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1997.04 - Stefan Marinov Articles

1997.04 - Stefan Marinov Articles

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Published by sadang
Stefan Marinov Articles
Stefan Marinov Articles

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: sadang on Dec 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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16 APRIL 1997
Magazine Reviews
Courtesy of Stefan Marinov, Editor Stefan Marinov, "Siberian Coliu Machine withEccentric Circular Current Rotor,”
Deutsche Physik 
,vol 6, no 21, Jan-Mar 1996, pp 5-36, 5 refs, 27 photosand figs.Stefan Marinov has long devoted his talents toshowing that there are many aspects of contemporaryphysics that are wrong. One of his prime goals in lifeis to produce a perpetual motion machine. This articlereviews his long-time efforts by mathematics
to produce a self-runningelectromagnetic machine. That he has not yetsucceeded is not evidence that the task cannot beaccomplished. It is fascinating that he has devoted somuch of his time and money to the quest. You willfind that some of the equations may be heavy going,but reading this review is an excellent history of howone scientist has not accepted current dogma and isstill on his quest.
Sir Edmund Whittaker, "A History of the Aether andElectricity,”
Deutsche Physik 
, vol 6, no 21, Jan-Mar 1996, pp 47-54, 12 refs. Excerpt of Vol 1, Chap III,first published 1910, revised 1951, Humanities Press,N.Y., 1973.Stefan Marinov chose this excerpt due to thediscussion of the Whittaker formula for the forcesbetween two current elements. Others haveformulated equations to describe this force includingAmpere, Lorentz (the one most accepted by today'sscientists), Grassman, Nicolaev, Marinov, andperhaps many others. Marinov shows that all of theseequations are wrong. Marinov has spent many hoursin both math and in experiments related to thisinteresting question as to the precise nature of theforce between two current elements. Marinov may bethe person to finally discover the proper nature toexpress this force. More power to him.
Stefan Marinov, "The Deisting Drive,
, vol 6, no 22, Apr-Jun 1996, pp 5-14, 9 photosand figs.In this article Marinov describes a new approach tothe development of a perpetual motion machine bymechanical motion. This is an interesting effectdescribed by Marinov and could be developed into aninteresting toy to teach some of the basic elements of mechanical forces. It is worth reading. [Note: afurther description by Marinov, of attempts to makeperpetual motion will appear in the Spring 1996 issueof the
Journal of New Energy 
Stefan Marinov, "A Sensitive Hall Detector WhichEverybody Can Put Together,”
Deutsche Physik 
, vol 6,no 22, Apr-Jun 1996, pp 19-21, 3 photos and figs.In this article Marinov provides the details for theconstruction of a sensitive probe for measuringmagnetic fields. With this probe, Christian Monsteinproved the existence of Monstein-Barnett Effect, andthe Monstein-Barnett Effect for Non-FerromagneticMaterials. In addition, Marinov claims that this led tothe Monstein and Marinov discovery of "The Cause for Magnetization of the Celestial Bodies.” In addition,the Monstein-Wesley Effect was discovered.
Withthat type of record for a simple but sensitivemagnetic field probe, many of the readers of 
New Energy News
will want to make just such a device.It would seem to be worth the cost of a copy of thisissue of 
Deutsche Physik.
Stefan Marinov, "Marinov's Formula is Dead, LongLive Marinov's Formula,”
Deutsche Physik 
, vol 6, no22, Apr-Jun 1996, pp 29-36, 5 refs.

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