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Car Collector Chronicles 01-12

Car Collector Chronicles 01-12

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Published by Dave Yaros
Jan 2012 edition (1/2012, 6 pgs.) of Car Collector Chronicles; a free, monthly, online, ad free newsletter for the classic/collector car enthusiast.

ARTICLES: High RPMs-Fifty Years Past, Storage Side Effects, Tire Dilemma, Tire Size Conversion Chart, January 1962 Events

PHOTOS: Saved62 License Plate, 1962 Oldsmobile Owner Documents, 1962 Oldsmobile Advertising
Jan 2012 edition (1/2012, 6 pgs.) of Car Collector Chronicles; a free, monthly, online, ad free newsletter for the classic/collector car enthusiast.

ARTICLES: High RPMs-Fifty Years Past, Storage Side Effects, Tire Dilemma, Tire Size Conversion Chart, January 1962 Events

PHOTOS: Saved62 License Plate, 1962 Oldsmobile Owner Documents, 1962 Oldsmobile Advertising

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Published by: Dave Yaros on Dec 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume V, Issue 1
Unlike today, a set of wheels wasfar more than a means of transport.It was our lifeblood. It made a state-ment about the individual; who s/hewas, from whence they came andwhere they were going. For those of us fortunate enough to be the care-taker of one today, it continues tomake a statement about the owner!2012 is now upon us. Thatmeans
is now 50years young. Ah, if I could onlybe 50 again! If someone hadtold me a half-century ago(when I was a mere lad of 16 — that would have been way back in 19 and 62) that in the year2012 I would be the proudowner of a ‘62 Oldsmobile, Iwould have summarily dismissedthem with a query of, “What isit you are smoking?”Well, it is another century, Iam no longer 16 and I do takeextreme pride in my 50 year oldcar. In that prior century, formost, the thought of driving a50 year old car never even en-tered the conscious as beingwithin the realm of possibility.Back then, by the time a car hadreached 3 to 5 years of serviceit was deemed old. Anythingolder than 5 was viewed as abeater.It was not at all unheard of inthe 20th century for well-to-dofolk to buy a new car everyyear, The cost to do so was thevalue of your trade and about$700. (Look back to ‘62—p. 4.)Nor was it uncommon thento own both a good car and awork car. In the steel town inwhich I was raised, folks did notdrive their shiny, new cars off towork in the mills. To say theleast, the mill parking lot wasnot kind to the finish. Perhapsit was all part of a corporateplot? The mill parking lot ateaway at your car metal, necessi-tating the production of moresteel to go into replacementvehicles.It is a testament to the qualityof cars from the 50’s and 60’sthat, given the abuse they re-ceived from testosteronecharged teens, they are still onthe road and able to be drivenand displayed today. While wedid push these machines to theirlimits, and sometimes beyond,we also gave them good care.
 High RPMs: 
Fifty Years Past
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-THE FORUM http://ccc.activeboard.comCar Collector Chronicles-scribdSaved 62 -1962 Olds web sitehttp://www.freewebs.com/ jeandaveyarosThe Gray Lady -
1955 CadillacCoup
de Ville web site
A website devotedto our 1962 Oldsmobile Dy-namic 88 convertible. The sitealso has a lot of information onOldsmobiles and its founder,Ransom Eli Olds.
This web-site features our 1955 CadillacCoupé de Ville and Caddy in-formation.
A website de-voted to a myriad of interests.Foremost is extensive informa-tion on the “Steel City” of Gary,IN. There are also offerings onsteel making, U.S. Steel-GaryWorks, U.S. Marine Corps, M14assault rifle, of course Oldsmo-bile, and the tragic story of themurder of Gary, IN Police Lt.George Yaros.
 January 2012Car Collector Chronicles
Car Collector Chronicles 
Car Collecting Today
Classic Rides
Reports From the Field
(1902- )
é (1987-1993)
High RPMs: FiftyYears Past
GDYNetsOn the Web
Storage SideEffects
Tire Dilemma January ‘62 Events
Tire SizeConversion Chart
Forum EMail:
If your ride is like mine, it has been sleeping for a month or more now.What transpires while the car sits idle? Most of what does occur is notgood. I thought it might be worthwhile to take a look at what takesplace, in terms of our machines while they patiently sit, and how to mini-mize those consequences.TIRES develop, for lack of a better term, a memory of their condition.That is a fancy way of saying they are prone to acquiring flat spots.There are 2 ways to overcome this: Overinflate the tires before puttingthe car in storage and move the wheels now and then, if possible. Alter-natively, get the tires off the ground while the car is being stored.BATTERIES fail to, or lose a state of, charge during non-use of your car. This one is easy. Connect a
