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4Typographical conventions
5BSC 6alarm limit for full rate TCH availability (ALFRT)
7alarm limit for half rate TCH availability (ALHRT)
8alarm limit for SDCCH availability (ALSDC)
9alarm threshold for number of channel seizures (CS)
10alarm threshold for number of channel seizure requests (CSR)
11alarm threshold for SDCCH congestion (CNGS)
12alarm threshold for SDCCH failure rate (SCHFR)
13alarm threshold for TCH congestion (CNGT)
22BTS site battery backup forced HO timer (TIM)
23dcs macrocell threshold (DMAC)
24dcs microcell threshold (DMIC)
25disable external DR (DEXDR)
26disable internal HO (DINHO)
27enable answer to paging call on FACCH (EPF)
28enable call re-establishment on FACCH (ERF)
29enable emergency call on FACCH (EEF)
30enable ordinary calls on FACCH (EOF)
31ending moment for supervision of BTS (EMBNT)
32good quality limit (GQL)
33gsm macrocell threshold (GMAC)
34gsm microcell threshold (GMIC)
35HO preference order interference DL (HDL)
36HO preference order interference UL (HUL)
37LAPD load threshold (LAPDL)
38lower limit for FR TCH resources (HRL)
39maximum mean holding time for SDCCHs (MAXHTS)
40maximum mean holding time for TCHs (MAXHTT)
47minimum mean holding time for TCHs (MINHTT)
48ms distance behaviour (DISB)
49number of ignored transcoder failures (ITCF)
50number of preferred cells (NPC)
51priority level (PR)
52rx antenna supervision period (RXANT)
53rx level balance (RXBAL)
54signal quality limit 1 (SQL1)
55signal quality limit 2 (SQL2)
56starting moment for supervision of BTS (SMBNT)
57subscriber type (ST)
58TCH in handover (HRI)
59TCH probability 1 (TCP1)
60TCH probability 2 (TCP2)
61TCH probability 3 (TCP3)
62threshold for high TCH interference level (HIFLVL)
63TRHO guard time (TGT)
64upper limit for FR TCH resources (HRU)
65upper limit of ms speed class 1 (MSSCF)
66upper limit of ms speed class 2 (MSSCS)
69identification of mobile allocation frequency list
70type of mobile allocation frequency list
73identification of BCCH frequency list
74type of BCCH frequency list
77random value upper limit
78table identification (TBL)
81autoconfigure (AC)
82BCCH TRX shutdown timer (BTIM)
83BCF identification
84bit rate (BR)
85BTS battery backup procedure (BBU)
86D-channel link set name (DNAME)
87D-channel link set number (DNBR)
88external input number (INBR)
89external outputs (ON/OFF)
90external synchronization source (ESS)
91identification of test equipment (TEST)
92master clock TRX (MCT)
93polarity (POL)
95severity (SEV)
96site type (TYPE)
97text ID (TID)
98text ID of the output 1…4 (OUT1-OUT4)
99TRX shutdown timer (NTIM)
External input and output texts (IO_TEXT)
102text string (TEXT)
103BTS 104adjacency on other band (DBC)
105administrative state
106allow IMSI attach detach (ATT)
107averaging period (AP)
108background BTS colour code (BBCC)
109background BTS hopping mode (BHOP)
110background hopping sequence number 1 (BHSN1)
111background hopping sequence number 2 (BHSN2)
112background MAIO offset (BMO)
113background MAIO step (BMS)
114background mobile allocation frequency list (BMAL)
115background network colour code (BNCC)
116background underlay BTS hopping mode (BUHOP)
117background underlay hopping sequence number (BUHSN)
118background underlay MAIO offset (BUMO)
119background underlay MAIO step (BUMS)
120background underlay mobile allocation frequency list (BUMAL)
121BCCH allocation usage for active MS (ACT)
122boundary 1-4 (BO1-BO4)
123BTS colour code (BCC)
124BTS identification
125BTS hopping mode (HOP)
126BTS load threshold (BLT)
127BTS measure average (BMA)
129call reestablishment allowed (RE)
130cell barr qualify (QUA)
131cell barred (BAR)
132cell identity (CI)
133cell reselect hysteresis (HYS)
134cell reselect offset (REO)
135cell reselection parameter index (PI)
136cell type (CTY)
137C/N threshold (CNT)
138directed retry method (DRM)
139directed retry used (DR)
141early sending indication (ESI)
142emergency call restricted (EC)
