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Excerpt From Oslo Police District Report on Rape

Excerpt From Oslo Police District Report on Rape

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Published by Ali Abunimah

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Published by: Ali Abunimah on Dec 29, 2011
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Translated excerpt from report "Rape in the Global Village", Saetre and Grytdal,Oslo 2011.Original report: "Voldtekt i den globale byen," found athttps://www.politi.no/oslo/aktuelt/nyhetsarkiv/2011_05/Nyhet_9976.xml
Pages 51-56[…]What this difference in age profile for Norwegian and non-Norwegian perpetrators indicates is hard to say.Explanatory models can be developed linked to differences in life history (life history analysis) and tospecial age steps (cohort analysis), to diverse cultural backgrounds (subculture analysis) and to socialstatus and the burdens affecting social groups regardless of cultural roots (strain theory). *48 There is agreat probability that differences between perpetrators change in relation to greater or more equalinclination to report as between the victims of perpetrators of Norwegian or non-Norwegian backgrounds.It is further probable according to new research from Sweden, that the same explanation is valid for bothgroups, ie socio-economic factors in relation to parents and communities, but that this affects more manwith foreign backgrounds. *49 A number of mechanisms may also be active at the same time. As theviolation profile for those involved is relatively similar across ethnic backgrounds with the exception of this age profile, it appears that the violation procedure can both be blamed on factors that are common for men across ethnicity, and factors that are specific. In the analysis otherwise it can be seen that there is adifference linked to the fact that young non-Norwegian persons are most frequently reported for types of rape where those involved are not known to each other, such as assault and vulnerability rape, and to someextent party rape. This can provide a basis for various hypotheses about how the sex market functionsdifferently for men with Norwegian or other ethnic backgrounds. Young foreign men, immigrant workersand others, can find it hard to establish steady pair relationships and/or acquaintance with potential partners in Oslo, and this can help to generate unsuccessful and degrading sexual relationships which arereported as rape. Circumstances like loneliness in the homo-social reality that some of these young meninhabit, rejection in the sexual market by Norwegian girls, lack of access to young women with the sameculture and national background as themselves, arranged intimate relationships and promises of fidelityembedded in their own culture, can all be factors in this. At the same time part of the explanation may bethat the inclination to report on the part of women is greater when unwanted or degrading events take place in connection with non-Norwegian persons than when Norwegian men are involved. It is easier toreport "aliens" than people you know yourself or are networked to. On the other hand it may also be thecase that women in pair relationships with foreign partners have a particularly low inclination to reportrelationship rape, and that the age-related pattern among non-Norwegian perpetrators and their lowrepresentation in the category of reported relationship rape can in this way primarily be attributed to a high proportion of unreported cases.*48 See for example Hauge, R. (2001): Kriminalitetens årsaker, Universitetsforl aget, eller Larsen, G.(1997): Innvandrete folkeslag og kriminalitet, i Finstad & Høigård (red.): Kriminologi, Pax*49 Hällsten, M., Sarnecki, J. & Szulkin, R. (2011): Crime as a Price of Inequality? The Delinquency Gap
 between Children of Immigrants and Children of Native Swedes, Universitetet I Stockholm, sehttp://webb.polopoly.it.su.se/content/1/c6/01/18/63/SULCISWP_2011_1.pdf [52]
Citizenship and national background – perpetrator *50
The majority of registered perpetrators in cases of reported rape in Oslo in 2010 have Norwegiancitizenship, as has been the case in every previous rape study. In 2010 this went for 61.2% of the perpetrators, which is relatively stable compared to the material from 2007 (60.3%). A relatively high proportion, 12.5%, of the registered perpetrators are from other parts of Europe, and taken together almostthree quarters of the perpetrators in 2010 have European citizenship. For the rest, 10.5% are from Africa,9.2% from the Middle East, 4.6% from Asia and 2% from America. *51Even though a majority of the registered perpetrators have Norwegian citizenship, a high proportion of them are originally from other countries than Norway. In 2007 there was an unusually high proportion of  perpetrators from the African continent, accounting for 30.5% of cases, so that the proportion with Norwegian backgrounds was unusually low (27.2%). This could be attributed to a reported group rape inwhich several persons of African background were involved. The picture in 2010 is more normalized, andin line with the trend from 2004. In 2010 the proportion of perpetrators with a Norwegian background is34.9% and the proportion originating from the European continent outside Norway is 13.8%. Together almost half (48.7%) of the perpetrators had a European ethnic background. The proportion of perpetratorswith a background in the continent of Africa had sunk to 19.7%, the Middle-East 15.1%, Asia 14.1%, andAmerica 2%.*50 As described in the introduction, the definition of the Central Statistics Office (SSB) forms the basisfor national background and the distinction Norwegian/non-Norwegian.*51 The Middle-East does not include Egypt, but does include Turkey and the states of the Arabian peninsular, together with Iraq and Iran.
Figure 8: Perpetrator's citizenship. Oslo police district 2010. Per cent. N=152 (cases).
2010 Norway 61,2%, America 2,0%, Asia 4,6%, Middle-East 9,2%, Africa 10,5%, Europe,12,5%[53]
Figure 9: Perpetrator's (also repeatedly suspected/person seen) continent of origin. Oslo policedistrict 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2010. Per cent. N=115, 110, 151 and 152 (cases).
 Norway 47%, Europe 7%, America 6%, Africa 10%, Asia 7%, Middle-East 23%2004 Norway 36,4%, Europe 10,9%, America 2,7%, Africa 19,1%, Asia 10,0%, Middle-East 20,9%2007 Norway 27,2%, Asia 15,2%, Africa 30,5%, Middle-East 15,9%, Europe 7,9%, America 3,3%2010Europe 13,8%, Middle-East 15,1%, Asia 14,5%, Africa 19,7, America 2,0%, Norway 34,9%,[54]It was previously mentioned that the total number of cases with a reported perpetrator is 152, comprising131 different persons. A number of persons are thus reported as perpetrators in connection with multiplerapes. In the following figure the continental background is shown only for unique perpetrators (each perpetrator is only counted once, irrespective of the number of reports in which this individual issuspected or was seen). The proportion of perpetrators (unique persons) of Norwegian national background is the group whose representation increases the most, comprising 38.2% of perpetrators.Together this brings the proportion of perpetrators with a European continental background to a total of 51.9%. The proportion with an Asian background falls to 11.5%, but otherwise the continental background profile is stable. Africa was 28.5%, while they made up 30.5% in the distribution of casesshown previously. This may be explained by the fact that a number of unique perpetrators of an African background were reported for more than one rape in the course of the year.
Figure 10: Perpetrator's (different, unique persons) country/continent of origin. Oslo police district2010. Per cent. N=1312010
Europe 13,7%America 2,3%Africa 19,8%Asia 11,5%Middle-East 14,5% Norway 38,2%

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