Battery Tender™
or similar device tothe battery to keep it charged. Some people swear by them. Othersavoid them. I am in the former camp. I have 2, and they see constantuse. Why do some folk avoid them? It has to do with it being an electri-cal device, and the relationship of electrical faults and fires. My thoughtis such fear is not well grounded (pun intended), and representative of an over abundance of caution.GENERATORS may exhibit signs of malfunction on initial startup inthe spring. This would be indicated by the dash idiot light burning bright.What may in fact have transpired is that the generator lost its polarityduring the down time. Polarity is controlled by the presence of a mag-netic field. As a general rule, the residual magnetism present in thegenerator field coils when the charging system is not being used is morethan enough to maintain the required polarity. How long polarity is ableto be maintained during storage is not known precisely, and dependenton a lot of factors. What is important to understand is that once lost it iseasy to restore. With a properly charged battery, all that is required is to jumper the BAT and FLD terminals on the voltage regulator. Doing sorestores the required polarization to the generator field coils, permits thegenerator to properly charge the battery and turns off the idiot light.One of the first things that should be done when your ride is revived isto turn on the HEATER. It needs to circulate the anti-freeze solution inthe heater core. Draining the radiator and/or engine block does nothingto address the corrosive forces at work in the heater core. The bestthing you can do is keep the coolant flowing, and fresh. Of all the cool-ing system components, the heater core is the most delicate, and there-fore the most vulnerable. Take care of it! In the process of caring for ityou may also save your carpet.
Storage Side Effects
Car Collector Chronicles
Page 2
Of all thecooling systemcomponents,the heater coreis the most delicate, and therefore themost vulnerable.Take care of it!” 
I have found that come spring my rides take a long time to initially fire.I have learned that this is due, in part, to the high evaporation rate of ethanol laced fuels. In simple terms, the carburetor fuel bowl(s) is (are)dry. The quickest way, and the least stressful on your starter, to getyour ride to fire is to PRIME THE CARBURETOR. If possible, fill thefuel bowls via the external bowl vents before even trying to start the car.Whatever residual oil was lubricating the block and heads when youlast ran the engine in the fall is probably now at the bottom of the oilpan. For this reason, a good practice would be to try and get some OILCIRCULATING in the engine prior to start up. This may be accom-plished by turning the engine crankshaft a good number of times beforeever turning the ignition key. If you can get a socket and ratchet on theharmonic balancer nut you should be good to go in this regard. The jobmay be easier if you first loosen the drive belts on the crankshaft pulley.Hopefully, this discussion will aid in avoiding some of the inevitablewear and tear to your ride from being stored for extended periods?
Tire Dilemma
You need new tires for your classic. No problem, right? Just log on toTire Rack™ dot com, or run down to the tire store and buy a set. Ah, if that were only true!The first thing one needs to know is what sizetire was on the car when it rolled off the assemblyline. I am almost 104% certain that what is on itnow is not the same size as what came from thefactory. For cars born in the late 50’s or after,you may have a tire sticker inside the glove box.Later years may have the sticker on the door or  jamb. As a last resort, the owner manual should specify the proper tiresize.Next, you must answer, “What is the end goaIwith the purchase of new tires: an original/concours look or improved drivability?”. Theanswer to this question will guide you in your search for both a vendor and a set of tires. Ishould add that it is possible to have a
original look as well as improved handlingby switching to radials. However, be aware that going this route maycost you judging points.With the correct original tire size in hand, it must be converted to the
t is possible tohave asomewhat original look as well asimproved handling by switching toradials.However, beaware that going thisroute may cost you judging  points.” 
Car Collector Chronicles
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