.blogspot.com/
Page 1
Top Ten Simple Delights of Life
Rachana Shakyawar
Every person has a bit of philosopher in him/herand have his/her own a way of philosophy of lifeto define, look and explore the experiences,feelings, and fundamentals! I have tried toponder, express the unexpressed thoughts anddefinemy own quote that I follow in my life.
Ever since I have been aware of these things, I accepted andimplemented them in my greatest percentage of life that is livedin the daily routine. During the journey of life I discoveredthe courage to see the things with a complete shift of theprospective, perhaps rediscovering the creativeness in me.
I came across to simple delights throughreading, talking to different aged, the chain ofcircumstances and from a steady upgrade ofwisdom with age. Different phases and positionin life gave plentiful thoughts, experiences,and fluctuation of mood and emotions whichredirected me much concrete action plan to leada life and in all a better life-style.
I enjoy and celebrate this change every day. So, here I sharemy top ten simple delights that made a difference in my life.
HUMMING TODAY |http://rachanashakyawar.blogspot.com/
Page 2
Keep Smiling:
 Smile is one and only language that world understands effortlessly. The interesting fact is thatit takes 37 muscles to frown and 22 muscles to smile. So smile and uplift the aura instantly withthe sparkles of joy. Perhaps,
” is the synonym for smile
. Keep smiling for it does improveyour face value. An
d well goes the quote, “Don’t frown. You never know who is falling in lovewith your smile.”
Never Mess up with Hair:
 To your early teenage and younger hood, people have this tendency to experiment with theirlooks and hair comes first in the list. The more you mess up with the hair with iron rods, blowhair dryers, chemical colouring or changing frequently shampoos, the more fragile hairbecomes. Do not hesitate to take help of the hair-specialist to decrease the damage done tothe hair. Of course you know
, something is seriously wrong, don’t you!
Dance as if nobody watches:
 Play your favorite song and dance, at least 10 minutes. Try shaking your body while dancing if you have both left-feet. This will not only give you a chance to enjoy hearing your favorite
song, but will also help you to sweat a bit to keep you up fit. I love this very cute quote “
isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain
.” Rock the
life! I feel enriched! Life is bountiful. And yes, I am often seen doing the flamencoand applauding my own ass. Dontcha you love to do it?
Respect Old:
 One day you will also be old. Never forget, one day you will also have wrinkles of your face. Acomfortable old age is the reward of a well-spent youth. So being a youth respect the old aged.
One quote that I like to believe in is “
Love life and life will love you back. Love people andthey will love you back
.” Perhaps remember the
blessing of the old people just worksas
miraculous wonder
indeed! Go for it and respect, after all the blessing in return comes freeof cost, cash on!
Love your Limbs:
Don’t know when unfortunate time arrives and in an accident, you lose your limbs. No matter
how ugly your hands and feet looks, but
they surely serve you at best
all throughout the life.
Whether walking, running, hugging, writing, painting or as simple as combing your hair, it’s
your limbs which always helps you to facilitate your things. So honey, do take care and pamperyour body! Go for pedicure and manicure, you will love that.
HUMMING TODAY |http://rachanashakyawar.blogspot.com/
Page 3
Cherish old friends:
 Not everybody can be your best-friends but there
can be few as in your friends circle
. Youmust keep in touch with some of your childhood friends or school or college friends. As yougrow old these people shall be there to remind you how you were in your younger days.
Thiswill help you share things with much ease.
Ironically, I have the mirror as my best friend! But
in today’s scenario I have added one more list of friends who are
. I never met them orknow them personally but few are there who know me ever since I started blogging. I can readtheir blogs and they read mine, we exchange thoughts in terms of comments only. Still weshare a beautiful blogging bond that embraces us together.
Be Singular in this plural world:
 Often I believe that each one is special. Yet only difference is that one is 18 and other is 19.
Perhaps the difference between good and better is that little “
extra effort made
” to be the
best. Focus on what you really want to be and want to have to capture your dreams. You muststrive to use your creativity and courage that reflects your very unique individuality. We neednot be perfect but just an extra effort to be perfect can make us unique. Toil to make yourself remarkable by some talent or o
ther. I love to quote myself as “
Unconventional in the willfulway
"; this is how I feel Singular in this plural world and each one of us has a right to feel so,
isn’t it!
Daily Delights:
Stimulate through sensual exploration
and open up to feel the little and simple pleasure of the day. Adoring the simple pleasure is a state of mind which gives a power to respect others,appreciate the nature and feel grateful to God, besides this will preserve your innocence intactin the busy life. Go for a walk and inspire yourself praising the green lush grass around, the sunrays passing their fingers through the branches, a dribble drizzle rain in the morning, orangehue light in environment just before the evening starts, dew drop on flower petal, a gentlebreeze in y
our hair, a friend’s hugs, a phone call of a beloved, radio playing the same song that
you had been playing in your head, the curtain moving due to gentle wind at the window,aroma of the cup of coffee, your baked cake coming up from the oven just perfect, standing onthe roof glazing the tiny stars, ocean tides touching the feet, wondering and smiling at thesame time when no one is around, receiving a surprise greeting card from your old friend or
 just a cute comment in your new post…the list is as long a
s you want to absorb the pleasurefrom your daily living. But my delighting pleasure is when I see my tears followed after my loudlaughter and my jaws hurting so badly. These are the simple pleasure yet sprinkles some magicthat turns a routine day into a great one and making you feel so blessed. Alwaysremember,
“Each day has its Moments!”

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