143frequency band in use (BAND)
144hopping sequence number 1 (HSN1)
145hopping sequence number 2 (HSN2)
146HSCSD cell load lower limit (HCL)
147HSCSD cell load upper limit (HCU)
148HSCSD downgrade guard time (HDT)
149HSCSD minimum exhaust (HME)
150HSCSD regular cell load upper limit (HRCU)
151HSCSD TCH capacity minimum (HTM)
152HSCSD upgrade gain (HUG)
153HSCSD upgrade guard time (HUT)
154identification of BCCH frequency list (IDLE)
155intelligent directed retry used (IDR)
156limit for free TCHs (LIMIT)
157location area code (LAC)
158lower limit for FR TCH resources (FRL)
159MAIO offset (MO)
160MAIO step (MS)
161max number of repetition (NY1)
162max number retransmission (RET)
163max queue length (MQL)
164max time limit directed retry (MADR)
165min time limit directed retry (MIDR)
166mobile allocation frequency list (MAL)
167mobile country code (MCC)
168mobile network code (MNC)
169MS max distance in call setup (DMAX)
170MS priority used (MPU)
171MS txpwr max (PMAX)
172MS txpwr max CCH (TXP)
173MS txpwr min (PMIN)
174multiband cell reporting (MBR)
175network colour code (NCC)
176new establishment causes support (NECI)
177not allowed access classes (ACC)
178number of blocks for access grant msg (AG)
179number of multiframes (MFR)
180number of slots spread trans (SLO)
182penalty time (PET)
183PLMN permitted (PLMN)
184power offset (PO)
185queue priority used (QPU)
186queueing priority call (QPC)
187queueing priority non-urgent handover (QPN)
188queueing priority urgent handover (QPH)
189radio link timeout (RLT)
190radius extension (EXT)
191reservation method used in trunk reservation (REM)
192restricted use of priority channels in incoming handover (RUP)
193rx diversity (RDIV)
194rxlev access min (RXP)
195SMS CB used (CB)
196softblocking threshold on regular frequencies (STR)
197softblocking threshold on super-reuse frequencies (STS)
198table identification (TBL)
199TCH rate intra-cell handover (TRIH)
200temporary offset (TEO)
201time limit call (TLC)
202time limit handover (TLH)
203timer for periodic MS location updating (PER)
204traffic types (TT)
205trunk reservation used (TR)
206TRX priority in TCH allocation (TRP)
207underlay BTS hopping mode (UHOP)
208underlay hopping sequence number (UHSN)
209underlay MAIO offset (UMO)
210underlay MAIO step (UMS)
211underlay mobile allocation frequency list (UMAL)
212upper limit for FR TCH resources (FRU)
215adjacent cell layer (ACL)
216background BCCH frequency (BFREQ)
217background bts colour code (BBCC)
218background InterferedCell (BIC)
219background network colour code (BNCC)
220BCCH frequency (FREQ)
221BTS Colour Code (BCC)
222cell identification of reference cell (CI1-CI5)
223cell type (CTY)
224ChainedAdjCell (CHAIN)
225C/I estimation weight (W1-W5)
226DRThreshold (DRT)
227enable HOMarginLevQual (MRGS)
228fast moving threshold (FMT)
229HO Load Factor (OF)
230HO Priority Level (PRI)
231HOLevelUmbrella (AUCL)
232HOMarginLev (LMRG)
233HOMarginPBGT (PMRG)
234HOMarginQual (QMRG)
235HOTargetArea (HOTA)
236InterferedCell (IC)
237level adjustment (L1-L5)
238location area code of reference cell (LAC1-LAC5)
239MsPwrOptLevel (POPT)
240msTxPwrMaxCell (PMAX)
241network colour code (NCC)
242RxLevMinCell (SL)
249all interfering cells averaged (AVER)
250 amh traffic control IUO (ATCI)
251amh traffic control mcn (ATCM)
252amh trho pbgt margin (ATPM)
253C/I estimation method
254count of successive rapid field drop thresholds (CNT)
255deep dropping edge monitoring window (ERMW)
256enable enhanced rapid field drop (ERFD)
257enable fast averaging call setup (EFA)
258enable fast averaging HO (EFH)
259enable fast averaging PC (EFP)
260enable inter FRT handover (EFHO)
261enable intracell handover interference UL (EIC)
262enable intracell handover interference DL (EIH)
263enable ms distance process (EMS)
264enable power budget handover (EPB)
265enable SDCCH handover (ESD)
266enable TCH assignment super IUO (ETA)
267enable umbrella handover (EUM)
