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The Saviour (Catholic Magazine)- Mar 2010

The Saviour (Catholic Magazine)- Mar 2010

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Published by arulforyou
The Saviour(Catholic Magazine) - Mar 2010
The Saviour(Catholic Magazine) - Mar 2010

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Published by: arulforyou on Dec 29, 2011
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March 2010
Volume : 1 Issue : 04
Consulting Editor
Bro. Sebastian Martin
Printer & Publisher
Sr. Asha S. Martin
Ashirwad Prayer Centre,Pascal Martin Road,Bhuigaon, (Samani),Post & Tal - Vasai,Dist - Thane, PIN - 401 201,M.S., INDIA.
Phone Nos. for Prayer
Code Nos. - 95250 / 0250Tel. Nos. - 2470068/2471422/2024489
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Yearly DonationIn India
By hand (in Vasai only)- Rs. 60/-By post - Rs.60/-
Single Copy Rs. 5
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MARCH 2010
The Saviour
Prophet Isaiah says,“He willingly gave His life andshared the fate of evil men. Hetook the place of many sinnersand prayed that they might beforgiven.
(Isaiah 53:12)
God first created this beautifuluniverse and then created man andgave him all authority over thisuniverse. However, He gave him onecommandment and told him toscrupulously observe that commandment.But, after sometime, Satan, the enemy of God could not digest the relation betweenGod and man. Therefore, Satan instigatedman to disobey God’s commandmentwhich God had given to man and therebyruined the affectionate relation betweenGod and man and Satan took control over man. Since the first disobedience of God’scommandment, man began to like Satan’swords and deeds. Man started behavingagainst God, instead of listening to God.Meaning, man started committing sin andgrowing in sin.Man not only started growing in sin but also got drowned in sin. He forgot Godand he accepted everything around him onthis earth as his God. As if to say, manwas enveloped in darkness and a stone became his God. He started acceptingFire, water, wind and whatever he cameacross as his God. Therefore, hecompletely forgot the commandments of the Living God. Love in man was replaced by hatred, cruelty, corruption, passion,crime, quarrels, desires, selfishness,unfairness and all immoral habits filledhis life. Man started behaving as badlyas possible. A sin got so deeply rootedin man that, seeing his pathetic condition,God repented to have created man andregretted from his heart and thereforeduring Noah’s era, God brought floodsand destroyed men completely. But inthat too, he saved Noah and his family.However, the generation after Noah alsostarted growing in the filth of sin. Godhad made it a covenant with Noah that,He would not destroy mankind againand therefore God didn’t destroy managain but instead, patiently tolerated man.God sent many messengers to bring man back to him but, instead of listening tothem, they were murdered. These sinfulmen were in their haughtiness. They hadfull confidence in their physical andintellectual ability. They didn’t feel theneed for God. What could God givethem, when they felt, they were superior to God.They were addicted to sin. The
AndHe BoreThe Sinof Many
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- Sis. Asha S. Martin,EditorMARCH 2010
The Saviour 3
ultimate outcome of their sin was everlasting loss i.e. death,meaning punishment of hell. Unfortunately, they were preparedfor the punishment of hell. They were not afraid of hell.However, God is kind, merciful and loving. He has createdman in the likeness of Himself, in His own image, and He didn’twant man to be destroyed in this manner. Therefore, in order to bring man out of darkness of sins, He sent His own Son intothis world.Bible says, “At the end of time God sent His Son into thisworld.” to take upon himself the punishment of our sins. Mydear brothers and sisters, the punishment for our sins was sosevere that, we wouldn’t have been able to suffer it. ThoughGod is so loving, we made God so much angry that, we wouldhave been completely destroyed by His anger. But, Jesus cameas a mediator in between God and sinful men and the punishmentwhich should have been ours, He took it upon Himself.Therefore, Isaiah says, He took upon Himself sins of all and became mediator for the sinners.My dear brothers and sisters, what Jesus has done for us,can be seen only by those who have eyes to see. Think for amoment, when a person murders somebody, law courts of thisworld either gives him a death sentence or life imprisonment.All people in this world are sinners and as such, when theycannot escape punishment in peoples court, how can theyescape punishment in God’s court. The punishment in God’scourt was so horrible that, even Jesus shed blood in perspirationand said, “Father, if it is possible, take away this cup from me,”therefore imagine how horrible was the punishment!But Jesus took upon himself this punishment and mediatedfor us. I quote one example here, once a soldier in the serviceof a king committed a mistake and was given death sentence.The king decided a day and announced that at noon of that day,when the church bell rings, this soldier would be hanged todeath. This soldier had one lover, who heard this announcementand prepared a plan to save the soldier, her lover. On the dayfixed for his execution, before the bell could ring at noon, she ,with the help of a rope, climbed into the Bell room and satthere. The preparation for the soldier’s execution was completeand accordingly at noon, the rope of the bell was pulled but nosound of the bell was heard. The time of the execution elapsed but the bell didn’t ring and therefore, everyone was curious toknow the reason and went to see in the Bell room. The sightthat they saw was, one young girl, completely soaked in blood,hanging there. In order to save the life of her lover, she put her own life in danger and shed her own blood.Jesus has exactly done same for us. In order to save us, Hehas sacrificed His own life and saved us from the punishment,which was due to us. He took the sins of all upon himself. Biblesays, “
For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us,that we might become the righteousness of God in Him
(2 Corinthians 5:21)
The death of Jesus Christ on the cross was preplanned. Itwas not the death for His sins but the death imposed on Him because of our sins. It was the death for forgiveness of our sins. It was the death to give us life. It was the death to makeus righteous, it was the death to save us from the punishmentof our sins, it was the death to take us into heaven, it was thedeath to win a victory over Satan, it was the death to smashthe poisonous tail of sin, it was the death full of sorrow butwas a glorious death.In the death of Jesus, we have obtained life. He took uponHimself our sins, obtained forgiveness for our sins and savedus from the punishment of our sins. Like sheep, we were lost,each one of us had taken our own route and God had imposedour sins upon Himself and redeemed us.Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, do not ignoreJesus, do not turn your back to him, do not pretend to beignorant about him. If you do so, you shall perish. We have noalternative to Jesus. Nothing in this world can save us exceptJesus.We may be highly knowledgeable persons in this world,or very popular in every field of activities, or millionaires rollingover heaps of money. We may say we don’t need Jesus, our knowledge will save us, our money will secure us, our namewill protect us, but remember, all these are illusions. Napoleon Bonaparte has said, “In order to conquer thisworld, I have flown rivers of blood, but still couldn’t conquer the world, but Jesus shed His own blood and conquered theworld and today, He is ruling over the hearts of millions of  people.”Joseph Princely, one of the greatest scientists has said that,“Jesus Christ is God and He is the biggest invention of mylife.”My dear brothers and sisters, today, for the past twothousand years, the work of salvation is going on. Therefore,don’t become blinded guide to the blind, but open your eyesand look for Jesus, because He has done a great thing for you. He has taken upon himself the punishment for your sinsand filled you with grace. Therefore, accept Jesus as your Savior. Call Jesus in your heart and through Him uplift yourself.Time is short and therefore do not let the opportunity given toyou, slip from your hands because, this is a golden opportunityand there is no guarantee that, such opportunity will be givenagain. Therefore, hurry and prepare for your salvation as earlyas possible.
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