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Are the Asharis & the Matruidis From Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jammah

Are the Asharis & the Matruidis From Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jammah

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Published by: Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie on Dec 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Taken From AhluSunnah WalJammah.Com Are The Asharis &The MatruidisFrom Ahlu Sunnah Wal JammahBy Abdul KareemIbn
Often the Asharis named after Abu Hasan al-Ash'aree(Shaykh Bin Baz said in Fatwa Ibn Baz that Abu Al-Hasan Al-Ashari was not one of Al-Ashairah, even if they (the Asharis) associated themselves with him. He gaveup their Madhab and embraced the Madhab of Ahlus-Sunnah) and their philosophical (kalaami) counterpartsMaturidis named after Imam Abu Mansur al-Maturidiclaim to both be from Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah or Ahlus Sunnah (In a fatwa by the Permanent Committeefor Scholarly Research and Ifta by Shaykh Abdul-Razzaq Afify and Shaykh Bin Baz
they said, “
 Ahlus Sunnah walJamaah are defined as those who hold fast to the Book of  Allah, the Exalted, the Sunnah of their ProphetMuhammad regarding all their Aqeedah (beliefs) andIslamic principles. They never oppose the texts of theQur'an and Sunnah for rational argumentation orpersonal preference; rather, they stick to the principlesof Iman (belief) and pillars of Islam observed by theSahabah (Companions of the Prophet)
In reality both these groups are from the Mutakallimoon(speculative theologians) and Ahl al-Kalaam (people of theological rhetoric) along with other misguided groupssuch as the Jahmiyyah, Mu'tazilah, Kullaabiyyah, Ash'ariyyah, Maturidiyyah and the Karraamiyyah. As both the Asharis and the Maturidis are from theMutakallimoon and Ahl al-Kalaam this indicates thatthey are not from Ahlus Sunnah, as Ahlus Sunnah are
opposed to any type of theological rhetoric (kalaam) orany sect involved in theological rhetoric. All of the Mutakallimoon and Ahl al-Kalaam are sects who involved themselves in Ilm al-Kalaam (the scienceof theology) which was a method of reasoning developed by the Mutakalimoon in order to understand the religionespecially aqeedah (Islamic beliefs).This 'science' is far from anything remotely considerednear Islam, in fact it is heretical because it stems fromthe works of Greek logic and philosophy particularly  Aristotle and Plato.
So this „science‟ is not based on the
Quran and Sunnah or the stances of the salaf us salaah(the first three generations of Muslims).
This „science‟ was synt
hesized with Islamic thinking,
thus from this „science‟ sprouted various sects and this„science‟ also gave the already existing sects fruition and
growth.Ilm ul Kalaam is rejected by Ahlus Sunnah because, theProphet Mohammed and his illustrious Companionsnever ever indulged in it (i.e. mixing the Quran andSunnah with Greek philosophy).The four Imams of Ahlus Sunnah Imam Ahmad Ibn
Hanbal, Imam Shafi‟i, Imam M
aalik and Imam AbuHaneefah (the Asharis and Maturidis also claim tofollow them but in reality they only follow them in mostareas of fiqh and very few areas of aqeedah) all rejectedand fought against all ilm ul kalaam.

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