268enhanced rapid field drop duration (ERD)
269handover period power budget (HPP)
270handover period umbrella (HPU)
271interfering cell averaging window size (SIZE)
272interfering cell number of zero results (ZERO)
273level downlink window size (LDWS), weighting (LDW)
274level uplink window size (LUWS), weighting (LUW)
275lower C/I limit for band 1…6 (L1-L6)
276lower speed limit (LSL)
277min int between ho req (MIH)
278min int between unsucc ho attempt (MIU)
279min interval between IUO HO req BQ (MIR)
280min interval between unsucc IUO HO (MIO)
281minimum BSIC decode time (TIM)
282modified averaging window (ERAW)
283modified number of zero results (ERZ)
284ms distance averaging window size (MSWS)
285ms distance ho threshold ext cell max (MAX)
286ms distance ho threshold ext cell min (MIN)
288ms speed averaging (MSA)
289MS speed detection state (SDS)
290ms speed threshold Nx (STN)
291ms speed threshold Px (STP)
292number of zero results (NOZ)
293priority adjustment step for band 1…7 (P1-P7)
294quality downlink window size (QDWS), weighting (QDW)
295quality uplink window size (QUWS), weighting (QUW)
296super reuse bad C/I threshold (BCI), Px (BPX), Nx (BNX)
297super reuse bad threshold Rx level (CBR), Px (CBP), Nx (CBN)
298super reuse estimation method (METH)
299super reuse good C/I threshold (GCI), Px (GPX), Nx (GNX)
301threshold deep dropping edge (ERT), Px (ERP), Nx (ERN)
304threshold level downlink Rx level (LDR), Px (LDP), Nx (LDN)
305threshold level uplink for rapid field drop (RPD)
306threshold level uplink Rx level (LUR), Px (LUP), Nx (LUN)
307threshold qual downlink Rx qual (QDR), Px (QDP), Nx (QDN)
308threshold qual uplink Rx qual (QUR), Px (QUP), Nx (QUN)
309upper speed limit (USL)
312bs tx pwr max (PMAX)
313bs tx pwr min (PMIN)
314min int between ALA (AMIN)
315pc averaging lev dl window size (LDS), weighting (LDW)
316pc averaging lev ul window size (LUS), weighting (LUW)
317pc averaging qual dl window size (QDS), weighting (QDW)
318pc averaging qual ul window size (QUS), weighting (QUW)
319pc lower thresholds lev dl Rx level (LDR), Px (LDP), Nx (LDN)
320pc lower thresholds lev ul Rx level (LUR), Px (LUP), Nx (LUN)
328power control interval (INT)
329power ctrl enabled (PENA)
330power decr limit band 0 (PD0)
331power decr limit band 1 (PD1)
332power decr limit band 2 (PD2)
333power decr qual factor (PDF)
334power incr step size (INC)
335power limit ALA (ALIM)
336power red step size (RED)
339autoconfigure (AC)
341background C/I estimation type 1…10 (BT1-BT10)
342background C/I estimation weight 1…10 (BW1-BW10)
343background direct access level (BDAL)
344background frequency (BFREQ)
345background level adjustment 1…10 (BL1-BL10)
347background optimum RX level uplink (BLEV)
348background training sequence code (BTSC)
349background TRX frequency type (BFRT)
350binary outputs (ON/OFF)
351bit rate (BR)
352cell identification of interfering cell 1…10 (CI1-CI10)
353C/I estimation type 1…10 (T1-T10)
354C/I estimation weight 1…10 (W1-W10)
355combi link (CL)
356D-channel O & M link set name (ONAME)
357D-channel O & M link set number (ONBR)
358D-channel telecom link set name (DNAME)
359D-channel telecom link set number (DNBR)
360direct access level (DAL)
361E-TRX type (ETRX)
362frequency (FREQ)
363level adjustment 1…10 (L1-L10)
365O & M link location (OLOC)
366optimum RX level uplink (LEV)
367preferred BCCH TRX (PREF)
368subslots for signalling (SIGN)
369training sequence code (TSC)
370transceiver identification (TRX)
371TRX frequency type (FRT)
372TRX half rate support (HRS)
373TRX identification with frequency (IFREQ)
374TRX link location (TLOC)
375TRX telephone number (TEL)
376TRX transmission type (TRA)
377TRX type (FLO)
380administrative state
381RTSL type 0-7 (CH0-CH7)
388Adjacent Cell Handling Commands (EA)
391Transceiver Handling Commands (ER)
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BSS Parameter Dictionary S8

BSS Parameter Dictionary S8

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